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LEGO Modification & Customization

Removing minifigs from key-chains!

LEGO has been regularly releasing cool key-chains for LEGO-fans. They usually have a LEGO brick or a LEGO minifigure hanging from the chain as a charm. The key-chains are of great quality and they are perfect to hang your keys. The minifigs hanging from the key-chains are regular minifigures, with the addition of a metal […] Read more


Glued magnet minifig removal!

LEGO magnet-sets have been a wonderful way to acquire minifigs without having to buy a whole expensive set. Unfortunately the good times are over. From 2011 all magnet sets are being glued! :( The minifig’s legs are glued to the magnet base. In addition, the torso/legs assembly is glued to the torso. The minifig’s heads […] Read more