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LEGO Star Wars

Double VIP Points on select LEGO Star Wars

Just wanted to bring to your attention that although the Star Wars Day specials that ran at the beginning of the month are over, there are a couple of LEGO Star Wars sets still offered with Double VIP Points. The two sets are the #75242 LEGO Star Wars Black Ace TIE Interceptor, and the #75259 […] Read more


LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV designer-video

At first glance, the newly released #75244 LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV looks similar to the #10198 LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV released back in 2009. However, the new design includes quite a few updates and upgrades that you may not notice until you check it out in detail. In the video below, LEGO’s own […] Read more


LEGO Star Wars BOOST coming soon & more!

Happy Star Wars Day! This morning, LEGO made a very interesting announcement about combining LEGO Star Wars and LEGO BOOST to make Star Wars-themed LEGO robots and take the Force to the next level. The new #75253 LEGO Star Wars BOOST Droid Commander set lets fans build, code, and play with three iconic Star Wars […] Read more


LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV coming soon!

Yesterday, LEGO revealed the #75244 LEGO Star Wars Tantive IV, which will be available just in time for Star Wars Day (May the 4th). Notice that although the set is fairly large, it is not designated as an Ultimate Collector Series set, or a LEGO Star Wars Master Builder Series set (you can read more […] Read more


Celebrating 20 years of LEGO Star Wars

Twenty years ago, in a galaxy far, far away, the LEGO Star Wars collaboration entered the lives of millions of children and fans around the world. Today, the LEGO Group is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the much-loved range that continues to unite fans of all ages and has inspired some of the greatest battles […] Read more


LEGO Star Wars Anniversary sets & more

I know many of you are curious about the new LEGO Star Wars sets, so I thought to have an overview of them all in one place, so we can easily discuss them. There are three new LEGO Star Wars Action Battle sets, three LEGO Star Wars regular sets, and five LEGO Star Wars 20th […] Read more


2019 LEGO Star Wars sets overview

The 2019 LEGO Star Wars sets released so far are all small to medium size sets, and as such, they didn’t get as much attention. However, this is actually good for LEGO Star Wars fans with a smaller budget and collectors who might feel burned out by all the large and expensive sets. In fact, […] Read more


Brick Breakdown: LEGO Star Wars BB-8

(Written by William) I have always been interested in the large LEGO brick-built sculptures, so I was very excited when I got the opportunity to review the #75187 LEGO Star Wars BB-8 set. Even amongst LEGO sculptures, BB-8 is unique due to its spherical shape. LEGO sets shaped like balls are not very common, and […] Read more


Watch LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars episodes!

As we discussed a couple of months ago (see: LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars TV Show Series!), Lucasfilm and Disney released a new television show for LEGO Star Wars fans. The LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars animated adventure series comprises of eight shorts and four half-hour episodes, featuring LEGO versions of the latest heroes and villains of […] Read more


Double VIP Points & Black VIP Card offer

If you are a LEGO Star Wars fan, you may remember that when the #75192 LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon first became available back in 2017, LEGO offered a special Black VIP Card for those who purchased the set before the end of the year. The card wasn’t just cool looking, but it also […] Read more