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There is a LEGO builder who goes by the name Nuju Metru who is well known for his fantastic LEGO dragons other fantasy creations, and also his beautiful LEGO Minas Tirith project that has successfully achieved 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, and is currently under review for the possibility to become an official LEGO set. :)

LEGO Dragons by Nuju Metru

Besides sharing his awesome creations in his flickr gallery, Nuju Metru also generously provides tutorials on how to make your own LEGO dragons and more. In one of his most recent tutorial he goes into detail on making custom wings for LEGO dragons, and I liked it so much I thought to share it with you here as well…

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Steps

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 1 – SUPPLIES/PARTS: You’ll need a wing frame, claws & “pins”, scissors, a marker, and your chosen fabric. For the wing-membranes featured here, Nuju Metru uses 1/4-yard thicknesses of various colors of slightly stretchy, lightweight cotton fabrics. These should be easy to find and cheap at your local craft/fabric store.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Supplies

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 2 – SETTING GUIDE POINTS: Lay the wing frame on the fabric. With the marker draw dots on the fabric wherever there will be an attachment point or a corner of the wing shape.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 1

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 2

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 3 – ROUNDING/EXTENDING: Round out the attachment points so that each makes a small arc. Connect the “finger” and “shoulder” corner points to their nearest attachment points.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 3

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 4 – CONNECTING THE DOTS: Using the marker, connect the small arcs on the guide points with lines. Those on the front of the wing should be straight lines, while those on the back should be arcs.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 4

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 5 – CUTTING OUT: Cut the wing shape from the cloth, and gather wing frame, claws and pins again.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 5

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 6 – CONNECTING THE FABRIC: To connect fabric to wings, stretch fabric over the + axle hole, and push butt of claw/pin in. Connection should be firm, but not difficult or strenuous.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 6

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 7 – DRESSING THE WING: Attach wingtip claws first, then pull fabric over top of wing and push pins into finger and shoulder. Shouldn’t feel loose or be too taught to connect all claws and pins.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 7

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 8 – DETAIL CUTS/TRIMMING: Trim wing as necessary, or as wanted. Add nicks, holes for more detail. To cut holes more easily, fold the fabric on itself and snip out a triangle. Oftentimes wings that are freshly cut could use more drastic arcs between the claws; this is a good time to shave away parts of the back wing.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 8

Really nice, isn’t it? Nuju Metru also shares other tutorials in his flickr gallery, along with many awesome LEGO creations, so make sure you check them out (just follow the link). Nuju Metru is a theatre student at the University of California, and has been building with LEGO since he had the fine motor skills to put two bricks together. It is always inspiring to see the refined work of lifelong LEGO fans.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Details

If you like to build LEGO dragons, Nuju Metru is currently running a contest on flickr. The task is simple: build your best, most imposing, most awe-inspiring LEGO dragon. If you are interested to enter, you can find all the details here: DRAGON LANDS – A DRAGON BUILDING CONTEST

LEGO Dragon Building Contest

So what do you think? Do you like to build LEGO dragons? Did you like this tutorial on how to make your own LEGO dragon wings? Feel free to share in the comment section below! Also, Nuju Metru kindly agreed to answer any questions you may have about this tutorial or his other LEGO creations, so feel free to ask him anything you like, and he will stop by to answer your inquiries. ;)

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(Written by Lego Master)

I was strolling through my local Target store and saw two #70803 The LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace sets. Aware that this set was becoming hard to find, I decided to purchase them for resale. Knowing that buying LEGO sets for the purpose of reselling (either as a sealed set or by parting it out) is something that many LEGO fans would like to know more about, I decided to write this article based on my personal experience. Reselling LEGO sets, minifigures, or loose elements can be a great way to support your LEGO hobby, or at least mitigate the cost. So let’s get started! :)

#70803 The LEGO Movie Set

:arrow: TIP 1: WHICH LEGO SET TO GET FOR RESALE? – Before you buy a LEGO set for resale, you must know the availability and value of the set. For example if you buy a $20 LEGO set and you can resell the minifigs alone for $20-$30, then you own the rest of the set free and clear. This is one of the easiest ways to build up the bulk of your LEGO collection and have plenty of parts to build with without spending a whole lot of money.

Tips for Reselling LEGO

And if locate a set that is hard to find and there is great demand for it, you can just resell it as it is, even without opening. If you like the set, you can keep yourself a copy, and sell extra ones to cover your own expenses – thus owning your set free and clear. Or if you don’t want it for yourself, but you know there is demand for it, you can sell them all, and use the money to buy something that you really want.

To know when to open set to part out or when to sell it still sealed requires some considerations, but the bottom line is that you always have several choices; sell sets sealed, sell the minifigures from a set and keep the rest for yourself, sell the parts and keep the minifigs, or sell everything individually.

arrow: TIP 2 – SHOULD YOU BREAK THE SEALS? – So how do you know when to sell a set sealed and when to part it out? First of all, you can do some research on eBay and BrickLink and see how much sealed sets, minifigs and parts are selling for from a particular set on the secondary market. Please keep in mind that prices on minifigs, parts and sets can fluctuate quite a bit, so use BrickLink’s great feature that shows you all the sales that happened in the last six months, along with all the current listings.

Tips for Reselling LEGO PriceGuide

For the two #70803 The LEGO Movie Cloud Cuckoo Palace sets I decided to part them out completely because I wanted to gain more experience with the process. Please keep in mind that parting out LEGO sets may not work for everyone. It takes quite a bit of work, storage-space, packing, shipping, organizing, etc. Also, some of the parts may sell quickly, while others may sit in your eBay or BrickLink store for months, or even years.

Tips for Reselling LEGO Parting Out

If you want to sell for a quick but smaller profit relatively hassle-free, the best thing is to sell the sets as a whole. You only have to list the item one time, and pack and ship one time. If you want to get more profit and you are willing to do more work, you can sell the minifigs, as those are the ones that usually bring in the most profit, and you can either keep or sell the rest of the set. You will likely have to pack and ship several times to several customers, but it is still much easier than listing and selling every single part individually.

Tips for Reselling LEGO Parting Out on BrickLink

However parting out fully is what usually brings in the most profit, especially on large, adult oriented sets with the most useful and/or unique parts. BrickLink has a handy tool that allows you to enter the set number and automatically part out the set for you into your store, so you don’t have to enter each part manually, but it is still a lot of work to sort, pack and ship so many elements. So you just have to do your research and decide which way you want to go with each set you consider reselling.

:arrow: TIP 3: WHERE TO SELL YOUR LEGO? – In general if you want to sell full sets, eBay is your best option, as it brings in the most profit. Keep in mind that eBay has very high selling fees (10% of your final price + about 3% for PayPal fees), however they also have a huge number of buyers, so set your prices accordingly. Minifigs you can sell either on eBay or BrickLink with equal success, but again keep the fees in mind (BrickLink has a 3% selling fee – and of course you still have to pay 3% PayPal fees to accept payments). For individual parts BrickLink has a much better market and it is much easier to list your items (no need to take pictures of each individual part), so I would recommend them over eBay.

:arrow: TIP 4: HOW TO GET PAID? – Most people will want to pay with PayPal, and this is the best and most reliable payment method that pretty much everyone is familiar with. You can also offer the option of money orders, bank-transfers, etc., but in general it is best to just stay with PayPal. If your buyers request it you might add other payment methods in the future. Do not deal in cash as that can easily get lost in the mail.

arrow: TIP 5: HOW TO PACK & SHIP? – It is a very important part of the process to assure that the items you sell arrive to your buyer safely and securely. At the same time you also want to make sure you are not overpaying for packaging materials and shipping, as this can really cut into any profit that you make. It is best to calculate shipping prices before you list your item for sale, so you know how much to charge and there are no surprises at the end. For small items like minifigs and parts you can use bubble-mailers, and for larger items like unopened LEGO sets, you can Priority Mail boxes that you can get at the post office for free.

Tips for Reselling LEGO Shipping

Also, don’t forget about shipping-tape and packaging materials to keep the items in their original new condition. You don’t want to send a brand new LEGO set wrapped in newspaper only to have it crushed on the way to the buyer and having to refund the full amount. So pack everything securely. Also, familiarize yourself with shipping prices at the post office’s website. If you get into reselling more seriously, you can even get a scale and download shipping tables so you know exactly how much shipping is going to cost.

Tips for Reselling LEGO Minifigs

And that’s about it. The process is quite simple to begin with, and the great thing is that you can scale it up or down depending on your needs. For example right now you may just have one set you are thinking about selling, so you can try out the process with that just to get your feet wet. As you gain more experience, you can start selling more, trying out selling just minifigs, parting out LEGO sets, etc. Then one day you find 20 LEGO sets at half price or less, and you decide to go big and run a full-fledged store! :P

One additional thing; make sure you keep good records on every purchase and every sale. A simple spreadsheet can work, where you list how much you bought a set for, how much you sold it for, how much packaging and shipping cost, what were the selling fees, etc. This will not only show you exactly your profit, but if you star to run a regular store it will help when tax time comes around and you have to give the taxman their share.

Shop The LEGO Movie Sets

So what do you think? Have you ever sold any of your LEGO sets or minifigs to support your hobby? Do you already run an established eBay or BrickLink store? Is there any other tips and tricks you would like to add? Or have you considered selling, but didn’t know where to start? If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! ;)

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