Forbidden Guides for LEGO Fans

WARNING! You are entering the shady Underground Lab where cutting, painting, gluing, drilling, sawing and other unmentionable procedures are done to LEGO. Read at YOUR OWN RISK! Want to share your own dark secrets? Submit here! 😈

More amazing LEGO Friends custom figures

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When LEGO Friends was first released back in 2012 there was a lot of curiosity – and even controversy – surrounding this new line of sets developed for girls. Since then LEGO Friends has become one of the most successful and popular themes, along with LEGO Disney Princess and LEGO Elves. All three of these […]

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How to make your own LEGO dragon wings

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There is a LEGO builder who goes by the name Nuju Metru who is well known for his fantastic LEGO dragons other fantasy creations, and also his beautiful LEGO Minas Tirith project that has successfully achieved 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, and is currently under review for the possibility to become an official LEGO set. […]

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Sacrilege – what happens when LEGO burns?

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Okay, let’s make it clear before I get stoned, or before someone get’s a heart-attack; no real LEGO bricks have been harmed in this experiment! 😎 Passionate fans of the LEGO brick often refer to other brick-brands as “clones”, deserved to be wiped off the face of the earth. When picking up a LEGO lot […]

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LEGO Friends undergo plastic surgery…

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The new LEGO Friends theme certainly gathered plenty of attention not just from the target audience of little girls, but also from parents, feminists, the media, and adult LEGO fans. It seems like LEGO Friends has been successful so far with both children and parents, feminists quieted down, and adult LEGO fans appreciate the new line for the unique […]

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Essential Guide to LEGO Customizing – part 1

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(Written by ChocoBricks) I have wanted to do something like this for awhile; a guide to LEGO customizing. I have been making LEGO customs for nearly 5 years, and after being in the online LEGO community for nearly 9 years, I wanted to share some of my insight – hoping that someone will benefit from […]

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Guide to glued & non-glued magnet minifigs!

Due to reader requests and comments in response to the Glued Magnet Minifig Removal tutorial, I created this guide to LEGO magnets. This is especially relevant because you can still find both glued and- no-glued versions at LEGO’s Online Shop, LEGO stores and other retail outlets. I hope this will help you selecting the magnets that you want […]

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Custom LEGO armor tutorial by Lamanda

Have you ever wanted to make your own custom LEGO armor? Here is a step-by-step tutorial from an increadibly talented and artistic young LEGO fan, Lamanda. Lamanda has been creating various custom accessories for LEGO minifigures. You can find many of them in her Bricklink store; Bricks & Customs. Her custom capes and flags are especially beautiful. She also creates hand-painted custom […]

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LEGO 4-Juniors minifig customization

Between 2001 and 2004 LEGO released a line of “juniorized” sets called LEGO 4-Juniors. These were aimed at kids who grew out of DUPLO, but may not be ready for regular size LEGO. The sets were simple to build, and included 2-inch tall minifigures – easier to handle for smaller hands, than regular LEGO minifigures. […]

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LEGO crown modification

Is your LEGO-king or crown-prince tired of wearing a big crown with a heavy neck-protector? Well, unfortunately LEGO only makes battle-crowns for the rulers of your LEGO kingdom. So, to lighten up their crowns you need to do a little modification. 😉 I’m certainly not the first one to customize the crown this way. The […]

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Removing minifigs from key-chains!

LEGO has been regularly releasing cool key-chains for LEGO-fans. They usually have a LEGO brick or a LEGO minifigure hanging from the chain as a charm. The key-chains are of great quality and they are perfect to hang your keys. The minifigs hanging from the key-chains are regular minifigures, with the addition of a metal […]

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