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The new minifigure-scale LEGO Minecraft sets are scheduled to be released on November 1st at LEGO retailers, official LEGO stores and the Online LEGO Shop. We have discussed the sets before (see links at the end of this post), and today I would like to show you two of the sets LEGO kindly sent us for review; the #21113 LEGO Minecraft The Cave, and #21115 LEGO Minecraft The First Night. So let’s take a look. :)

Minifigure Size LEGO Minecraft

As you may remember from our previous discussions, there are six minifigure-scale LEGO Minecraft sets. I will list them here again for your convenience, and also include a video from the BrickShow with all the pictures. Then we will talk about the ones I had a chance to build already.

  • #21113 LEGO MINECRAFT THE CAVE – Price: $19.99
  • #21114 LEGO MINECRAFT THE FARM – Price: $29.99
  • #21118 LEGO MINECRAFT THE MINE – $99.99

:arrow: #21113 LEGO MINECRAFT THE CAVE REVIEW: This is the smallest of the new LEGO Minecraft sets. It comes with 249 pieces (the box doesn’t include the piece-count, so I had to manually count them). This means that the price/piece is 8 cents, which is a very good deal. The reason I’m mentioning this is because although the LEGO Minecraft sets would likely appeal most to those who play the Minecraft game, they are also excellent part-packs for LEGO fans.

#21113 LEGO Minecraft

Also, while most LEGO sets these days are quite complex with interesting building techniques and unique elements, the LEGO Minecraft sets go back to the basics; you get a bunch of basic LEGO elements like bricks, plates and tiles, and the building process is pretty much all studs-up. So those who are nostalgic towards the old days, when LEGO elements and building techniques were simpler, should be very happy about these sets.

#21113 LEGO Minecraft Box

With the LEGO Minecraft The Cave you get lots of light-gray elements, including; 43 2×2 bricks, 13 2×4 bricks, 6 2×6 bricks, 3 2×8 bricks, and 2 2×10 bricks. You also get 24 1×1 plates, 6 2×2 plates, and 10 2×2 plates with one stud in the middle (you get 9 of these in bright-green as well). Special elements included are T-bars in black (2 in the set and 1 extra) – I almost fainted when I saw these, as this very useful piece has previously only appeared in light-gray! And a chest with lid in that lovely nougat color that was introduced with the LEGO Prince of Persia sets. Another new piece is the pickaxe – a very important tool in the game. It’s made of a slightly softer plastic (like the LEGO spears) and is highly stylized to match the game.

#21113 LEGO Minecraft

Also notable is that all the decorated pieces as printed. This includes the square minifigure heads for Steve and the Zombie, the head of the Spider, and the TNT pieces. Both the square minifig heads and the Spider’s head are brand new and specialized pieces. They appear on all the other minifigs and animals in the LEGO Minecraft series.

#21113 LEGO Minecraft Pieces

To remain true to both the spirit of LEGO and the spirit of Minecraft, all the new LEGO Minecraft sets encourage you to combine the sets as well as build alternate versions. Each of the sets in the series are built of sections that you can switch around, attach to other sets in the LEGO Minecraft line, or even add your own creations. Besides the steps to build the main model, the instructions include a rebuild inspiration, where you take a couple of section of the set and rebuild it to something else. I really like this feature as you don’t have to take the whole model apart to build the new section.

LEGO Minecraft Inspiration

In summary I would say that the set is a good representation of the Minecraft game, and with all the basic bricks included you can build some seriously fun landscapes. Also, as I have mentioned, they are great parts-packs for LEGO builders who don’t care about the game, but like to have a large collection of basic LEGO elements. The recommended age range is 8+ and I believe that’s appropriate. I know that the kids I know will enjoy this.

#21113 LEGO Minecraft Parts

:arrow: #21115 LEGO MINECRAFT THE FIRST NIGHT REVIEW: This set is about twice as large as the previous one with over 400 pieces (408 according to my count). Just like in the previous set, basic parts selection is excellent. You get plenty of bricks in reddish-brown, nougat, and both light and dark gray. You also get 34 1×2 trans-clear bricks and 5 2×2 trans-green bricks. Other notable elements are a great number of the new masonry bricks; 6 in nougat and 20 in dark-gray. Specialty elements include Steve’s Minecraft tools (there are 3 of them), a fully printed crafting-table, an a printed brick representing a furnace. As I have mentioned previously, there are no stickers in these sets – all the parts with decorations are printed.

#21115 LEGO Minecraft Characters

There are three characters included here; Steve, a Creeper and a Pig. Steve is the same as in the other set, with a printed square head. The Pig has the same headpiece as the Spider, but in pink. One thing I’m not happy about is that the Pig’s head-piece and the rest of the body is a different share of pink. Quality-control should have caught that. The Creeper is a super interesting character. The body is made of four pieces; the square head, the body, and two 1×2 green tiles. The body is a very unusual piece with some interesting angles, and I’m already coming up with ideas of how it could be used in other applications. Unfortunately the angled legs cannot be attached to regular studs. I don’t know why as they are almost right – a real missed opportunity by LEGO.

#21115 LEGO Minecraft Pieces

As far as the set itself, it includes Steve’s house that can open up like a doll-house, with some basic interior that looks pretty nice and Minecraft-ish. The two roof-plates are removable and could be attached to the landscape in front of the house. There is also a fenced-off area for the pig and some flowers. Because basic LEGO bricks are used here, the whole set-up is actually quite large, with a footprint of 24 x 34 studs for the whole house/yard assembly. So there is actually some nice play-surface both inside and outside the house.

#21115 LEGO Minecraft Set

Talking about play-surface, I also have a few dislikes about this set. While building it is very straightforward with almost all studs-up style building, the sections are not locked in properly in their earlier stages. Which means that as you build it is easy to knock down certain areas, and by the time you do lock them together there is quite a bit to align properly. The set is recommended for ages 8+, but I think I would have been a bit frustrated as an 8-year-old. I will try them on my nephews and see what they think.

#21115 LEGO Minecraft

Another issue is that the four 8×8 tan plates used to make the base of the house are also not properly locked in place. And because they are elevated by a brick (so the house and the yard sits on a platform), during the building process I had the whole base fall apart several times. These plates should have been locked in properly. I really feel that LEGO should have used two 8×16 plates here. It would have been a much sturdier connection, and big plates are always welcome in a LEGO fan’s collection.

#21115 LEGO Minecraft Box

The instruction booklet for this set is different that normal. It is quite heavy, and made of a higher quality, thicker paper. Not quite as thick as what you find in LEGO Architecture or LEGO Ideas sets, but it is certainly better than regular LEGO instruction books. The booklet is 82 pages long, and includes two rebuild inspirations. One is to take away the pig’s pen (poor pig!) and rebuild it into a porch, and the other is to redecorate the interior of the house. Again; I really like these alternate instructions that encourages rebuilding and doesn’t require to take apart the whole original model. There is also a third rebuild inspiration for combining this set with the #21114 LEGO Minecraft The Farm, which looks great.

LEGO Minecraft Combined Model

In summary I would say I like this set; it is big, it looks like Minecraft, and it has an excellent parts-selection. From the six new LEGO Minecraft sets this is actually one of my favorites. The others are the #21114 LEGO Minecraft The Farm, and the #21116 LEGO Minecraft Crafting Box. With two or three of these sets you can build up some serious Minecraft landscapes that would be very impressive in size.

LEGO Minecraft Sets

One thing I would really like to see is a LEGO Minecraft storage box for all of these sets. Kind of like what LEGO has done for LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Chima, or LEGO Friends. Of course you can get your own storage system, but a special LEGO Minecraft storage box that you can use to carry around your LEGO Minecraft elements – maybe even with some building surface – would be really cool and quite useful.

LEGO Minecraft Horse

I’m a big fan of the original smalls-size LEGO Minecraft sets, and wasn’t sure how I would like these larger sets. I think for building Minecraft landscapes I would still stay with the original ones just because of the lack of room I have, but I’m planning to get the larger ones too for the parts-selection. These sets are basically like large LEGO part-tubs but with colors that are more interesting to adult LEGO fans. Oh, and I would really like to get a LEGO version of that horse (image is from the instruction booklet)! The small LEGO Minecraft sets are currently available, and the large LEGO Minecraft sets will be listed on November 1st at the Online LEGO Shop.

Shop LEGO Minecraft

So what do you think? How do you like the minifigure scale LEGO Minecraft sets? Are you planning to get any of them, or collect them all? Do you play Minecraft? Do you feel these sets are good representations of the game? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! ;)

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One of the most interesting new themes that came out this year is LEGO Ultra Agents. It somewhat resemble the original LEGO Agents sets from 2008-2009, but with even more high-tech gear and equipment both for the good guys and the baddies. The first wave of the sets was obviously successful enough that LEGO is planning to continue the theme in 2015. So let’s take a look at what’s coming! :)

LEGO Ultra Agents

:arrow: #70166 LEGO Ultra Agents Spyclops Infiltration: This is the smallest of the 2015 LEGO Ultra Agents sets, with two minifigures and a walking/shooting personal fighter for the badguy. 109 Pieces. Price: $11.99

#70166 LEGO Ultra Agents

#70166 LEGO Ultra Agents Details :arrow: #70167 LEGO Ultra Agents Invizable Gold Gateway: This set looks quite similar to the currently available #70162 LEGO Ultra Agents Infearno Interception. In that set we got a black vehicle with trans-blue highlights, and here we get a similar design but as a two-wheeled bike with transforming capabilities to some kind of a hover-flyer. We also get two minifigs here. 237 pieces. Price: $19.99

#70167 LEGO Ultra Agents

#70167 LEGO Ultra Agenst Details

:arrow: #70168 LEGO Ultra Agents Drillex Diamond Job: This is one of the larger sets in the 2015 LEGO Ultra Agents line-up. We get two minifigs as usual, but the real attraction is that drill-tank. I’m pretty sure that those drills will rotate both individually and even together as an assembly as the tank moves forward – or something like that. 312 pieces. Price: $29.99

#70168 LEGO Ultra Agents

#70168 LEGO Ultra Agents Details

:arrow: #70169 LEGO Ultra Agents 4×4 Agent Patrol: I don’t have a picture of this set that I can share with you, so I will just try to describe it. The 4×4 vehicle has the same black/trans-blue color-scheme and similar look as the bike mentioned above. It also equipped with lots of blasters. There are four minifigs in the set, two agents, an unknown guy in a space-suit (probably a scientist) and Toxikita (who is the girl with the green hair you may remember from the first wave of LEGO Ultra Agents sets). She wears an orange heavy armor piece, (same as Infearno’s red armor) and rides a small lime-green mech. One arm of the mech is a blaster, while the other one is a claw that Toxikita is using to grab her prey. There is also a robo-police dog named P.U.P. to help the agents. 475 Pieces. Price: $49.99

:arrow: #70170 LEGO Ultra Agents UltraCopter vs. AntiMatter: Here we got one big helicopter for the agents, also equipped with lots of blasters. There are four minifigs in the set; 3 agents (including Solomon Blaze and Caila Phoenix), and a badguy named AntiMatter. Note that really cool new helmet on one of the agents. 614 pieces. Price: $69.99

#70170 LEGO Ultra Agents

#70170 LEGO Ultra Agents Details

LEGO Ultra Agents has been a refreshing and unique theme, and it is a great alternative to the more expensive licensed sets with interesting vehicles, excellent minifigs and a great storyline. Speaking of the story, LEGO Ultra Agents also has a lot happening online. There are games, an app you can download, and more. You can find them all the official LEGO Ultra Agents website. And if you would like to check out the currently available LEGO Ultra Agents sets, you can find them at the Online LEGO Shop.

Shop LEGO Ultra Agents

So what do you think? How do you like LEGO Ultra Agents? Do you own any of the current sets? Are you excited that the theme is continuing next year? And are you planning to get any of the new sets? And how do you like the app and the online games? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below! ;)

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