While the six new LEGO Overwatch sets became available for pre-order towards the end of last year, the didn’t ship until the 1st of January. Thus, we are just now starting to get feedback and reviews from LEGO fans who already tried out the set. Personally, I only ordered the two version of Bastion (the Blizzard exclusive and the standard release), however the other sets are also worth checking out. Below, we will take a look at each of the sets with LEGO fan reviewers just2good and JANGBRiCKS. 🙂

Before we begin, I just wanted to point out how incredibly detailed the minifigures are in this collection. The printing on the minifigures, the various headgear, hairpieces, and other accessories are a work of art. And the sets themselves are also very well designed. Whether you are a fan of the game, or you are just looking for interesting parts, the LEGO Overwatch sets are worth checking out.

The #75970 LEGO Overwatch Tracer vs. Widowmaker set recreates the drone satellite from the Watchpoint: Gibraltar map where Overwatch heroes Tracer and Widowmaker battle for control of the payload. The satellite drone payload vehicle features a hidden cockpit with computer detailing, opening rear hold, a removable drone ‘brain’ element and a health pack for added play. While the vehicle uses stickers, there is a checkpoint disk, which is fully printed. Weapons include Widowmaker’s Widow’s Kiss and Tracer’s twin Pulse Pistols. This is a good starter set for both play and display, if you want to try out the Overwatch theme. 129 pieces. Price: $14.99 – BUY HERE

In the #75971 LEGO Overwatch Hanzo vs. Genji is a location based set, recreating the epic face-off for the Hanamura dojo between the rival dragon brothers Hanzo and cyborg ninja Genji. The third minifig is Shimada Henchman. Hanamura dojo features a weapons stand, health pack, and two hidden disc-shooters that represent the dragon spirits of each brother. Weapons include Genji’s Ryu-Ichimonji sword and Hanzo’s Storm Bow. 197 pieces. Price: $19.99 – BUY HERE

The #75972 LEGO Overwatch Dorado Showdown has the largest building, designed in the style of the buildings of the Dorado map, and features three windows, lamps, a lantern, a mini market booth and a doorway for the payload truck to pass through. The payload truck has space for a minifigure, a generator payload that can be taken off, and hidden wheels to simulate the payload truck hovering (like in the game). The three characters are Soldier: 76, Reaper, and McCree. Weapons include Soldier: 76’s Heavy Pulse Rifle, Reaper’s twin Hellfire Shotguns, and McCree’s Peacekeeper six-shooter revolver. 419 pieces. Price: $29.99 – BUY HERE

The #75973 LEGO Overwatch D.Va & Reinhardt includes two smaller size mechs (one in pink!). The D.Va tank model has shooting function, and the Reinhardt tank model features a buildable colossal Rocket Hammer. Both mechs are about 5 inches tall, and open to fit a minifig inside. Weapons include D.Va’s Fusion Cannons and Reinhardt’s Rocket Hammer. 455 pieces. Price: $39.99 – BUY HERE

The #75974 LEGO Overwatch Bastion is probably the most talked about LEGO Overwatch set. LEGO designers did an excellent job recreating one of the most recognizable characters from the game with realistic details and colors, and the model is fully reconfigurable from recon mode to sentry mode without any rebuilding (see video-review below). Bastion in recon mode stands around 10” tall, and in sentry mode around 6” tall. There is a red light-brick in Bastion’s head that can be turned on. Bastion’s little bird friend is also included. Price: $49.99 – BUY HERE

The #75975 LEGO Overwatch Watchpoint: Gibraltar is the largest of the LEGO Overwatch sets and features and Overwatch rocket and launch tower from the Watchpoint: Giblartar map. The Overwatch rocket can split into two, with a cockpit in each section (see video-review below). The smaller rocket features a trunk big enough for big figure Winston, plus bananas and peanut butter jar. The launch pad allows the rocket to be supported vertically, and there is also a printed checkpoint disk. Characters include Pharah with her Rocket Launcher, Mercy with her Caduceus Staff and Blaster, Reaper with his twin Hellfire Shotguns, and a Winston big figure with his Tesla Cannon. Both the rocket and the rocket launcher are about 14″ tall! 730 pieces. Price: $89.99 – BUY HERE

In the video-player below, I have included reviews by both just2good and JANGBRiCKS. You can use the drop-down list in the upper-left corner of the player to select the review you would like to watch. Enjoy!

Based on what I have been hearing from Overwatch fans, the sets have been well received. Limiting the collection to only six sets makes it possible to collect them all (and get all those amazing minifigs!). If the LEGO Overwatch theme does well, it’s possible that we will get other sets based on games by Blizzard Entertainment. You can find all the new sets at the LEGO Overwatch section of the Online LEGO Shop.

What do you think? How do you like the LEGO Overwatch sets? Do you have a favorite vehicle, location, or minifigure? Are you planning to get any of the sets? Or did you get some already? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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(Written by BLProductions)

With 2018 at an end, all the new pieces LEGO introduced last year have become available, so now is an excellent time to review these interesting elements. In 2018, over 145 new elements were introduced in LEGO sets, and that number doesn’t even include all the new LEGO DUPLO pieces or most of the new LEGO minifigure accessories. You can find a list of all of the parts debuted in 2018 at the Brickset database: 2018 New LEGO Parts. Note, however, that the 3000+ parts listed are mostly new prints and new colors of older elements. In this article, I want to highlight some of the most noteworthy new element designs from last year, noting how many colors and sets they came in during 2018. 🙂

The most common element of 2018 is that which appears in the greatest number of 2018 sets. This award easily goes to Flower 1×1 (Design ID: 24866), which came in 12 colors across 89 different sets! You can see all these sets here: LEGO Sets with Design ID 24866. Second place belongs to Plant, w/ Plate 1×1, No. 1 (Design ID: 32607), which came in 4 colors and appeared in 46 sets. The more useful Plate 1×2, Rounded, No. 1 (Design ID: 35480) appeared in the same number of sets but was available in 7 colors. The design of this part avails it to numerous applications, and several sets have indeed found neat uses for it. Another part with many possible purposes is Brick 2x2x2/3, Inverted Bow (Design ID: 32803), which could be found in 5 colors and 38 sets. Notably, all four of these parts appeared together in only one set, #41196 LEGO Elves The Elvenstar Tree Bat Attack pictured above.

However, the parts I consider the most useful are Plate 1×1, W/ 1.5 Plate 1×1, Upwards (Design ID: 36840) and Plate 1×1, w/ 1.5 Plate 1×1, Downwards (Design ID: 36841). In 2018, the former piece came in 5 colors in 15 sets while the latter part was found in just 3 colors and 8 sets, but both appear frequently in 2019 sets. These latest additions to the LEGO bracket family can serve to attach small details and strengthen structures only one stud in width. The downwards bracket also supplants minifigure neck-brackets, which provide the same connection but don’t work with other bricks as well. Another very useful part is Gear Shifter, w/ Cross Hole (Design ID: 35188), which so far appears only in the #42083 LEGO Technic Bugatti Chiron. In contrast to the older gear shifters, which are red levers, this part shifts gears by rotating on an axle. Because of its circular properties, one shifter can simultaneously manage up to four shifter rings, which in turn can control eight different gear chains. Using several of these parts together, then, can create some very complex gearboxes.

There were also several very interesting, but less useful, parts introduced last year. One of my favorites is Tile 2×2, W/ Deg. 45 Cut (Design ID: 35787), which has the potential to create some cool tessellations, especially when used with the various angular tiles introduced by the LEGO Nexo Knights theme. This part was available unprinted in 4 colors and 5 sets last year and had two printed versions found in two LEGO BrickHeadz sets. Roof Tile 1×1, Deg. 45, w/o Knobs (Design ID: 35464) is another neat triangular piece, appearing in 3 colors and 8 sets, but this one can be used to create ridges, small details, or even houses in micro-scale models.

For minifigures, one of the most exciting new parts last year was a new type of minifig legs assembly. LEGO hasn’t properly inventoried this part because it only appeared in the #71022 LEGO Minifigures Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts series, so I just call it Minifig Lower Part, Medium (Design ID for unprinted versions: 37364). Although shorter than normal minifig legs, this part nonetheless possesses many of the same characteristics, which are demonstrated in this article at Brickset. Currently, this part only comes in black and bright-blue, with several printed variations, but hopefully it will make further appearances in 2019. Minifigure attire was also improved by a new dress piece, the unprinted version of which is called Mini Skirt, No. 3 (Design ID: 36036). All variations of this part, including 9 different prints, can be seen at the BrickLink database, but altogether it came in 9 colors across 8 sets last year and makes an excellent replacement for the 2x2x2 slopes previously used for dresses.

Finally, I must mention the new animals of 2018 to complete this overview. I refer to 2018 as the “Year of Animals” because there were 39 totally new creature and animal parts introduced, more than in any other element category! These parts were created for a variety of product lines, including LEGO City, LEGO Elves, LEGO Minecraft, LEGO Jurassic World, and even LEGO Wizarding World. You can view most of these parts at the Brickset database here and here. Below are images of six cool animal parts you won’t see at those links: a dog body from LEGO Super Heroes sets, a LEGO Elves bat, a mouse, a snake, a Carnotaurus head from LEGO Jurassic World, and an eagle.

It appears LEGO has no shortage of ideas for new parts! Although some of them seem quite specialized, most new pieces can still be used in a variety of ways. LEGO designers have proved this by using nearly all the pieces discussed above in 2019 sets. In addition, over 50 new pieces have already been introduced in 2019 sets, and these should further enhance the designs of future sets. You can view the currently released 2019 sets, along with most 2018 sets, at the Online LEGO Shop.

So what do you think? How do you like any of these new pieces? Do you have some of them? Have you found any useful applications for them? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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