Today I wanted to show you a huge LEGO spaceship that was designed and built over the course of a 21.5 hour non-stop building session by four LEGO fans. The ship is over six feet long, contains over five thousand LEGO pieces, five LEGO Power Functions motors, twenty-seven custom wired LED lights, and lots of cool details. :)

LEGO Spaceship NCS Aries-K Picture

This amazing LEGO spaceship was designed and built by Jason Allemann (whose work we have features here several times – see links at the end of this post), Michael Gale, Kristal Dubois, and Lucie Filteau. Jason shares the following on his website: “If you’re not active in the online LEGO community, you may not be familiar with SHIPtember, wherein participants are challenged to build a large spaceship during the month of September. More specifically, the challenge is to build a spaceSHIP (Seriously Huge Investment in Parts) that must be at least one hundred LEGO studs long. My friend Michael and I have long wanted to participate in this building challenge, but neither of us has been willing to commit the time and effort to it… until now.”

LEGO Spaceship NCS Aries-K Builders

“One of the things that dissuaded us from participating in past years is that building a SHIP in a month typically means saying goodbye to all of your free time for that month. Michael suggested we tighten the timeline, turning it into a 24 hour marathon, and join forces with Kristal and Lucie, with the goal of building a SHIP over 200 LEGO studs long. We started at 9:00 am Saturday morning, with the intention of building for a full 24 hours. Unfortunately, by the wee hours of the next morning it was clear our abilities were becoming severely hampered. Case in point, the core and exterior of the rotating habitat rings (my responsibility) have a bit of an unfinished look to them, and I would have loved to have spent the last few hours flushing out the details of those areas. It just wasn’t happening though. We decided to call it a wrap after 21.5 hours and here is the result, the NCS Aries-K, serving all your minifigs’ needs on their trips to Mars!”

LEGO Spaceship NCS Aries in 24 Hours

Jason and his friends broke down the key responsibilities on building the ship. Jason worked on the mechanical engineering, rotating rings. Michael was responsible for the hangar bays, bridge, and electrical engineering. Kristal designed and built the engine nacelles and also worked with Lucie on the interiors of the ship. As you will see in the video below, this enormous spaceship has a blue and gray LEGO Classic Space style color-scheme, and it operates with a futuristic fusion engine. The ship also features two habitat-arcs with a medical facility, exercise room, food growing station, research lab, kitchen and dining room, and a lounge area with a clear view of the stars. And the whole thing is motorized to provide lights and rotating functions. It was named the NCS Aries-K. In the video-player below you can find two videos; one featuring the ship, and the other a behind-the-scenes view of the building process. Some key specifications are also below.

  • The ship is 237 x 90 x 90 studs (L x W x H)
  • Large rotating habitat ring powered by 2x LEGO Power Functions XL Motors and fully fitted interior
  • Smaller size rotating accommodation ring powered by 2x LEGO Power Functions M Motors also with fully fitted interior
  • Rotating engine core using 1x LEGO Power Functions M Motor and illuminated by 3x RGB LED light clusters
  • 2x forward hangar bay decks for receiving small spacecraft
  • 77x blinking navigation lights across the entire ship (red port/green starboard markers, white/red fore/aft marker lights on rings, white/red strobe navigation lights)

LEGO Spaceship NCS Aries-K Building

Impressive, isn’t it? Such a massive spaceship! I also really like the work area being so well organized. A room like this is a LEGO fan’s dream! What do you think? How do you like this LEGO spaceship? Did you ever consider building something so big by yourself or with friends? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below! 😉

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As we have discussed last month (see: New LEGO Model Shop Looking for Team!), a brand new LEGO model shop is opening in central Florida by Merlin Entertainment. The shop will be designing and building models for new and existing LEGOLAND parks for all over the world. I have met the team behind this new endeavor at BrickWorld Tampa last year, and there are some exciting development and expansions LEGOLAND is gearing up for. If your dream is to become a LEGO model builder, and you would like to (or already) live in sunny Florida, you might want to become part of this interesting adventure. The new model shop is 15 minutes away from LEGOLAND Florida, and is in the last stages of opening. :)


The positions we have talked about previously have been filled, and now all they are looking for are some model builders. Here are the details of what they are looking for: “This individual builds LEGO models in our off-site model shop at MMM Studios. Must have LEGO building experience and be able to design and build sturdy, accurate, complicated, safe and installable LEGO models for a wide variety of LEGOLAND attractions including miniature scale models and/or life sized organic models from prototypes, diagrams or computer generated instructions. This position requires strong communication during design and building of models, good organization during the completion and documentation phases of the projects and a willingness to complete all tasks necessary to creating and installing models and displays.”

The position requires previous experience in LEGO model building, (architectural and/or sculptural), basic computer knowledge, a good knowledge of LEGO parts, good communication skills, ability to give and receive constructive criticism, ability to work in a team and a positive attitude. Strong focus, concentration, good craftsmanship, patience and a sense of humor are a must. Artistic education, background, or experience helpful but not required. Education required is high-school diploma or equivalent. Other requirements are to have a valid driver’s license and safe driving record. Must be willing to travel throughout the US and internationally for events, training, repair or installations. Position requires a pre-placement physical. Responsibilities include:

  1. Builds 2D and 3D LEGO models including but not limited to miniature scale models and/or organic life sized models from supplied prototypes, diagrams or computer generated instructions (Brickbuilder software) within time allocated to the best of their abilities.
  2. Communicates with Lead Designer, Designer, Lead Animator and/or Supervisor during the Model or Animation Brief and as questions or challenges arise to make sure models and animation meet expectations and requirements.
  3. Coordinates with Animation Technician on steel, audio, visual and mechanical needs for both static and animated models.
  4. Builds complicated glued LEGO models in timely and safe manner, following guidelines and training in production, techniques, documentation, standards and policies.
  5. Communicates with Lead Designer and/or Supervisor to make sure models meet expectations and requirements.
  6. Inspects glued models to ensure a sturdy, high quality, safe model that has everything it needs for installation completed.
  7. Photographs glued models and adds photos to project folders.
  8. Assists Designer or Lead Designer in 2D or 3D computer artwork or modeling as needed.
  9. Immediately identifies management of safety related concerns and keeps safety #1 priority.
  10. Must be able to react under pressure or in an emergency in a calm and rational manner.
  11. Ensures that all model work areas are kept clean, neat and orderly at all times.
  12. Keep tools, machines, and all other company equipment in clean and good working order.
  13. Keeps informed and updated on techniques, LEGO parts and methods for LEGO Model Building.
  14. Attends weekly staff meetings for purpose of directing, informing and training.
  15. Completes daily time and material (T&M) cards prior to leaving the property.
  16. Follows LEGO-established MC handbook policies at all times.

You can apply for the LEGO model builder position, see the requirements and qualifications, and apply for the positions at this link. You may also share the link with friends and family who you feel might be interested in this role. And if you have any questions don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section below. I’m in communications with their Production Manager directly and can invite him to respond to your inquiries. 😉

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