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Here you can find the products of highly talented LEGO customizers with a smaller, but still amazing inventory! 🙂

Custom LEGO printing new products & updates

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Several of my favorite LEGO customizers who specialize in custom printing on official LEGO elements have some really sweet new custom printed parts and accessories. So, I thought to write up an update and show you what they got. 🙂 ➡ CUSTOM LEGO PRINTS BY ECLIPSEGRAFX: LEGO customizer EclipseGRAFX continues their line of custom printed […]

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Custom LEGO prints by Brick Builders Pro

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When we discussed The LEGO Neighborhood Book by Brian and Jason Lyles, I mentioned that there are a couple of websites that offer high-quality instructions for custom LEGO Modular Buildings. The authors themselves run, and is another great resource. Besides custom LEGO instructions, Brick Builders Pro also started offering custom stickers and printed […]

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LEGO presidential candidates & more!

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2016 is a big year for the United States, as voters will select their 45th president. While LEGO would not release political or religious themed sets and minifigures, this does not stop LEGO fans from recreating historical events and personalities in LEGO form. You can replicate most people by using currently available minifigure parts. Well-selected […]

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LEGO customizer Phoenix Customs review

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Just a few years ago there were only a couple of LEGO customizers who were able to offer custom minifigures with professional quality pad-printing. While their designs may have been beautiful, smaller customizers had to resort to either stickers or waterslide decals. However with the advancement and wider availability of printing options, now smaller LEGO […]

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Custom LEGO weapons by Brick Warfare

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If you like to equip your LEGO minifigs with realistic modern weapons you will be quite disappointed with LEGO’s own selection; a couple of generic shotguns and handguns are your only choices. This is understandable as LEGO is opposed to realistic violence. 😉  However if you want more, fortunately there are other options; several LEGO customizers […]

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LEGO customs by Breakthrough Army

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There is a Hong Kong based LEGO customizer I have been watching for a while named Breakthrough Army. They came on the LEGO customization scene early 2012 and have released some very impressive custom LEGO minifigure accessories. Check them out! 🙂 The reason I have been hesitant to introduce Breakthrough Army to our readers is because the prices […]

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Little Armory – Overview

WEBSITE: Little Armory LOCATION: USA STORE: Little Armory Store GALLERY: Brickshelf PRICE: very affordable! SHIPPING: varied by order size but very affordable SHIPPING TIME: 5-7 days Little Armory’s LEGO-compatible accessories are the creations of Jeff Byrd (aka. BLASTERMAN) – a legendary customizer. Jeff’s product-line ranges from medieval weapons and armor-pieces to sci-fi and Star Wars […]

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Amazing Armory – Overview

WEBSITE: Amazing Armory (coming soon) LOCATION: Hong Kong ACCESSORIES AVAILABLE VIA: United Armory, FireStar Toys GALLERY: flickr PRICE: expensive but amazing! SHIPPING: check the websites of the above listed USA or UK reseller. If you want to equip your LEGO minifigs with the most unique custom accessories, you would have to check out Hazel Tam’s […]

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Custom-Crazy – Overview

WEBSITE: Custom-Crazy LOCATION: Malaysia STORE: Custom-Crazy eShop GALLERY: flickr PRICE: reasonable SHIPPING: incremental, very reasoneable SHIPPING TIME TO USA: 8-10 days Custom-Crazy opened its doors just this January, and it already has some really promising LEGO-compatible accessories! I received my first order yesterday! Yay! Here is a little review on what I have gotten: First, […]

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