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Advanced Guides for LEGO Fans

Find reviews, comparisons, building techniques, and resources related to the LEGO hobby. Would you like to include a review or guide? Submit here! 🙂

LEGO Powered Up App Code Block Guides

LEGO Powered Up App Code Block Guides thumbnail

LEGO replaced the previous LEGO Power Functions system with the LEGO Powered Up system to control LEGO sets with electronic components. One of the major features of the new system is that it is controlled by an app (although for basic functions a traditional remote is also available). As the system is still fairly new, […] Read more


LEGO Inspirations for Thanksgiving

LEGO Inspirations for Thanksgiving thumbnail

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope you have a wonderful time with friends, family, or just some peaceful downtime for yourself. If you plan to include LEGO activities in your day, how about building something related to Thanksgiving? To give you some ideas, you can take inspiration from official LEGO Thanksgiving sets. Let’s take a look. There are […] Read more


Tips for reversing the Direction of LEGO Studs

Tips for reversing the Direction of LEGO Studs thumbnail

(Written by Geneva – gid617) Have you ever wished that you had a LEGO brick with studs on both sides? Or a brick with anti-studs on both sides? That happens to me a lot, and I thought I’d share with you some of the techniques I use most frequently to connect studs to studs or […] Read more


Identify LEGO Parts with PIQABRICK

Identify LEGO Parts with PIQABRICK thumbnail

There is an interesting LEGO-related product on Kickstarter right now that I thought our readers might be interested in. PIQABRICK was made for LEGO fans, especially those with large LEGO collections and those who regularly buy/sell at LEGO marketplaces like BrickLink.com and BrickOwl.com. PIQABRICK basically allows you to quickly identify LEGO pieces by placing them […] Read more


LEGO Creativity Notebook Sets – Great Gifts!

LEGO Creativity Notebook Sets – Great Gifts! thumbnail

There are some really interesting officially licensed LEGO bundles on Amazon right now that I haven’t seen sold anywhere else yet. The LEGO Creativity Notebook Sets include a premium, LEGO-themed notebook, a LEGO-themed gel pen, and a polybag with a small LEGO set. Three of the polybags are collectible Star Wars sets, which makes these […] Read more


Exploring LEGO Roller Coaster Elements

Exploring LEGO Roller Coaster Elements thumbnail

(Written by Geneva – gid617) If you read my previous articles you know that I have been working on a series of LEGO amusement park mash-up projects by combining sets from different themes (see links at the end of this post). So far, we discussed mixing sets from LEGO Friends and LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Creator […] Read more


Custom LEGO Models & More at Rebrickable

Custom LEGO Models & More at Rebrickable thumbnail

If you track your LEGO collection on Brickset, you are likely already aware that Brickset.com is integrated with another extremely useful LEGO fan website, Rebrickable.com. Rebrickable allows you to check what other official LEGO sets, alternate models, and fan-submitted creations you could build from your current collection. We talked about how to set up an […] Read more


Working LEGO Vending Machines & More!

Working LEGO Vending Machines & More! thumbnail

I recently came across the YouTube channel of LEGOParadise, run by a LEGO fan from the UK named Liam. He has been building some excellent minifig-scale working LEGO vending machines, arcade games, and other interactive machines. Not only that, but he also shares instructions for most of his projects, so you can follow along and […] Read more


LEGO Train Layout & Landscape Standards

LEGO Train Layout & Landscape Standards thumbnail

LEGO train sets usually come with enough track pieces to make a simple loop, and may also include a small station for passengers and cargo. Other than these basic features offered by official LEGO train sets, LEGO fans are on their own when it comes to building train layouts. This is, of course, not a […] Read more


BuWizz remote control for LEGO models

Back in December of last year, I was contacted by Jim from BuWizz.com, and he shared a video about their awesome LEGO brick contraption called the Beer Bot with extension crane, mechanical claw, and bottle opener (see video below). The robot is operated by the LEGO-compatible BuWizz brick, which is a compact, high-performance remote control […] Read more