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LEGO Exclusives

Here you will find news, reviews, and discussions on exclusive and complex LEGO sets geared towards adult LEGO builders and collectors! 🙂

Brick Breakdown: LEGO Ideas Table Football

Brick Breakdown: LEGO Ideas Table Football thumbnail

(Written by William) It’s hard to imagine a single LEGO set that combines arcade nostalgia, football, and LEGO fans’ love of minifigures, but the #21337 LEGO Ideas Table Football manages to cover it all. Firstly, the 22 minifigures come in 4 different skin colors and with 44 different head options (female and male choices for […] Read more


2022 LEGO Bricktober Adventure Ride Collection

2022 LEGO Bricktober Adventure Ride Collection thumbnail

Although Toys’R’Us stores closed in the US, the UK, and Australia several years ago, operations in Canada, parts of Europe, Africa, and Asia continued. For LEGO fans one of the highlights of the year was the Bricktober sets, exclusively offered at Toys’R’Us stores. Bricktober sets were always considered unique collectibles, and now that they are […] Read more


Huge LEGO Eiffel Tower Coming Soon!

The LEGO Group has today revealed its tallest build yet – the breathtaking new #10307 LEGO Eiffel Tower set. One of the world’s most recognizable landmarks, the new LEGO set will immediately transport you to the heart of Paris. Embodying the famous landmark’s height and standout architecture, this towering LEGO set reaches a magnificent 149cm […] Read more


Brick Breakdown: LEGO BrickLink Set – Aquarium

Brick Breakdown: LEGO BrickLink Set – Aquarium thumbnail

(Written by William) In the past few months, we have been discussing several of the LEGO Ideas projects that were released via the BrickLink Designed Program. So far, we reviewed the #910016 LEGO Sheriff’s Safe designed by Il Buono (see: Brick Breakdown: LEGO BrickLink Set – Sheriff’s Safe), the #910028 LEGO Pursuit of Flight by […] Read more


2023 LEGO Chinese New Year Sets Coming!

2023 LEGO Chinese New Year Sets Coming! thumbnail

The LEGO Chinese New Year sets have been a big hit in the past few years, and it looks like next year is going to be no exception. LEGO recently added images and descriptions of all the upcoming sets celebrating the tradition. These sets are always full of interesting elements, beautiful colors, and exclusive minifigures. […] Read more


LEGO Holiday Main Street Video-Review & Ideas!

LEGO Holiday Main Street Video-Review & Ideas! thumbnail

The #10308 LEGO Holiday Main Street set, the latest in the LEGO Winter Village series, has been received by the LEGO fan community with great enthusiasm. The two buildings with shops and apartments provide templates for other structures for a larger layout, and the trolley car is adorable and ready for added LEGO Power Functions. […] Read more


LEGO Ideas Table Football Coming!

Today, the LEGO Group has revealed the ultimate global celebration of play with the launch of the new #21337 LEGO Ideas Table Football set. From the highs and lows of the goals to the cheers echoing throughout the stadium, football lovers can now build and play their favorite game with this exciting new fan-designed LEGO […] Read more


Brick Breakdown: LEGO Ideas The Globe

(Written by William) When the #21332 LEGO Ideas The Globe set was announced, I was rather excited. It seemed like a difficult object to build and having a chance to experience how LEGO designers tackled the challenge seemed fascinating. Then I saw the price and had to slow my excitement. Considering the set costs more […] Read more


LEGO Winter Village Holiday Main Street Coming!

Continue your LEGO Winter Village story with the new #10308 LEGO Holiday Main Street set! The 2022 LEGO Winter Village set comes with a festive downtown trolley and dappled with LEGO snow, making it the perfect gift for the family this Christmas. Details below. Gather the family together and fill the room with holiday spirit […] Read more


Brick Breakdown: LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime

Brick Breakdown: LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime thumbnail

(Written by William) The #10302 LEGO Transformers Optimus Prime was one of the top sets I wanted to review in 2022. As a child, I had the Optimus Prime Transformer. I recall the heavy chromed elements as well as his iconic red and blue design. Plus, hearing that the LEGO model transformed without needing to […] Read more