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Reviews & Comparisons

Second Look at the LEGO Townhouse Pet Shop & Café

Second Look at the LEGO Townhouse Pet Shop & Café thumbnail

LEGO fans often talk about the most exciting new sets, but from time to time, it’s worth looking at older sets that have become fan favorites. Some of these sets are popular because they are fun to build, or because they look great on display, or they may offer a great selection of useful parts, […] Read more


LEGO VIDIYO BeatBoxes Review

LEGO VIDIYO BeatBoxes Review thumbnail

As you may remember from our previous discussions, the new LEGO VIDIYO theme is all about combining physical LEGO elements with augmented reality to make music videos. You download the free app, choose from the app’s music library, scan your Bandmate and BeatBits (printed 2×2 tiles) from the LEGO VIDIYO sets, and you can record […] Read more