Words & Terms Used in the LEGO Hobby

Learn basic and advanced words, terms and acronyms used in the LEGO-hobby! Did I miss something? Let me know here! 🙂

LEGO, Lego, lego, legos – does it matter?

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As you start to get comfortable within the LEGO hobby sooner or later you will likely face the startling realization that you have been referring to your favorite brand all wrong.  The jolt usually gets delivered by someone who has been in the hobby longer then you, and who will look at you horrified when you proudly talk […]

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Learn to speak LEGO! – ADVANCED TERMS

Want to learn to speak LEGO fluently like a true AFOL? Here is a detailed LEGO Glossary containing Terms and Acronyms often used in the LEGO hobby. Learn to use them, so if you end up going to a wonderful LEGO convention you won’t feel like a stranger in a strange land, listening to a strange language! […]

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Learn to speak LEGO! – BASIC TERMS

What are those “bumps” called on top of LEGO bricks? And how about the ones with no bumps? How do you refer to them? It is a good idea to get familiar with some basic LEGO terms. This will help you to communicate easily with other Lego builders. It also becomes easier to locate pieces at […]

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