With Easter coming up on April 21st, manufacturers and retailers are all trying to catch our attention with special promotions and little items to fill Easter baskets. In the case of LEGO, they are offering the #853958 LEGO Chicken Skater Pod with purchases of $35 or more at official LEGO stores and the Online LEGO Shop. And there is also the cute #40350 LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Chick, which is available at the LEGO BrickHeadz section of the Online LEGO Shop. 🙂

As I already got myself a #853958 LEGO Chicken Skater Pod, I thought to talk about it a bit, because I was surprised by how much is crammed into such a tiny set. Although I don’t have all the pods that LEGO released in the past few years, I do have some of them, and I think they are great little collectibles. Each of the pods comes with one minifig, which can be attached to a couple of studs inside one half of the pod. There is an already applied sticker which servers as a backdrop behind the character.

The other side of the pod has an embedded 6×6 round plate, which means that there are plenty of studs to attach weaponry, accessories, and even build little scenes. The #853958 LEGO Chicken Skater Pod comes with such little scene. The medium-azure 6×6 round plate serves as water, and a second layer of lime-green plates is added to represent grass. Then, there is greenery made up with those really nice three-leafed pieces in two shades of green, flowers, and a little creek represented by translucent blue elements.

In the center of the scenery is a skating ramp built with reddish-brown pieces. Now, I’m not sure why the little white bunny and the boy dressed in a chicken suit are skating, but hey, it’s fun! Don’t expect the play-feature to be too sophisticated though. You can sort of glide down the bunny on skates and the Chicken Suit Boy, but it’s mostly just pretend play. There is also a golden trophy for whoever is the winner of the skating competition.

The Chicken Suit Boy is exclusive to this set, and he is absolutely adorable. The costume comes in soft light-yellow, the torso has feather decorations both the front and the back, and the legs are dual-moulded with two colors. The head only has one face print. The bunny is also quite special as it only appeared in two other sets previously.

Even with all this stuff inside, the pod can easily be closed. At the front, there is a ventricular image, which changes from a chicken beak breaking through eggshell to the Chicken Suit Boy peaking through (you can see how this works in the video-review above). The whole thing is just really well done and it’s a lovely little pocket toy and collectible. As this is a free set with a low minimum purchase requirement, I would say it’s definitely worth it. The a #853958 LEGO Chicken Skater Pod is free with purchases of $35 or more until April 22nd at LEGO stores and the Online LEGO Shop.

The #40350 LEGO BrickHeadz Easter Chick is another great set for Easter. It is not free, but it is small and inexpensive enough for the Easter basket. The chick is very cute, using three shades of yellow/orange; standard yellow, bright-light-orange, and standard orange. I like the addition of the little scenery with flowers and a couple of eggs. The set includes 121 pieces, and the price is $9.99. You can find it at the LEGO BrickHeadz section of the Online LEGO Shop.

LEGO also put together a helpful page with small sets under $30 that could make nice gift items for Easter. The list includes sets from a variety of themes, so there is something to match everyone’s interest. There are small sets from LEGO City, LEGO Creator, LEGO Friends, LEGO Disney, LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Super Heroes, LEGO Speed Champions, LEGO Technic, and more. And of course, you can also browse the entire currently available selection at the Online LEGO Shop.

And, if you already have a good collection of LEGO pieces, you can build your own Easter projects, like Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, Easter-themed mosaics, and more. The LEGO Classic sets are especially suitable for these types of projects, as they include simple pieces in a rainbow of delightful colors. Happy Easter, and happy building!

What do you think? How do you like the LEGO Easter sets this year? Are you planning on any Easter projects using LEGO bricks? Feel free to share your thoughts and own ideas in the comment section below! 😉

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LEGO recently announced the release of a new exclusive LEGO House set, which should be available starting today (April 17th) at the LEGO House store. Below are the details of this interesting set, featuring mini versions of the three giant dinosaurs at the LEGO House. 🙂

Positioned in The Masterpiece Gallery of the LEGO House, the three iconic dinosaurs are the stunning centerpieces of the room. Each model has a metal skeleton inside to support the LEGO bricks, the height of each models is 2,92 m (without podium) and the total piece-count of the three models is more than 600,000 LEGO bricks. Now, LEGO House has taken on the challenge to convert the three giant dinosaurs into a retail product. (Below is a short video from the time the dinos were installed at the LEGO House a couple of years ago.)

The retail product, #40366 LEGO House Dinosaurs, will be launched at the LEGO store in the LEGO House this summer. And, if everything goes as planned, the first boxes will already be for sale from 17th April.

The LEGO model is a great reproduction of the giant dinosaurs capturing all the most iconic features in a rescaled version. Designer Nina Koopman says: “One of the biggest challenges with the new model has been to capture all the details from the big models. Especially since the models in Masterpiece Gallery were all built of the three different building systems LEGO DUPLO, LEGO Technic and LEGO System. You see it especially with the yellow dino where we have used gear wheels, and ventilator elements to get the Technic feel into the product.”

The three dinosaurs have been on their way for roughly a year and is the third exclusive product that LEGO House launches. The others being #4000026 LEGO House Tree of Creativity released in 2018, and the #21037 LEGO House Architecture set released in 2017.

In the new product, it has been important to underline that it is both a toy for playing and a display model. Nina Koopman explains: “The aim was to make a stunning product, and at the same time, we have worked with integrating moveable parts in the heads, arms, and legs to enhance the play experience. Also the construction of the three models has deliberately been made different from each other in order to create three different building experiences, and you can remove the dinos from their podium.”

Each of the three models within the new product has a podium that resembles the real podium in Masterpiece Gallery. This pays reference to the fact that Masterpiece Gallery in itself is a giant LEGO brick – just 862 times an ordinary LEGO 2×4 brick – and the three podiums are the tubes of that LEGO brick.

The model is going be exclusively available at LEGO House in Billund and the retail price is 599 DKK (maximum 3 boxes per person). Below are some additional details about the set.

Name of product: LEGO House dinosaurs
Product number: 40366
Period for sales: April 2019 – January 2021
Piece count: 864 including a brick separator
Release date: 17th April 2019
Box size: 38.2 cm x 26.2 cm x 7.05 cm
Height of built model: Approximately 15 cm
Elements in yellow model: 217 + podium 62
Elements in red model: 238 + podium 63
Elements in green model: 216 + podium 67
Decorations: Sticker sheet included
LEGO Designer: Nina Koopmann
Available for sale at: LEGO House, Billund, Denmark
Price: 599 DKK


And here are some facts and figures about the three large dinosaurs in the Masterpiece Gallery at the LEGO House.

Number of elements Brick weight Weight total Production hours
Duplo: 50,940 536 Kg 1,997 Kg 671
System: 253,274 432 Kg 1,779 Kg 1,372
Technic: 298,431 447 Kg 1,694 Kg 1,002


The price of $599 DKK comes to about $90, which is not bad for a 864 piece set. However, since it is only available at the LEGO House, LEGO fans will either have to visit Denmark, or get it on eBay, BrickLink, etc. where prices will likely be higher. And if you would like to learn more about the LEGO House, you can visit their website here: LEGO HOUSE WEBSITE

What do you think? How do you like the mini versions of the LEGO House dinosaurs? Do you have a favorite amongst the three? Would you like to add the set to your collection? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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