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Custom LEGO printing by Minifigs.Me

by admin on April 19, 2015

in Minifigs.Me

Minifigs.Me is a UK based LEGO minifigure customizer who has been releasing an incredible variety of custom printed LEGO minifigs and accessories. I have recently had the chance to get some of their products, so I thought to share with you my thoughts and feedback on them. :)

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me Logo2

Caroline and Nick, the husband and wife team behind Minifigs.Me has been experimenting with making custom LEGO minifigures for several years now. Originally they used stickers, decals, paints and varnish to make minifigs for their own use. However when they shared their creations with friends and on social-media, other people started asking if they could get some as well. Thus a little business was born.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me Team

Since those early days Minifigs.Me has grown tremendously. Now when you visit their website you will find a huge variety of custom LEGO minifigs and accessories. They have also upgraded from using decals to a highly sophisticated UV printer that produces vibrant colors and very durable printing directly on the minifigures.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me4

Digital printing also allows printing on all parts of the minifigures, and Minifigs.Me definitely takes advantage of this by printing on practically every part of their custom LEGO minifigs; front and back of the torso, arms, head, and the front, back and side of the legs. In fact they pay so much attention to detail that even the stud-holes at the back of the legs are printed to match the rest of the design!

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me3

The variety of minifigures Minifigs.Me offers is really tremendous, and they are adding new designs all the time. Just recently they released the LEGO Apollo 13 Crew to commemorate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 13 mission launch, with great attention to detail in the design of each of the characters and also adding a nice background.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me Apollo Crew

Minifig.Me also recreates characters from films, TV shows, cartoons, and comic books, as well as minifig versions of political figures, celebrities, musicians and members of sports teams and more. You can browse all the varieties on their website, Minifigs.Me.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me7

Besides custom LEGO minifigs, Minifigs.Me also prints various accessories – mainly on LEGO tiles, and these are actually some of my most favorite items. They have everything; signs, certificates, comic books, cereal boxes, license-plates, calendars, newspapers, smart-phones, board-games, game consoles, and more for your LEGO minifigs.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me8

I would also suggest checking out the brick-built printed characters as there are some really cute designs in this category. My favorites are the owls, but there are also Mini’uns, Minecraft characters, Adventurers, and more.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me Owls

What I really like about the LEGO Minifigs.Me figures is the attention to detail in the design of every character – especially the very cute facial printings. All aspect of the designs blend right in with regular LEGO minifigs. The only issue I have found is that the printed yellow details are not the same shade as LEGO’s own yellow. This is not a problem on minifigs when there is only a bit of yellow in the design, however when there is quite a bit of yellow (like for example the minifig is wearing a dress with a deep neckline), it really shows up. I have talked about this issue with Nick, and he is aware of the problem and has been endeavoring to make the match better. I have not seen any issues with other colors, and they match LEGO’s own color-palette.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me

Another service Minifigs.Me offers is providing custom LEGO minifigures based on your specifications. So if you want to make a minifig version of yourself, your family, or your team, you can request Minifigs.Me to make them for you. These figures are also great for birthdays, anniversaries, special events and promotions, etc. Just make sure you leave enough time to get them made before the event as it can take a few weeks.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me Bespoke

Prices for custom LEGO minifigs and accessories vary by the complexity of the design, but they are around £10 per minifig (less than $15), witch is in line with the work of other LEGO customizers. Minifigs with less printing and custom work, as well as printed tiles and other accessories cost less. According to their website, shipping to the UK is a flat rate of £1.95, and shipping internationally is £3.95. I also wanted to mention that the minifigs are individually packed in cute little matchboxes, which is a very nice touch.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me Box

Overall I’m very happy with the minifigs and printed tiles I got from Minifigs.Me, and plan to order from them in the future as well. The variety of their custom printed minifigs and accessories is really unmatched; they just have so much to offer! Also both Caroline and Nick are really fun people and super easy to talk to, so if you have a project in mind that would require custom minifigs or accessories you can contact them through their website Minifigs.Me, Facebook page, or Twitter.

Custom LEGO Minifigs by Minifigs.Me Babies

I hope this review helps you in case you are searching for specific LEGO characters, custom printed accessories, or would like to have your own design printed on a minifig. What do you think? Have you ordered from Minifigs.Me before? Or do you plan to? Feel free to share your thoughts and own review in the comment section below! Also, if you have any questions for Caroline or Nick, you can ask them here, and I will make sure they see them and answer them for you. ;)

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There is a LEGO builder who goes by the name Nuju Metru who is well known for his fantastic LEGO dragons other fantasy creations, and also his beautiful LEGO Minas Tirith project that has successfully achieved 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, and is currently under review for the possibility to become an official LEGO set. :)

LEGO Dragons by Nuju Metru

Besides sharing his awesome creations in his flickr gallery, Nuju Metru also generously provides tutorials on how to make your own LEGO dragons and more. In one of his most recent tutorial he goes into detail on making custom wings for LEGO dragons, and I liked it so much I thought to share it with you here as well…

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Steps

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 1 – SUPPLIES/PARTS: You’ll need a wing frame, claws & “pins”, scissors, a marker, and your chosen fabric. For the wing-membranes featured here, Nuju Metru uses 1/4-yard thicknesses of various colors of slightly stretchy, lightweight cotton fabrics. These should be easy to find and cheap at your local craft/fabric store.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Supplies

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 2 – SETTING GUIDE POINTS: Lay the wing frame on the fabric. With the marker draw dots on the fabric wherever there will be an attachment point or a corner of the wing shape.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 1

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 2

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 3 – ROUNDING/EXTENDING: Round out the attachment points so that each makes a small arc. Connect the “finger” and “shoulder” corner points to their nearest attachment points.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 3

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 4 – CONNECTING THE DOTS: Using the marker, connect the small arcs on the guide points with lines. Those on the front of the wing should be straight lines, while those on the back should be arcs.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 4

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 5 – CUTTING OUT: Cut the wing shape from the cloth, and gather wing frame, claws and pins again.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 5

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 6 – CONNECTING THE FABRIC: To connect fabric to wings, stretch fabric over the + axle hole, and push butt of claw/pin in. Connection should be firm, but not difficult or strenuous.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 6

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 7 – DRESSING THE WING: Attach wingtip claws first, then pull fabric over top of wing and push pins into finger and shoulder. Shouldn’t feel loose or be too taught to connect all claws and pins.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 7

:arrow: DRAGON WINGS STEP 8 – DETAIL CUTS/TRIMMING: Trim wing as necessary, or as wanted. Add nicks, holes for more detail. To cut holes more easily, fold the fabric on itself and snip out a triangle. Oftentimes wings that are freshly cut could use more drastic arcs between the claws; this is a good time to shave away parts of the back wing.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Step 8

Really nice, isn’t it? Nuju Metru also shares other tutorials in his flickr gallery, along with many awesome LEGO creations, so make sure you check them out (just follow the link). Nuju Metru is a theatre student at the University of California, and has been building with LEGO since he had the fine motor skills to put two bricks together. It is always inspiring to see the refined work of lifelong LEGO fans.

Build LEGO Dragon Wing Details

If you like to build LEGO dragons, Nuju Metru is currently running a contest on flickr. The task is simple: build your best, most imposing, most awe-inspiring LEGO dragon. If you are interested to enter, you can find all the details here: DRAGON LANDS – A DRAGON BUILDING CONTEST

LEGO Dragon Building Contest

So what do you think? Do you like to build LEGO dragons? Did you like this tutorial on how to make your own LEGO dragon wings? Feel free to share in the comment section below! Also, Nuju Metru kindly agreed to answer any questions you may have about this tutorial or his other LEGO creations, so feel free to ask him anything you like, and he will stop by to answer your inquiries. ;)

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