My Own Creations

This is a place where I share some of my own LEGO models, also referred to as MOCs (My Own Creations). Hope you like them. 🙂

LEGO Superman classic car alternate colors

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In one of our previous discussions, we talked about adding classic vehicles to your LEGO city for a bit of interesting variety, and using vehicle designs from official LEGO sets as a template (see: Classic Style LEGO Cars in Official LEGO Sets). Classic vehicles fit particularly well with the LEGO Modular Buildings, as the two […]

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Custom LEGO Centaur

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Centaurs are mysterious creatures. Legends about them spread across Greece, Egypt, the European Middle Ages, and even as far as India and Sri Lanka. (You can read more about Centaurs on Wikipedia here: Centaur) Unfortunately it seems Centaurs dislike our modern world as they don’t seem to be around much any more. At least I have […]

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Yay!!! I won!!!

Umh… ahem… cough… cough… I don’t want to be boastful, but just wanted to let you know;  I won first place at the 2011 Toys-N-Bricks Micro-Build Tournament! (See announcement here: Winners for Micro-Build tournament 2011) See the little Taj Mahal there? Yep, that was my entry! 😉 Thank you guys for your encouragement, votes and good wishes […]

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Contest Entry for Micro-Build Tournament!

Okay, so today I have entered the 2011 Toys-N-Bricks Micro-Build Tournament! The challenge was to pick an official LEGO set from a pre-determined list, and build a micro-version with no more than 200 pieces. I choose the Taj Mahal because of its incredible beauty (both the real and the LEGO version) and because I knew that it is […]

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Here is my small army of Manchurians (aka. Manchus). Manchuria lies at the Northeast part of China and is has a long and fascinating history. The Qing Dynasty (also known as Manchu Dynasty) – the last ruling dynasty of Chinese emperors – originated here. (Did you see the The Last Emperor? It is one of […]

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Space Marines

Here I show you my Space Marines. They are not related to the Halo or Warhammer video game characters, they are just generic cool guys performing missions in outer space. I’m not so much of a LEGO sci-fi builder (check out Nannan’s work for that!), but I wanted to build this highly customized army to […]

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Those who are about to die salute you!

One of my favorite movies is the 2000 historical epic film Gladiator with Russell Crowe. According to Wikipedia, the Latin word “gladiator” literally means “swordsman” (gladius meaning sword). Gladiators used to entertain audiences in the Roman Empire in violent confrontations with other gladiators, animals and condemned criminals. Some gladiators were volunteers who risked their legal and […]

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The life of a monk

This is a series of little vignettes I put together about the life of a monk. I made these mainly to try out the LEGO-compatible minifig accessories made by Sidan Toys, a Taiwan-based company. The accessories are available at A Minifig.Cat’s Store. Here our little monk is meditating and chanting mantras on his prayer-beads in […]

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Mini LEGO Chess Set

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When I was a child my father had this cute little chess set. It was about 4 x 4 inches, and made of wood. It had 2 drawers (one on each side) to hold the chess pieces. The chess pieces themselves were tiny, and also carved of wood. They had a peg on the bottom […]

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Knights in shining armor!

Just had to do this when I received some chromed pieces from BrickTW. 😉 The chroming on the pieces is beautiful! And of course the custom pieces themselves are really nice. These are some of my favorite items from BrickTW. (You can read my full review on BrickTW’s products here.) The sword is really sweet, […]

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