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LEGO Art Mosaics Alternate Building Instructions

The LEGO Art collection was introduced back in 2020 with four sets; the #31197 LEGO Art Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe mosaic, the #31198 LEGO Art The Beatles mosaic, the #31199 LEGO Art Marvel Studios Iron Man mosaic, and the #31200 LEGO Art Star Wars The Sith mosaic. In 2021, an additional four sets were added […] Read more


Creating Angled Designs with LEGO Bricks

Creating Angled Designs with LEGO Bricks thumbnail

(Written by William) LEGO elements, especially bricks and plates, are often viewed as being incredibly square. They create great straight lines, but when it comes to angles, you often need to hunt down a specialized facet brick or wedge plate for the job. Well, what if I told you there are ways to angle your […] Read more