The latest Disney film, Moana, was released on Thanksgiving weekend to a huge success. I’m not going to spoil the story for you, in case you haven’t seen it yet, so I will only say that the film tells the story of Moana, the strong-willed daughter of the chief of a Polynesian tribe, who is chosen by the ocean itself to reunite a mystical relic with a goddess. When misfortune strikes the island, and fish become scarce and vegetation begins to die, Moana sets sail in search of Maui, a legendary demigod, in hopes to save her people. It is a beautiful and inspiring film with interesting characters, surprising twists and turns in the story, and soaring views of the ocean and islands. To commemorate the movie, LEGO released two Moana related sets, which is what we will be looking at today. 🙂


#41149 LEGO DISNEY MOANA’S ISLAND ADVENTURE: In this set we get Moana and her pet pig Pua, and three separate play-areas. The largest one is Moana’s house with some food storage at the bottom, and a little bedroom upstairs. The second largest area is the cave and waterfall with a secret reveal function, which is very important in the movie. The smallest play-area is the firepit, with a rotating pole for cooking fish. Here is the official description: Explore the beautiful world of Disney’s Moana with Moana’s Island Adventure. Recreate memorable scenes from the movie as Moana learns about the legends of her ancestors, finds the heart of Te Fiti and plays the drums in the cave. Then create new adventures of your own, living out island life in and around her house with Pua her pet pig. Includes a Moana mini-doll, plus Pua the pig. 205 pieces. Price: $24.99 – BUY HERE


#41150 LEGO DISNEY MOANA’S OCEAN VOYAGE: Here we get both Maui and Moana (wearing a different dress), along with Moana’s pet rooster Heihei, and two pygmy pirates called Kakamora. It is worth noting that this is the first time a LEGO bigfig appears in a LEGO mini-doll set, and the combination works surprisingly well. It is really nice to see that Maui’s tattoos were so faithfully recreated. This set also has three separate play-areas; a small part of Te Fiti island, a sailboat, and a tiny catapult for the Kakamora. Here is the official description: Discover the vibrant world of Disney’s Moana and join her on her epic adventure to bring back the heart of Te Fiti and restore harmony. This beautiful sailboat with opening storage under the deck, and island with transformation function, are perfect for recreating iconic scenes from the movie or creating new stories by the sea. Features a Moana mini-doll, Maui big figure, Heihei and two Kakamora. 307 pieces. Price: $39.99 – BUY HERE


My first reaction to both of these sets is that they are awesome, but why so small? I want more! The movie takes your breath away with its beautiful imagery of the ocean, the island, the ships and the people, and all we get here is a smidgen of it all. While we can build more ships and a bigger island with extra parts, we need some islanders! Moana all by herself looks quite lonely. Saving her island and her people were a major part of the story. Otherwise, right now it just looks like a little girl and a big dude chilling on a tiny piece of land they can hardly fit on. I also would have liked the Kakamora to be more defined, perhaps using the LEGO Nexo Knights Scurrier body. An army of Kakamora would have been very fun! 🙄

It is interesting to note that in general LEGO has been quite conservative with the LEGO Disney sets aimed at girls. While LEGO Friends comes with a large selection of sets, including many substantial ones, the LEGO Disney Princess collection is minimal with small to medium size sets. Even LEGO Elves has a much larger selection, which is surprising. LEGO recently renamed the LEGO Disney Princess line to LEGO Disney, and released the very large #71040 LEGO Disney Castle, so perhaps we will start to see a bigger and better selection. It is also possible that LEGO was waiting to see how people respond to the film before adding more sets. Frozen already got four sets, and there is more on the way, due to the popularity of the movie, so perhaps more sets will be made for Moana as well, if there is enough interest. To see all the currently available sets, visit the LEGO Disney section of the Online LEGO Shop.


What do you think? Have you seen Moana yet? How did you like the film? And what do you think of the LEGO sets related to the movie? Have you gotten them already? Or are you planning to? Feel free to share your thoughts and own review in the comment section below! 😉

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Setting up the LEGO Winter Village sets every Christmas season is a favorite pastime of LEGO fans. LEGO has been releasing a new set in the series every year since 2009, and while each of the sets looks lovely on its own, when you combine them together they make a really pretty display. There is no right or wrong way to set up your LEGO Winter Village, but I thought I share some of my favorite displays done by other LEGO fans. They may inspire you in making your own village. 🙂


Just to recap, the first LEGO Winter Village set was released in 2009 in the form of the #10199 LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop, followed by the #10216 LEGO Winter Village Bakery in 2010, the #10222 LEGO Winter Village Post Office in 2011, the #10229 LEGO Winter Village Cottage in 2012, the #10235 LEGO Winter Village Market in 2013, the #10245 LEGO Santa’s Workshop in 2014, the #10249 LEGO Winter Village Toy Shop in 2015 (re-release of the first set in the series), and the #10254 LEGO Winter Holiday Train in 2016.

LEGO Winter Village Series

So, those who have been collecting the sets from the very beginning will have eight large LEGO Winter Village sets by now. That’s enough for a very substantial display! But even if you have just a few of the sets, you can make a very nice layout. In addition, LEGO has been releasing some smaller seasonal sets to supplement the Winter Village (like the dainty little #3300014 Christmas Set pictured below).


If you have a narrow display-surface like a windowsill, shelf, or fireplace mantel, you can display the LEGO Winter Village sets in a row. One nice example is the first picture above by Sean Edmison. And below is another simple display by nelleke2, with just a couple of the LEGO Winter Village sets tastefully positioned on a white surface with a bit of artificial snow and some warmly glowing lights.


The following display by Marjon Savelsberg is a bit more spread out with several of the LEGO Winter Village buildings, but the setup is still quite simple; just using a white surface for the festive little scene.


The next layout by smart_as_a_brick is more involved, featuring a frozen lake in the center, surrounded by three of the LEGO Winter Village sets, and a custom building. The added lights really give the whole layout a warm and friendly holiday feel.


Setting up the LEGO Winter Village around the Christmas tree, or a smaller Christmas decoration, is another popular way of displaying the sets. Here, Holly Webster used the older #10173 LEGO Holiday Train to circle the village. Such a display requires a wider surface, such as a table.


Below is another LEGO Winter Village setup with one of the older LEGO trains running around – this one by Lisa Lee. The scene is packed with festive holiday activities. Notice that she also included a couple of LEGO Castle buildings that goes well with the village. Also, the strategically placed fake snow covering the ground is just enough to make the scene wintery, and eliminates the need to use a bunch of white LEGO plates.


The LEGO Winter Village sets go well with trains, and trains go well with tunnels. So why not combine them all? Dav Box did just that by perching Santa’s Workshop on top of a hill with a tunnel for trains to run through, while in the village below minifigs are getting ready for Christmas.


If you have a larger surface – like a long coffee table – you can also set up your LEGO Winter Village more spread out. It also allows friends and family to interact with the village from all sides. This display was done by Mariann Asanuma, and features the newly released LEGO Winter Holiday Train circling the village.


I hope these wonderful LEGO Winter Village ideas put you in the festive mood, and maybe also give you some inspirations for your own setup. As you can see; whether you just have one set, or two or all of them, there are plenty of ways to display the LEGO Winter Village to brighten up the holidays. And if you are missing any of the recent sets, they are available at the Online LEGO Shop.

Shop LEGO Christmas

Shop LEGO October Holiday Set


What do you think? Do you have any of the LEGO Winter Village sets? Are you planning to set them up this year? How do you display them? Feel free to share your own ideas in the comment section below! 😉

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