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An interesting piece of news that came out from the recent San Diego Comic-Con is that LEGO has extended their partnership with Mojang in regards to LEGO Minecraft. We have known for some time (see: LEGO Minecraft Minifig-Scale Sets Coming!) that LEGO is planning to release a series of minifigure-size LEGO Minecraft sets, but according to this latest piece of new the relationship may extend even further. :)

LEGO Minecraft Co-Build Project

ToyNews reported the following based on an article by Richard Milne in the Financial Times: LEGO and Mojang are extended their partnership to bring a full range of LEGO Minecraft sets to market. The Danish toymaker already teamed with the popular videogame franchise to release four Minecraft sets following the success of a fan suggested play-set on LEGO Ideas (then LEGO CUUSOO) in 2011. However, the pair now plans to launch a full range of LEGO Minecraft sets, in similar scale to that of normal products lines such as LEGO Star Wars.

“Credit to LEGO: they could see us as competition and not work with us, but they’re basically just embracing it and putting a lot of effort in to this project,” said Carl Manneh, chief executive of Mojang. LEGO has even adopted the strategy of collaborating with Minecraft players themselves for inspiration for the project. “One of the things that LEGO did that was kind of unprecedented for them in their long history was to reach out to the community for feedback directly on how the characters should look,” added Vu Bui, Mojang’s chief operating officer.

Players helped decide the look a characters including the Creepers alongside a host of animals and objects, such as the mine cart. Brian Eskilden, senior marketing manager at LEGO, said: “There’s a lot of similarities between the two experiences being about building and being creative with blocks and it is amazing to see what Minecraft has done with the community aspect.”

LEGO Minecraft Development

As mentioned above, LEGO has been tremendously proactive, reaching out to the LEGO and Minecraft communities to basically co-create the sets. You can visit the LEGO Minecraft Facebook Page for updates and to participate in the development with your feedback and ideas.

LEGO Minecraft Minifigure Size Sets

I find it interesting that the original LEGO CUUSOO submission was in fact minifigure scale, but LEGO decided to redesign it to micro-scale, and now after four micro-sets, they are going back to minifig scale. I like the LEGO Minecraft Micro World sets, and I have reviewed them before (see links at the end of this post), and I’m looking forward to the minifigure size versions as well. (See original LEGO CUUSOO submission below.)

LEGO CUUSOO - Minecraft

There are some pictures circulating of the possible upcoming LEGO Minecraft sets, including: #21113 LEGO Minecraft The Cave, #21114 LEGO Minecraft The Farm, #21115 LEGO Minecraft The First Night, and #21118 LEGO Minecraft The Mine. You can see images of them in the video-preview below. Please note that these may be prototypes and not the final sets.

I’m also pretty sure that the introduction of the minifigure-size LEGO Minecraft sets will be the end of the LEGO Minecraft Micro World line. So if you are a Minecraft fan, and would like to collect something unique, the four LEGO Minecraft Micro World sets are a good and (not so expensive) option. They are available at the Online LEGO Shop.

Shop LEGO Minecraft

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to the LEGO Minecraft sets and minifigures? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below! ;)

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There are a couple of LEGO Star Wars sets that have been recently revealed that I think are worth talking about; the #75084 LEGO Star Wars Wookiee Gunship that was showcased at last week’s San Diego Comic-Con, and the #75058 LEGO Star Wars MTT that was first revealed at the end of May, but we haven’t talked about yet. :)

#75084 LEGO Star Wars

We will start with the #75084 LEGO Star Wars Wookiee Gunship, simply because it is more exciting. Although the Wookiees themselves are pretty plain, the gunship has a very sweet color-scheme and some interesting new elements. Here is the official description: Protect Wullffwarro and his Jedi friend, Kanan Jarrus, with the powerful LEGO Star Wars Wookiee Gunship. As featured in the Star Wars: Rebels animated TV series, this amazing battle-ready craft has loads of weapons to see off any invading force, like movable front cannons and an elevating top cannon. When the action really heats up, raise the wings into attack mode and unleash the never-before-seen rapid shooters! If you run low on ammo, open the side hatches to access the spare supply, then lower the rear bay door and unload the mobile gun post. Includes 4 minifigures with assorted weapons: Wullffwarro, Kanan Jarrus and 2 Wookiees. 570 pieces. Price: $69.99. Will be available from January 2015.

#75058 LEGO Star Wars

The other set that hasn’t been officially released yet, although it has been available at some markets, is the #75058 LEGO Star Wars MTT. This set has been received by the LEGO fan community with a lot less enthusiasm, in fact that’s why I haven’t talked about it yet. Here is the official description: Transport the droids into battle in the heavily-armored MTT! Open up this Multi-Troop Transport repulsorlift vehicle with hidden wheels to reveal a huge array of play functions. Pull down the side flaps and fire the spring-loaded shooters, flip the back hatch containing a STAP, and aim the front cannons. Turn the gear to extend the Battle Droid rack at the front of the tank or switch around the 4 racks between different compartments of the MTT. Let your imagination run wild and create your own version of the famous Battle of Naboo from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace. Includes 3 minifigures with assorted weapons: Naboo Security Guard, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, plus a Battle Droid Pilot and 2 Battle Droids. 954 pieces. I couldn’t find an official price, but according to the video-review below by the BrickShow, it is around $90.

So what do you think? How do you like these upcoming LEGO Star Wars sets? Are you putting either or both of them on your LEGO Shopping list? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below! And for currently available LEGO Star Wars sets you can browse the Online LEGO Shop. ;)

Shop For LEGO Star Wars Sets

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