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Rules LEGO LUGBULK Program 2011

Dear LUG Members,

The LEGO LUGBULK Program is a big success and the income of the program helps the Community Team to be even more active working with the Community so we have decided to continue the program in 2011 – still as a program that can be terminated anytime – but with some adjustments based due to your appreciated feedback and even more defined rules based on our experience from the past years.

Please find in the following the Rules for the LUGBULK Program 2011 and please read them carefully so you understand the full process. The main changes compared to 2010 are:

  • Only 1 round instead of 2
  • Goal is to have finished all orders before summer vacation
  • 80 different elements instead of 2x 50 different elements
  • 1200 DKK ordering amount per person instead of 2x 500 DKK
  • Min. order amount per LUG 12.000 DKK instead of 2x 5000 DKK
  • All parts that cost more than 10 DKK can be ordered by piece and not in 50 piece steps.
  • Shipping will be directly from the warehouse incl. DHL tracking number

 Be aware of, that we due to workload need to follow these rules and need all information and responses from you in time and in the provided forms – otherwise we are unable to proceed your order.

The first step is, to send Jan Beyer (jan@LEGO.com ) an email with information (see required information below in red) where you apply for the participation in the LEGO LUGBULK Program 2011.

The required information need to be send by every LUG whether the LUG has already participated before in the program or not!

This email containing all needed information (see below in red) need to reach us before the 31st of January if you want to participate in the LUGBULK Program 2011.

Please read the rules and the process very carefully and be sure that you can accept those before you send your application. Thank you.

What are the requirements for participation?

The LEGO LUGBULK Program is only accessible for registered LUGs.  A LUG need to meet the following requirements to become a registered LUG:

  • The LUG need min. 10 members (please tell us the member figure of your LUG)
  • The LUG need to feature at least 2 public displays a year (always the events from the previous year count so please send dates and links to pictures of your 2 biggest  public events from 2010)
  • The LUG need to exist for at least 1 year (please tell us the founding date)
  • The LUG need to have an official website (please send us the link)
  • The LUG need to have at least a 1 page description of the LUG and the goals on the website (please send us the link to that page)
  • The complete filled in LEGO LUGBULK Master Data Sheet.

The LUG is responsible for securing the needed written accept from their in the LEGO LUGBULK Program participating members to submit legally basic information about them to the LEGO Company like

Full Name of members, Address of members , Email of member s, Date of birth of members (members who want to order need to be 16+), LEGO ID or LEGO Customer number of members if applicable and others.

The later provided LUGBULK Member Data Form need to be used to submit all member data.

Only the personal data of the members who accept the terms can be submitted and only these members can order. 

The data will be used only by LEGO System A/S and its affiliated entities and never issued to 3rd parties. 

What are the rules for the LEGO LUGBULK Program? 

  • Only active elements (no Q elements and no licensed elements) can be purchased (usually elements that has been in production in the last 12 – 18 months)
  • The minimum order per LUG is 12000 DKK
  • The average amount per member to purchase is max. 1200 DKK (limited due to warehouse capacity and LUG sizes)
  • There will be only 1 round in 2011 and our goal is to finish this round by approx. mid year
  • The minimum order qty. per element is 50 pcs. and increase in 50 pcs. steps (except baseplates and elements that cost more than 10DKK/piece  – there are no other exceptions!)
  • The maximum amount of different elements per order is 80 (limited due to complexity of packing the order)
  • The orders will be taken in between 15th of January and 31st of March 2011 – the order dates and other submission dates will be agreed with Jan Beyer in the order of the arrival of the applications.
  • Payment terms are 15 days after Invoice Date by international bank transfer and in DKK/EUR/USD without any costs for the LEGO Group
  • The lead time per order is set to up to 3 month
  • It is not allowed to resell the through LEGO LUGBULK bought elements – there will be a penalty for the LUG member if reselling the elements.
  • The shipping costs and possible taxes/custom clearings are not included – shipping will always happen through DHL and the goods cannot be picked up in Billund.
  • Costs for shipping are 5% of the order amount
  • Only one defined member of each LUG can place the order and will get the order shipped
  • AFOLs can only order in one LUG and not order in several LUGs even if they are member of more than one LUG.

The order need to be submitted in the LEGO LUGBULK Order Form which will be send out later to the registered LUGs.

How is the process?

  1. The LUG submits the email with the info regarding the requirements and the complete filled in LEGO LUGBULK Master Data Sheet to Jan Beyer (jan@LEGO.com) before the 31st of January.
  2. After that the for ordering defined contact persons of the registered LUGs (LUGs that fulfill the requirements) will receive an email from Jan Beyer with the LEGO LUGBULK Order Form and the LEGO LUGBULK Member Data Form so they can submit the needed Member information and the wish list according to the in that mail set date. The contact person is responsible for the order and payment in the timeframe for this specific LUG
  3. After Jan Beyer has received the wish list (max. 100 elements) in time it will be looked through and send back to the LUG contact person with prices and information (if elements cannot be delivered and so on) and a set date (usually 10 days) when the final order list need to be back.
  4. The contact person must then get the final order list down to the allowed max. 80 elements and adjust the order amount so it fits to the max order amount of the LUG (member figure multiplied by registered members – min. 12.000 DKK) and send it back to Jan Beyer in time.
  5. Jan Beyer submits the order to the warehouse and gets a final status of the order. First after final status from the warehouse the order is done and agreed and the 3 month lead time start.
  6. When the order is ready it gets shipped with DHL to the shipping address according to the LEGO LUGBULK Master Data Sheet and the receiver gets a message about the status of the order.
  7. Jan Beyer is sending the invoice separate to the billing address according to the LEGO LUGBULK Master Data Sheet.

Please notice that if you not are in time with your order or any other needed information according to the dates agreed by email with you, your order cannot be fulfilled and will be canceled.

Jan Beyer