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The recently released LEGO Mixels sets have become highly popular with LEGO fans, inspiring lots of creativity, and even fun building activities and contests. We have talked about the first wave of LEGO Mixels sets that included 9 characters (see links at the end of this post), and the second wave is going to be released this summer. Series 1 included the yellow, red and gray Mixels, and Series 2 will have blue, orange and brown Mixels, with a 3rd series of green, tan and purple Mixels coming probably this fall. As larger images of the second wave just became available it is time to take a second look at these wacky little guys. :)

:arrow: LEGO BLUE MIXELS –  this is the icy Frosticon tribe, including #41509 LEGO Mixels Slumbo, #41510 LEGO Mixels Lunk, and #41511 LEGO Mixels Flurr, all very cute and funny characters with interesting pieces and clever building techniques.

Mixels Frosticons Slumbo

Mixels Frosticons Lunk

Mixels Frosticons Flurr

:arrow: LEGO BROWN MIXELS – this is the Fang Gang tribe. While the other Mixels tribes are characterized by elemental powers (like the Electroids) or physical characteristics (like the Flexers) these little guys are known for eating tons of food. Included characters are #41512 LEGO Mixels Chomly, #41513 LEGO Mixels Gobba, and #41514 LEGO Mixels Jawg. Judging from the size of their teeth their preferred food doesn’t seem to be vegetables… :twisted:

Mixels Fang Gang Chomly

Mixels Fang Gang Gobba

Mixels Fang Gang Jawg

:arrow: LEGO ORANGE MIXELS – this is the Flexers tribe, and all I could find out about them is that they live in what’s called the Rubberlands and they have flexible and rubbery bodies. Included characters are #41515 LEGO Mixels Kraw, #41516 LEGO Mixels Tentro, and #41517 LEGO Mixels Balk.

Mixels Flexers Kraw

Mixels Flexers Tentro

Mixels Flexers Balk

As I have mentioned this second wave of LEGO Mixels should be available this summer. In the meantime, if you haven’t done it already, you can check out the currently available LEGO Mixels at the Online LEGO Shop. They are only $5 each, but provide tons of creative fun and many interesting pieces in great colors: LEGO Mixels at the Online LEGO Shop

Shop LEGO Mixels Sets

So what do you think? How do you like LEGO Mixels? Do you have any of the Series 1 characters? Are you planning to get some from Series 2? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! ;)

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(Written by William)

There has been several recent changes to the LEGO Pick-A-Brick (PAB) wall at all LEGO store locations, so I thought it was important to write an update on what you can expect next time you stop by at your local LEGO store to get some LEGO elements. :)

LEGO Pick-A-Brick Wall


LEGO PAB CupThe first and most impactful change is the price for the PAB cups. Each will be increased by a $1 USD, so the small cup is now $9 and the large cup is $16. Obviously, this has a bigger effect on the smaller cup as you roughly get half the volume of the large one. The LEGO Group (TLG) will also be increasing the price of the full boxes of elements you can buy, from the previous price of $75 USD to $100 USD.  If you are unaware of what I’m talking about here, that’s no surprise. Normally LEGO employees don’t tell you, but TLG allows you to buy an entire box of a LEGO element you see on the PAB wall, provided they have more in stock. This is ideal for those attempting to make a larger scale LEGO model.

A couple of years back I had a conversation with a LEGO representative, and we talked about the PAB wall. This conversation was partly started due to the poor selection at my local LEGO store. He told me that the PAB wall was something TLG needed to change. It was inconsistent on how it was run, and the full boxes of parts at $75 would often mean they were losing money (depending on the part). He did admit that raising prices was looking to be one of the solutions.


In the past LEGO stores had two options for choosing what went on their PAB wall. The first choice – often the default -was when someone who had very little to do with a particular store would just send out a selection of parts to that store. The second option was for the store manager to elect to pick out the parts they wanted, and hope they got them. Even for the stores that selected pieces there was no guarantee they’d get what they have liked. This is why you saw things in the PAB wall like door-frames with no doors or windows with no window-frames. Apart from this, it was up to the store to stock whatever they had.

Later TLG put all their LEGO stores under the same system where every store had to select pieces for their PAB walls. There were still a few restrictions, but we’ll talk about those more below. The most recent change is going to build off of the more consistent application of every store choosing their own PAB wall selection. This change involves every store being obligated to carry certain types of pieces. In addition, those pieces will contain advertising, such as “this goes great with LEGO Star Wars sets”.  So what you end up with is a system where parts are partly pre-determined and consistent across stores, and then each store has some options after that.


Remember when I said that the store must work within restrictions? There are policies in place that all the stores have to follow in regards to their PAB wall. First, on the bottom-most rows, larger pieces like 2×4 bricks must be stocked so that they do not pose a choking hazard for smaller children. Another restriction, that may or may not be still in place, is that they had to have the basic parts to make a vehicle; this meant tires, wheel-hubs, a connector piece to attach the hub to, and possibly a steering wheel or windshield. For a while they tried expanding on this idea by having other builds you could make from parts on the wall. However because PAB walls are not all equal in size and storage-capacity, this idea didn’t work out.

Chances are that with the latest change TLG may stick with the vehicle parts option plus a bit more, as this would limit the stores ability to order a larger variety of more specialized parts. Unfortunately this is not great for adult LEGO builders, but we have to remember that TLG’s priority is young children and their priorities (kids love vehicles!).

:arrow: WHAT CAN YOU DO?

So with all the changes happening to the LEGO PAB wall, the question is, what can you do as an adult LEGO fan to have the best experience? The most important thins is to get to know the employees at the store; the store manager is especially key. They hold regular meetings and provide feedback to the company on how customers are responding to any given change. In addition, LEGO stores employees are often open to hearing what you want. This may mean being able to talk with the person in charge of picking out pieces for the PAB wall. Letting them know what you would like gives them some guidance on what should get stocked.

Also, don’t forget to bring back your old PAB cups to refill. This could save you $0.50 for each one you re-use. It’s not a big discount, but it does help to reduce the price-increase a bit. Finally, do fill out the surveys on your receipts. This obviously has a bigger impact on smaller LEGO stores compared to the large Disney or LEGOLAND stores, but your opinion does shape how decisions get made. This includes things you really like about the store and never want to see leave. Point in case, LEGO stores used to carry grab bags, but since the complaints far outweighed compliments, the program was discontinued. So keep in mind, change only comes to those who asked for it… and you can always shop at the Online Pick-A-Brick.

LEGO Trees & Leaves at Pick-A-Brick

What do you think of the LEGO Pick-A-Brick wall changes? Do you use the PAB wall regularly to shop for LEGO elements? What about the Online Pick-A-Brick selection? Do you use it? What do you like to see in the PAB wall? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! ;)

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