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LEGO NINJAGO Season 3 – what will it bring?

Sadly, the second season of the LEGO Ninjago saga – NINJAGO Year of the Snake – has come to an end. If you haven’t watched the episodes yet, you can access them in the LEGO Ninjago section, or go to the season-summary: LEGO NINJAGO Rise of the Snakes – the Story…

Naturally, all LEGO Ninjago fans are now wondering if the adventures of the ninja will continue in further episodes. LEGO has done an incredible job developing all aspects of the world of Ninjago; the movies, the characters, the Spinjitzu games, the LEGO sets – gathering a worldwide fan-base, who now wants more! 😀

According to the Internet Movie Database (which is a fairly reputable website), there will be indeed a Ninjago Season 3 coming in November of this year. Below is the list of episodes listed at IMDB’s website. Please keep in mind that at this point we can’t confirm if these are indeed the upcoming Ninjago Season 3 episodes, or if it is a fluke. As we find out more, we will certainly let you know, but for now at least this gives Ninjago fans something to talk about and look forward to. 😉


NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 1 – Darkness Shall Rise: After months of peace in Ninjago, danger erupts once again when Jay’s parents, Ed and Edna, are captured by a fearsome crew of undead pirates, the Ocean Plunderers.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 2 – Pirates vs. Ninja: As the ninja begin their quest to Tenebrae Surget, they are viciously attacked by another group of pirates, the half-man, half sea-creature Wave Marauders, who are also looking for the lost island.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 3 – Double Trouble: When the Wave Marauders continue their onslaught, the Ocean Plunderers decide to mount an attack of their own. To survive, the ninja must unlock their Golden Weapons’ adapting ability.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 4 – Ninjaball Run: While the ninja are fixing up the Bounty M2 after a devastating attack, they train, share stories, and even create their own sport – Ninjaball.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 5 – Child’s Play: After laying low for a while, the ninja, secretly traversing the skies, put their ambush on the pirates into action. However, the Wave Marauders have one last trick up their sleeves.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 6 – Wong Place, Wrong Time: A fair distance ahead both pirate crews, the ninja run into one of the worst things imaginable – the mythical, all-powerful Kraken, a beast said to have sunk a thousand ships.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 7 – The Stone Army: With the first Temple Key in their hands, the ninja temporarily land on the island of Insula Lapidem, to gather supplies and have a well-earned rest. However, the island holds a dark, lethal secret.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 8 – The Day Ninjago Stood Still: After unleashing a curse upon Ninjago, turning everything and everyone in the land into stone, the Stone Army declare that they will only undo it if the ninja leave Insula Lapidem, without the second Temple Key.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 9 – The Last Voyage: Within a few miles of Tenebrae Surget, the ninja are attacked yet again by the Wave Marauders, who still possess a Temple Key. This time, the ninja must defeat them once and for all.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 10 – Island of Darkness:  As the ninja finally land on Tenebrae Surget, they realize that all is not as it should be. They soon discover that the Stone Army is present on Surget too, after occupying the island many centuries ago.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 11 – The Ticking Clock: With the Stone Army proving too strong, the ninja retreat into the woods to escape and search for the fourth and final Temple Key. However, they end up entering Surget’s toxic swamps along the way.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 12 – The Overlod Cometh: As the ninja finally reach the Eternity Temple, with both pirate crews occupied but the Stone Army hot on their tail, they find themselves facing an old enemy thought long dead.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 13 – The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master: With Garmadon and the Stone Army defeated and the Fountain destroyed, Kai, Zane, Cole, Lloyd and Nya, now equipped with their new PWR Armor, hasten to help Jay in his final confrontation with the Ocean Plunderers.

The above  picture is supposedly a preliminary image of the Ninjago PWR Armor from the Russian website ClubNinjago. I can’t say for sure if this is authentic or not, but it sure looks unique! (Thanks, Зейн!) So what do you think so far? Do you think ninja vs. pirates is a good story line?  How do you like the story-development? And what do you think of the PWR Armor? How about that Stone Army? Sounds interesting? 🙄

You can share your thoughts and opinions about the third season of Ninjago in the comment section below. Again, just remember that the episodes for Season 3 are not yet confirmed. They could be exactly as described above, there could be slight changes, or it could be a completely different story, so please remember this as you discuss the future of Ninjago. Also, if you hear about updates you can post those as well. NINJA, GO!!! 🙂

You can also check out the LEGO NINJAGO section or follow these links:

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  • Zanelover September 9, 2014, 10:40 PM

    Hi, i’m new on this site, but I am going to tell you my ninjago story!

    Episode 1 (After the nindroids and bringing Zane back to life)
    It started in the bounty.
    Cole: WHAT?! Whoa whoa back up say that again!
    Nya: Its called the DanceGo Competition, its the biggest sing and dance competition in all of Ninjago!
    Cole: And you want me to perform in it?!?! No way!
    Kai: Look we know you don’t like dancing and singing in front of people but….
    Cole: No i’m not doing it cause of them.
    Cole opens the competition folder and shows a picture of a girl with blonde hair wearing a blue dress and a boy wearing a hat beside her.
    Jay: Umm who are they?
    Cole: Well, umm, thats my big sister and big brother……
    Everyone was silent.
    Cole: Actually…..I have about 11 brothers, and 13 sisters…..
    Everyone stared at him.
    Jay: Whoa. But how?
    Cole: Most of them are adopted.
    He sighed he walked to the mirror of the bounty.
    Cole: I’m the only one in my family who doesn’t have a career in music and dancing. If they see me, there gonna MAKE me sing and dance. All of them do, I’m the only kid in my family who can play every instrument, well except Claire. I can’t let them see me!!! Or my life is ruined!!!
    Kai: It can’t be that bad!! By the way, what did you do as a kid anyways! I mean 24 siblings?!
    Cole: Uhh yea I had a umm, “Eventful” childhood.
    Cole imagines about his childhood listening to all his brothers and sisters sing and dance. His mind returns.
    Zane: But the trophy is made out of a piece thats very rare. Its the only thing we need to finish fixing the Bounty!
    (The bounty was destroyed by nindroids and Zane was brought back to life.)
    Cole: No no no, not happening.
    Later outside the door of Cole’s house…..
    Cole: How did you guys talk me into this?
    Cole rings the doorbell and his father opens the door.
    Cole: Ok whatever you do you can’t let my brother and sister see me!
    They walk in.
    Girl: Cole?!
    Cole turns his head and sees his brother and sister.
    Cole: (Embarrassed laugh) hehe hey Clair, hey Ryan.
    Cole puts his head down.


  • Zanelover September 10, 2014, 12:57 AM

    Meet ‘Misako’s ninja’s
    Misako has become a sensei and has new ninja’s she needs help from sensei Wu and the others ninja to help her ninjas get on there feet. But first there bio’s

    Marina Carlson: Named after a area of water where yatchs and boats go.
    Color: Teal
    Hair: Brown worn in a ponytail with blue ribbon. normal size
    Element: Water
    Pets: All sea animals
    Found: Saving a baby dolphin after it washed up on the shore (by herself) Misako watched and talked to her. She was the first ninja. Born into a rich family, after seeing her father pollute the ocean she had a fight with him and ran away.
    Personality: Doesn’t laugh much, has a very very very small tiny crush on Kai but will never admit it. Is very serious and almost never smiles. Misses her father very much.

    Sonny Davids: Named after the sun.
    Color: Yellow
    Hair: Blonde worn down in a headband (and sometimes a cowgirl hat) little longer then Marina’s
    Element: Sun
    Pets: A cow named Bessie that lives on her families farm. she has a cowbell under her pillow to remind her of Bessie, or O’l Bessie as she likes to call her.
    Found: Sitting on the highest mountain peak staring right at the sun without sunglasses. She turned her head and saw Misako sitting beside her (Kinda like sensei Wu) She was born in a barn, she someone talks country just to joke around. and is sometimes caught wearing a cowgirl hat. She was the second ninja to be found by Misako.
    Personality: She can be very loud at times, she is friendly but can be rough especially if someone messes with “her” Clark.

    Clark Wilson
    Hair: yellowish brown
    Color: Peach
    Element: Wind
    Pets: No pets but he has a fondness for birds, (Which annoys Zane sometimes as he is always messing with his falcon)
    Found: He was famous in his town for sleeping in the middle of a tornado.
    Misako heard of him and came to see him, she talked to him and he joined (After seeing Sonny) He is the third ninja to join Misako, He is the only boy so far. He was born into a poor family and got lost from his mother one day.
    Personality: A bit of a scaredy cat. Nice. Sometimes picked on by Marina. In love with Sonny, and sonny is in love with him (Not as much as Clark is in love with her)

    Shyanne “Shy” Petals: named after her being extremely shy and loving flowers.
    Color: Purple
    Hair: short curly brown hair
    Element: Nature
    Pets: all animals even monsters and dragons
    Found: singing to animals in a forest. She can speak to animals and monsters and dragons. She was born in a small cottage out in the woods. She was out picking berries for some food and grew tired and fell asleep, when she awoke some animals had crowded around her gently hugging and pawing her. They led her home and became her best friends. She is the fourth ninja to join.
    Personality: Very super duper shy. Sweet sensitive kind and sweet. Can get very angry when animals are in danger, or if no one is listening. She cries a lot.

    Storm Weathers: Name is a pun on the weather.
    Color: smoky blue
    Hair: long black curly hair
    Element: Weather
    Pets: Unknown
    Found: Trying out Benjamin Franklins project on electricity. She was electrucuted and Misako helped her up. She grew up in an orphanage left on the door step as a child. She is the fifth ninja to join.
    Personality: Quiet and silent. Can cry when thinking of a fire at the orphanage. Is nice but can get angry. especially if Ghostly is hurt.

    Ghostly Von Dracula: Name is Dracula because she is Dracula’s daughter
    Color: Grey
    Hair: Sparkling white hair a wore completely down sometimes with a ghost barrette on it.
    Element: Darkness and Shadows
    Pets: Ghost puppy named Drac 2
    Found: Was first a villain causing trouble. Didn’t know that evil was bad she thought evil was good and good was evil. She was then taken but Misako stopped Sensei Wu and the others and decided she can join her group. She is really a vampire but her amulet keeps her from burning in the sun and her wings and fangs hidden. She is the last ninja for now and the sixth one.
    Personality: Likes scaring people and climbing in the rafters. She is sweet and sensitive. Loydd is in love with her and some of it is because he understands her (Seeing how his father used to be evil.) She can be angry at time.
    Hope you enjoyed this and there will soon be stories for them. and the other ninja, BYE FOR NOW Zanelover (;

  • Zanelover September 10, 2014, 12:20 PM

    Hi As you should know by the Misakos ninja Bios this is a new Ninjago.
    Episode 1: A new threat

    Cole: Hey guys have you seen Sensei Wu?
    Jay: Nope.
    Cole: Hmm Weird
    Sensei Wu: Ah you are up. Today I must tell you something.
    The ninja and Nya gather around Sensei Wu
    Sensei Wu: You remember Misako? lloyds mother. She has become a sensei. And she needs our help. She has already gotten a few ninja but she needs our help to get them ready. There is an enemy all the way across town and she needs us.
    All the ninja’s mouth hung open including Nya’s
    Jay: Whoa wait so lloyds mom is a sensei now?
    Sensei Wu nodded. They left heading across town. When they landed they saw Misako waiting.
    Misako: Wu! Oh good come in!
    They walked in and these masked people appeared. The ninja and Nya got there weapons ready.
    Sensei Wu: STOP!
    Misako grabbed one of the masked people.
    Misako: What are you doing? These are guest!
    Masked Girl: We are sorry Sensei Misako
    The masked people jumped down.
    Misako: Ok first off. NINJAGOOOO
    Misako used spinjitzu and put the ninja in there normal outfits. It was like the ninja’s except it didn’t cover there hair. btw the normal ninja wasn’t wearing the hat part of there suits.
    Yellow ninja girl: I hate when she does that.
    Misako: Ok meet Sensei Wu, my brother in law, and his ninja. This is Marina, The Teal Ninja element of water. Sonny The Yellow ninja element of the Sun. Clark The Peach ninja….
    Clark: I hate that color
    Marina: I thought it was your favorite.
    Misako: Enough! As i was saying, Clark is the Peach ninja element of air. Shyanne OR Shy as we call her. The purple ninja element of nature.
    Shy very silently: hi….
    Jay: I didn’t quite catch that.
    Sonny: Ok doll what did we talk about? Gotta be a bit louder then that, or no one can hear ya got it?
    Shy less quiet: Yes….
    Misako: And then Storm, The smoky blue ninja. Element of weather. And then there is……..Oh dear. Where is Ghostly?
    Sonny: Again?!
    Suddenly a girl appears by Clark
    Ghostly: Boo.
    Misako: *Sigh* ANd Ghostly the Grey ninja, element darkness and shadows.
    Cole: THATS AN NINJA?!? more like an enemy.
    Misako: Well we found her wreaking havoc in a building. We stopped her.
    Ghostly disappears again and appears by lloyd, hanging from the rafter.
    Ghostly: Are you THE lloyd GARMADON!? Son of the evil LORD GARMADON!?
    Lloyd: Umm yes?
    Ghostly disappears and hangs in front of lloyd on the rafters.
    Ghostly: Sooo cool!
    Suddenly lloyd sees her silver eyes twinkle.
    She jumps down and stands by storm.
    Misako: Thats all of them for now. Now why don’t you show them around?
    Sonny: What?! Why us?! Your the sensei!
    Misako looked at her. Marina stepped in calmly (As usual)
    Marina: Of course Sensei Misako.
    Clark: I’m just happy i get to meet other ninjas that aren’t……..
    Sonny: Aren’t what?
    Storm Sonny, and Marina stare at him.
    Clark: Uhh nothing……..
    Sonny: Thought so. Anyways. Follow me! If your brave enough to come that is.
    Sonny smirked.
    They walked in a room in complete darkness.
    Kai: Can’t see! Zane give us some light.
    Zane: Ok.
    Zane turns on his light. Suddenly a broken teddy bear shows on the bed. It seemed to stare at them.
    Jay: Is it just me or is that toy staring at me?
    Sonny: This Ghostly’s room.
    Suddenly a figured appeared in the dark room. Her eyes glowed. She stepped into the light. All the other ninja cringed except Misako’s ninja.
    Cole, Jay,lloyd, and Kai: AHHH
    They jumped (Except for Zane him being a robot and all)
    All Misako’s ninja laughed. (Except Marina. Storm just smiles.)
    Sonny: I love when that happens.
    Sonny high fives Ghostly.
    Clark: Never gets old!
    They move to the others room.
    Sonny: There happy? Oh wait forgot.
    They bring them to a room full of computers and things.
    Jay: Whoa. WHO DID ALL THIS?!
    Sonny: Well Shy did a lot of it and storm helped get it working and i set up the solar power and Clark well what were you doing?
    Clark: Well umm. Something important?
    Clark remember drinking sodas and eating in a restaurant.
    Marina: Whatever.
    suddenly an alarm went off.
    Sonny: What? No that can’t be right! OHMIGOSH! GUYS YOU MIGHT WANT TO SEE THIS!!!!
    Everyone crowded including Misako and Sensei Wu.
    Ghostly: *Gasp* He’s here!
    She ran outside
    Sonny: NOT AGAIN!!!
    Kai: Again?

    To be continued…………………..

  • Zanelover September 10, 2014, 2:44 PM

    My character crush is Zane (Duh look at my name) XD LOL

  • Zanelover September 10, 2014, 3:59 PM

    Heya there Zanelover here,

    Episode 2: A father’s revenge.

    Last time, The ninja met Misako’s ninja and Misako is a sensei now, something wrong has happened and Ghostly (One of Misako’s ninja has ran out the room.

    Sonny: Lets do this guys!
    Marina grabbed her triton of water
    Clark grabbed his sword of air
    Sonny grabbed her nun chucks of the sun
    Storm grabbed her rain daggers
    Shy grabbed her scythe of Peace
    The other ninja grabbed there weapons.
    Kai: We’ll help!
    Marina: We don’t need your help.
    Misako: I have asked them to help you.
    Marina glares back at Kai. They run outside where Ghostly is.
    Ghostly: He’s coming I feel it.
    She closed her eyes and opened them
    Ghostly: BEHIND YOU!
    Sonny and Marina jumped out of the way but Clark was hit.
    Sonny: CLARK!
    She ran to him.
    Sonny: Are you ok Clark?
    Clark: Just fine……I think.
    Ghostly closed her eyes again as if seeing something.
    Ghostly: He’s here.
    Lloyd: Who is?!
    Sonny turned to the other ninja.
    Sonny: Him.
    She pointed to a raven flying in the sky. And no it was not Zane’s cause Zane’s was on his shoulder. The unknown bird flew down and transformed into a human with dark hair.
    The raven man: Ghostly……
    He smiled.
    Ghostly: Hello Raven.
    Raven leaned down to his wrist.
    Raven: Found her.
    Suddenly there was smoke. and when it cleared more strange looking people were there. One looked like a vampire, she had red and black wings with white fangs. One was a normal girl but then she turned into a wolf and howled. Which made Everyone have to hold there ears. have to hold her ears. And then there was one that looked like a frankestein. And then a ghost girl, she was glowing white.
    Vampire girl: Ghostly! Oh good! We found you! Now we can save you from these do-gooders *Fake barf*
    Ghostly: Hello Fangs, Franky, Howl, and Boo. By the way not happening. HA!
    Ghostly jumped up and hit Fangs kicked fangs. Fangs grabbed an axe and Ghostly grabbed her spear of shadows. They fought.
    Raven: We got the friends covered.
    It was a full one battle.
    Howl: Oh man so easy makes me want to howl AROOOOOOOOOOO!!!
    Sonny covered her ears and tripped.
    Howl: Gotcha.
    Right then Kai kicked the wolf. Howl growled at him. Clark ran over there and grabbed Sonny.
    Sonny: By the way we umm haven’t learned spinjitju yet sooooo!
    Cole: Well that ones easy! Just do what you do in training!
    Sonny: I get it! Over the bars, through the vines, here comes the target! NINJAGOOO!! I did it!
    Suddenly everyone except Clark did it.
    Clark: I can’t do it!
    Sonny: I know what to do. Clark, hit me.
    Clark: WHAT?!
    Sonny: HIT ME! NOW!
    Clark jumped up and almost hit her but she moved before he could, suddenly he accidentally kicked Howl, jumped on Raven’s head, and went ran into Fangs, and then he did spinjitzu.
    Clark: I did it! Wait I did it?
    Jay: How did you do that!?
    Sonny: Everything he does is by accident. Sooo I used that.
    Raven: Fangs! There is to many! We need to retreat and come back later!
    Fangs: Fine. RETREAT! This is not over Ghostly!
    Suddenly smoke appeared. Everyone coughed, Even zane. And when it cleared everyone was gone.
    Cole: Who was that?
    Marina: One of Ghostly’s friends from her old school, Grievlys school for Monsters.
    Ghostly looks down and walked back inside. Lloyds watches her.
    Marina: They will come back.
    Marina looked at the others.

    To be continued…….

  • Zanelover September 12, 2014, 11:52 PM

    Season 1 episode 1: The dancing ninja.

    It started in the bounty.
    Kai: *Whispering* Hey guys why is Cole so quiet in the room?
    Jay: *Whispering* I don’t know, ever since he got a letter in the mail he hasn’t come out of the room.
    DiDi: Lets go check on him.
    They walked up to the boys room. Cole wasn’t there.
    Kai: Huh?
    Suddenly they hear faint whimpering in the closet. They open the door and find Cole.
    Cole: No comment.
    GiGi: Spill it!
    Cole shows them a letter.
    Kai: *Reading the letter* Dear Cole, me and some of the others siblings decided to come visit you! So make room. We’ll be here tomorrow! Wait what?! Your brother and sister are coming?
    Cole: Actually 15 sisters 14 brothers.
    Everyone stared at him.
    Kai: Is that even possible?
    Cole: Most are adopted. I’m the only one in my family without a career in music or dancing Etc. MY LIFE IS RUINED NOW LEAVE ME ALONE UNTIL THEY COME AND GO! *Cole slams the closet door shut*
    DiDi: Well how do we get him out of there? KiKi I know that smile.
    KiKi: I know how!
    She grabbed a bucket of water and opened the door fast. Then she poured in on him.
    Cole ran out the closet.
    All the others were laughing there heads off.
    That night……..
    Cole: Oh man oh man. My life is over tomorrow!
    Nya: They can’t be that bad.
    Zane: I sense he is overreacting.
    Cole: AM NOT! They just always try to make me sing and everything ugh it drives me crazy and then Claire treats me like a puppy, Rawkfist keeps punching me in the arm, Haley, Naomi, and Bridgette always prank me. Mary Kate and Ashley bang me in the head with there tambourines like i said my life is over.
    Cole lied awake but finally fell asleep.
    Cole: *Yawn* Man long night last night.
    He walked downstairs still in his Pjs along with the other ninja. He sat at the table
    Kai: Finally I thought we were gonna have to give Lloyd your waffles. Zane cooked by the way.
    Cole: Oh good! *Yawn* Mmm so good.
    Then they heard a knock on the door. Cole’s eyes widened.
    Cole: Oh no. There here! Oh man oh man! HIDE ME!
    Kai: Oh no you don’t! They came here to see you! And they are gonna see you. *Kai drags Cole by the ear to the door*
    Cole: OW OW OW!
    Kai opened the door and saw quite a few people.
    Girl in pink jacket: COLIO!
    She grabbed him and hugged him. She dropped her bag on one of the boys feet.
    Cole: Hey Claire hey Ryan.
    Claire: Hi!
    Other kids outside the door: COLE!!!
    Cole: Uh oh.
    Cole was ran over with hugs from his siblings.
    Cole: Rawkfist……can’t…….breathe………
    Rawkfist: Whoops sorry bro.
    They all got up and looked around.
    Cole: Guys, meet Halye, Scott, Naomi, Claire, Ryan, Jerry, Rawkfist, Adam, Bridgette……TRUIT?! CHINA?! MATTHEW?! YOU CAME?!
    China: Uhh duh.
    He hugged all three.
    Truit was a little boy about Lloyds age, Matthew was about three. China was about two years younger then cole. *She is 20*
    Truit: Heya!
    They all walked in and scattered everywhere. China, Truit, and Matthew stayed by cole. Truit saw DiDi.
    Truit: Hey Cole is that your girl friend? She’s hot.
    Cole: TRUIT! Umm, hehe.
    DiDi: At least he has good taste! *Whisper* That kid is just like Cole!
    Truit: Whatever you just don’t wanna admit it………Pretty boy.
    Cole stared at truit. Truit just grinned.
    Cole: This is going to be a long week..

    To be continued……………..

  • Zanelover September 13, 2014, 6:24 PM

    Episode 2: Attack of the siblings.

    Girl: WAKE IT UP!
    Cole: *Yawn* AHHHHHH!!
    He saw Haley, Naomi, Bridgette, and Scott standing by his bed.
    Haley: NO We can’t find Adam! We looked everywhere! And no he didn’t get stuck in the fridge!
    Cole: *Jumped out of bed instantly* Whoa wait. ADAM IS MISSING?! OH MY GOSH! Come on guys i’ll go tell the others. *They all ran downstairs and saw everyone looking around* I guess they done told you.
    DiDi: FinallY! DUDE YOUR BROTHER HAS GONE MISSING! Man you sleep like a rock!
    Cole: Anyways! ADAM?! ADAM?!?!?! WHERE ARE YOU ADAM?!
    Claire: *Walks down in her robe* Whats with all the yelling I need my beauty sleep.
    Cole: Claire! Adam is missing! M I S S I N G! MISSING!
    Claire: What? Thats crazy right Ryan. *She turns* Ryan? Ryan?! RYAN!
    Ok if this is a joke its not funny! Where is my Ryan!!
    Jay: Another one?!
    Suddenly they hear screaming.
    China: *Runs down stairs really fast* COLE! THEY TOOK HIM! THEY TOOK TRUIT!!! AND MATTHEW!!! *She grabbed Cole and hugged him now crying.
    Cole: Who did?!
    China: I don’t know! I woke up and some snake had both of them and just disappeared! *China crying on Cole*
    Cole: *Very angry* Lord Garmadon! China and the others stay here!
    The ninja ran to the control room and looked on the screen for signs of serpentine.
    Cole and the other ninja (DiDi GiGi KiKi Zane Lloyd Kai and Jay) Claire?
    Claire: S s s s s SNAKES! T th th th they t t t t took China and Haley! And Jerry and Mary-Kate!
    Cole: *Growling on the inside and very angry* LETS GO GUYS! THEY HAVE MESSED WITH THE WRONG NINJA!
    The ninja headed to the underworld. When they got there they looked around.
    Jay: looks like no one is home!
    Cole: Wait. Its quiet. To quiet.
    He looked around and saw Lord Garmadon beside multiple cages.
    Lord Garmadon: Well. Your brother should come for you soon.
    Lord Garmadon: SHUSH IT!
    Truit: YOU CAN”T MAKE ME!
    Lord Garmadon took the kid out of the cage.
    Lord Garmadon: Oh really.
    He held the little boy over the lava pit.
    Cole couldn’t hold his anger in anymore.
    Cole: IF YOUR HURT ONE HAIR ON HIS HEAD YOUR GONNA REGRET IT! *He jumped in and kicked on the snakes and skeletons down at once.
    Lord Garmadon smirked.
    Lord Garmadon: Deal with him.
    ???: Yes sir.
    The masked person jumped on Cole.
    Cole: WHO ARE YOU!?
    ???: Wouldn’t you like to know.
    DiDi: COLE!
    The others were to busy fighting the snakes and skeletons to help him. Cole rolled over on top of the masked girl.
    ???: Your strong. But not strong enough!
    She jumped on him and flipped over and kicked him she punched him in the gut and pushed him into the wall.
    Cole: *Gasping for air* Those….Moves…. Only one person…..Can…..Do them that well……………
    The masked girl smirked.
    Cole: Vanessa?
    She took off her hood and punched him one last time. He fell and saw his friends put in cages and then passed out.

    Who is vanessa? How does Cole know her? Will they escape? Find out.
    To be continued…………….

  • Zanelover September 13, 2014, 7:17 PM


    Recap: Some of Cole’s brothers and sisters came to visit and now the ninja and some of Cole’s brothers and sisters are trapped by Lord Garmadon and Cole seems to know a mysterious girl working for Lord Garmadon.

    Episode 3: A “Band” of Siblings
    Cole wakes up slowly
    Cole: Huh….What? Huh? Where am i?
    DiDi: Umm Tied to me.
    KiKi: And Kai is tied to me
    GiGi: And Zane is tied to me.
    Cole: Wait China? China?!
    China: I’m here Cole i’m tied to Truit and Matthew but we’re fine.
    Jerry: Here! tied to Ryan.
    Haley and Adam: We’re here!
    Mare-Kate: And i’m all alone. as usual.
    Lord Garmadon: Well. Cole is still to weak to fight again. Isn’t that right.
    ???: Yes sir. Especially when I put this in him. *The girl hands Lord Garmadon a vial of poison.* He could have been dead if you hadn’t stopped me sir.
    Cole looked over at the girl. She took off her hood showing her purple hair with a black bow in the top.
    Cole Vanessa?
    Vanessa: Hey Cole.
    Vanessa: I’m one of Cole’s sisters.
    Cole: There is more then 24. I didn’t want to tell you about Vanessa.
    Vanessa: Remember Lord Garmadon. When you are finished I get Cole.
    Lord Garmadon: Of course.
    Kai: *Whispering* Psst zane, get your falcon to go show Lloyd and sensei where we are at.
    Zane nods.
    Tiger: DiDi. Why didn’t you ask me to chew up these ropes anyway.
    DiDI: TIGER?! Oops i mean *Whisper yelling* Tiger?! Of course you need to.
    Tiger: Ok. *He chews the ropes and cuts DiDi and Cole free.
    DiDi: Cole you should sit this one out.
    Cole: But DiDi. Ahh!
    DiDi: Are you ok?
    Cole: Its the poison i’m fine.
    He sat agains’t the wall.
    DiDi cut down the other ninja.
    DiDi: I’ll get you other guys later.
    Lord Garmadon: ATTACK!
    All the snakes and skeletons attack.

    Back at the bounty….
    Sensei: Let us go!
    Bridgette: *Listening in* Hear that? Lets follow them. He is our brother. We have a right to help. Everyone nodded.

    Back with the ninja….
    Zane: Its sensei and Lloyd!
    Vanessa jumped to the wall where Cole was sitting.
    Vanessa: I was going to wait. But now I might as well.
    She pulled out a blade and was about to put it in Cole. He was still to weak to fight.
    Bridgette: HOLD IT! NO ONE TOUCHES MY BROTHER AND GETS AWAY WITH IT! *She cuts down the other brothers and sisters and hands them there instruments* Remember. *She winked* Suddenly the others ran in and started hitting the snakes and skeletons with there instruments.
    Mary-Kate and Ashley banged two skeleton in the head with there tambourines.
    Haley smashed multiple snakes in the gut with her guitar.
    Bridgette tied two microphones to each other and started banging the bad guys in the head with them.
    Rawkfist grabbed his guitar and started punching them in the stomach with it!
    Jerry and Bridgette tied up some of the snakes with the microphones.
    Scott grabbed his drumsticks and slapped the snakes with them and then jumped on there tails.
    China turned and saw Vanessa and Cole
    China: Vanessa.
    Vanessa: Oh goody two shoes China!
    China jumped at her.
    China: No one hurts Cole. No one.
    They started to fight. Truit and Matthew saw them and grabbed Cole’s hand and pulled him away.
    China jumped on her. Vanessa rolled over and pinned China to the ground.
    Vanessa: You must be stupid to mess with Vanessa.
    She grabbed her blade and lifted it up. Cole (Still weak) Turned his head and saw her.
    Cole: CHINA!!
    Vanessa sliced China in the gut with her blade.
    China: *Gasping for breath* If I go down i go down fighting TRUIT! MATTHEW! PLAN GUITAR!
    Truit grabbed his guitar and danced to china then he threw it to matthew who was closer to China. Matthew caught it and flipped it to China. She grabbed it and punched Vanessa
    China: Thats for calling me stupid.
    She punched her so hard she flew out the building!
    Lord Garmadon and Pythor: RETREAT!
    All the evil ones ran out. Cole ran to China.
    Cole: China. Why did you jump at her?
    China: I couldn’t let her hurt you. Its fine.
    She smiled. Cole had tears in his eyes.
    Cole: China.
    She dropped her guitar and fell in his arms.
    Cole: CHINA!
    He picked her up and ran to the Bounty. He ran through the door with everyone else and put on the bed in the infirmary.
    Cole: China. Don’t leave me. Please.
    He hugged her.
    DiDi: Cole. She will be fine you should go.
    He walked out the door. He looked back at her.
    and looked down.

    Will she make it? To be continued…………

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    Is anyone on? I have been reading OLD OLD COMMENTS AND THERE SOOOOOO COOL! but they were wrote in 2012 and its 2013 soooooooo there gone. );

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    Most Ninjago fans migrated to more recent posts. Check out the Ninjago section. 😉

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