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LEGO Customizers

EclipseGRAFX new custom printed LEGO parts

At the recent BrickFair, Alabama LEGO convention and expo, LEGO customizer EclipseGRAFX unveiled some new custom printed LEGO pieces that are now also available at their online shop. And, they restocked some old favorites as well. So, I thought this was a good time to write up a little update on what they have. As […] Read more


Update on i-Brix wireless lighting for LEGO

If you participated in helping to fund i-Brix, the revolutionary wireless lighting system for LEGO bricks via KickStarter (see: i-Brix LEGO Lights Without Wires are Back!), or you have been just curious about the project, there are some exciting updates for you. While the first KickStarter campaign for i-Brix did not meet its funding goal, […] Read more


BrickWarriors more LEGO musical instruments

Some time back we talked about various musical instruments available for minifigures both directly from LEGO and LEGO customizers (see: LEGO Guitars & Other Musical Instruments). Since then, LEGO customizer BrickWarriors added a couple of new instruments that I really like and wanted to share with you. :) In the little medieval scene pictured above, […] Read more


LEGO movie posters & stained glass windows

LEGO movie posters & stained glass windows thumbnail

One of my favorite LEGO customizers, EclipseGRAFX, recently released some really nice printed designs on standard LEGO 4×6 clear windowpanes. The LEGO Movie Poster Series includes small versions of LEGO movie posters for popular films, and the LEGO Stained Glass Series features beautiful stained glass windowpanes. I ordered a few of them, and I thought […] Read more


i-Brix LEGO lights without wires are back!

i-Brix LEGO lights without wires are back! thumbnail

You might remember i-Brix from a couple of years ago (see: i-Brix – LEGO Lights Without Batteries & Wires). Many LEGO fans supported the project at that time and really wanted it to succeed, but the fundraising goal to launch the product was just too high, and there were also some kinks to work out […] Read more


Light, sound, action! Introducing PFx Brick

Light, sound, action! Introducing PFx Brick thumbnail

LEGO fans Jason Allemann (jkbrickworks.com) and Michael Gale (brickdimensions.com) have been developing a new, LEGO-compatible light/sound/motor controller called PFx Brick. We have featured many of Jason’s amazing LEGO creations previously (see links at the end of this post), so you know that whatever he is involved in is going to be good. Jason and Gale […] Read more


BrickWarriors modern military minifig gear

BrickWarriors modern military minifig gear thumbnail

You have probably heard me saying before that BrickWarriors is one of my most favorite LEGO customizers. Pretty much all of my LEGO knights and fantasy warriors are equipped with BrickWarriors accessories. So far BrickWarriors mainly focused on ancient history and mythology, medieval history and fantasy, and sci-fi items, but very recently they also launched […] Read more


BrickWarriors hand-painted minifig accessories

BrickWarriors hand-painted minifig accessories thumbnail

I have mentioned a number of times (see links at the end of this post), that one of my favorite LEGO customizers is BrickWarriors.com. While other LEGO customizers follow the minimalist and form-fitting style of older minifigure accessories, BrickWarriors makes chunkier armors and weapons that are more in line with modern LEGO accessories, introduced with […] Read more


LEGO presidential candidates & more!

LEGO presidential candidates & more! thumbnail

2016 is a big year for the United States, as voters will select their 45th president. While LEGO would not release political or religious themed sets and minifigures, this does not stop LEGO fans from recreating historical events and personalities in LEGO form. You can replicate most people by using currently available minifigure parts. Well-selected […] Read more


LEGO & DUPLO size light-bricks by Light Stax

LEGO & DUPLO size light-bricks by Light Stax thumbnail

A couple of years ago I became aware of a product called Light Stax. They are LEGO DUPLO size bricks that light up. While we have discussed other LEGO compatible light-bricks (see links at the end of this post), the uniqueness of Light Stax is that they have a small metal connector in each stud, […] Read more