2015 summer LEGO Elves sets review

by admin on July 27, 2015

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As we have discussed previously, there are two LEGO Elves sets that are going to be released at the beginning of August. This will bring the LEGO Elves line to eight sets in total, which makes it a very doable theme to collect. The sets are also very beautiful with many unique and interesting elements and really sweet characters. You can check out reviews of the previously released sets here: 2015 LEGO Elves Sets Video-Reviews, and today we will take a look at the two new sets in more detail. :)

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#41077 LEGO ELVES AIRA’S PEGASUS SLEIGH: Fly up to the sky in a magical sleigh pulled by flying horses! Build a flying sleigh with Aira Windwhistler, the Wind Elf! Fly up to the clouds pulled by Starshine and Rufus, the 2 pegasi to help the LEGO Elves find the magic wind key they need to send their lost friend Emily Jones back to the human world. Load up the chest with cookies for the journey and then follow the magic map with Aira and Azari Firedancer, the Fire Elf, to an ancient windmill in the sky. Miku the baby dragon has the last key, but how will the elf friends get it from her? Help Aira muster her magic wind powers to blow cookies towards Miku, and distract her long enough to grab the key. Includes Aira Windwhistler and Azari Firedancer mini-doll figures, plus Miku the baby dragon and 2 pegasi: Starshine and Rufus. 319 pieces. Price: $39.99 – BUY HERE

LEGO Elves Pegasus Sleigh

If you have watched the LEGO Elves TV show (see link in at the end of this post), you know using the flying sleigh was an integral part of the story. How it’s presented in this set is changed up a bit, but it still works fine to play out the scene. The main section here is of course the sleigh itself. I particularly like the two horses (one male, one female) and the wing pieces. In the windmill section the little dragon definitely stands out and (like JANBRiCKS mentions in the video), I hope it will be a available in other colors in the future. The printed 2×2 round tiles are also very nice and could be used in other applications. All in all this is a very nice LEGO Elves set. The minifigs are not unique (except for the capes), but the horses and the baby dragon are, so if you are collecting the series you would definitely want to get it.

#41078 LEGO ELVES SKYRA’S MYSTERIOUS SKY CASTLE: Complete the Elves’ epic adventure and send Emily Jones home through the magic portal! Find the magic portal to send Emily Jones back to the human world! The LEGO Elves have completed their quest to find all 4 magic keys needed to open the portal. Now Emily and Naida Riverheart, the Water Elf, must make their way through the obstacles in the amazing Sky Castle to reach the portal while Skyra, the guardian of the portal, watches on from above with her owl, Nascha. Help the elves make their way through the overgrown entrance and use Naida’s magic water powers to find the secret door in the spa behind the waterfall. Then reveal the enchanted staircase to get past the lava kitchen and overcome Skyra’s protective Pegasus, to place all 4 keys into the portal. When you finally face Skyra, convince her to open the portal using her staff. Who knows when Emily will visit the incredible universe of the LEGO Elves again! Includes 3 mini-doll figures: Emily Jones, Naida Riverheart and Skyra, plus Golden Glow the Pegasus and Nascha the owl. 808 pieces. Price: $79.99 – BUY HERE

LEGO Elves Sky Castle

This is the ultimate LEGO Elves set, and the end of the quest for Emily Jones and her elven friends (at least up to this point). It is a large and well-designed castle representing all of the elemental powers of the elves. Lots of beautiful pieces, nice colors, and the mechanism of the portal is impressive (although as you will see in the video below, it is doesn’t look very good from the back). Emily and Naida are in their regular attire, except for the capes, but Skyra is a brand new and beautifully done figure. Also her horse and her little owl friend are very sweet.

As you know, LEGO Elves is LEGO’s own theme and story, kind of like a fantasy version of the LEGO Friends line. So far all eight sets in the theme were beautifully done and I have no complaints. My two most favorite sets remain the #41075 LEGO Elves Treetop Hideaway and the #41073 LEGO Elves Naida’s Epic Adventure, but the other ones are also excellent.

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If you are collecting the theme I would also suggest to pick up the LEGO Elves Playmat. I normally don’t point out such accessories, but this one does compliment the sets beautifully, and one of the strongest points of this entire line is the magical design. If you appreciate the LEGO Elves artwork, there is also a LEGO Elves Diary that I really like. It is just a simple (but very good quality) diary with lined pages, and the front has a little section with a LEGO baseplate you can build on. The artwork on the cover is very pretty. You can find both the playmat and the diary, along with all eight of the LEGO Elves sets at the Online LEGO Shop.

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What do you think? How do you like the LEGO Elves sets? Do you collect them? Which one is your favorite? And how do you like the two new sets? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below! 😉

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The third poster is free with any LEGO Star Wars order until the 26th of July, or while supplies last. There are several recently released LEGO Star Wars sets you might consider: the #75091 LEGO Star Wars Flash Speeder, the #75093 LEGO Star Wars Death Star Final Duel, the #75094 LEGO Star Wars Imperial Shuttle Tydirium, the #75106 LEGO Star Wars Imperial Assault Carrier, and the #75092 LEGO Star Wars Naboo Starfighter. Also, don’t forget about the #75095 LEGO Star Wars Ultimate Collector Series TIE Fighter that was released just a couple of months ago. You can find all the new sets under the LEGO Star Wars section of the Online LEGO Shop.

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