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New action accessories in LEGO City sets

While LEGO City Fire and LEGO City Police sets are usually not the most interesting, the 2019 LEGO City sets include several new action accessories that makes them stand out. There is a new, battery-operated light and sound brick, a water pump, a multi-shot water cannon, and an ejecting parachute. Today, we will take a […] Read more


LEGO City Arctic sets review – Part Three

(Written by Geneva – gid617) In the last part of my review of the LEGO City Arctic sets (see LEGO City Arctic Sets Review – Part Two) I mentioned that the explorers needed somewhere where they could take a break from their exploration and get a bite to eat, a nap, maybe a game of […] Read more


LEGO City Arctic sets review – Part One

(Written by Geneva – gid617) One of the perennial LEGO themes is LEGO City, a theme that has given us countless fire stations and police cars. However, especially in recent years, LEGO has gone the extra mile introducing fun subthemes into the LEGO City lineup.  This year, LEGO civilization reached farther than ever… all the […] Read more


LEGO City Arctic mini-movies & more!

We already talked about the recently released LEGO City Arctic sets (see: 2018 LEGO City Arctic Sets Review & Thoughts), however, I thought to share with you this fun series of videos I found on LEGO’s YouTube channel that covers the back-story of the sets. It’s a little weird talking about Arctic sets in the […] Read more


LEGO City trains with new Power Functions

There are two new LEGO trains for 2018; the #60197 LEGO City Passenger Train, and the #60198 LEGO City Cargo Train. While the trains are already available in Europe and the UK, they won’t be released until August in North America. LEGO has been releasing new cargo and passenger trains every few years, and the […] Read more


LEGO City Hospital review & thoughts

The LEGO City line got a new set this month that is definitely worth talking about all by itself. The #60204 LEGO City Hospital is the largest LEGO City medical facility to date, although we shouldn’t forget about the #41318 LEGO Friends Heartlake Hospital that was released last year. In fact, the two hospitals are about the […] Read more


2018 LEGO Arctic collection review & thoughts

Some of the most interesting sets that became available this month are from the arctic sub-theme of LEGO City. Although it’s a little strange that LEGO chose to release this collection at the beginning of summer, the sets are definitely worth checking out. So, let’s take a closer look at the new LEGO City Arctic […] Read more


LEGO City People Pack – Outdoor Adventures

A fun and very useful new set that was released at the beginning of the month is the #60202 LEGO City People Pack – Outdoor Adventures. This is the third such pack LEGO released so far, after the #60134 LEGO City People Pack – Fun in the Park, and the #60153 LEGO City People Pack […] Read more


2018 LEGO City Mountain Police review

We have discussed the LEGO City Mining sets already (see: 2018 LEGO City Mining Sets Review & Thoughts), but we haven’t talked about the other 2018 LEGO City sub-theme; the LEGO City Mountain Police. LEGO City Police sets have been a staple of the LEGO City line, as playing cops and robbers is a popular […] Read more


2018 LEGO City Mining sets review & thoughts

2018 LEGO City Mining sets review & thoughts thumbnail

Back in 2012, one of the LEGO City sub-themes focused on mining, more specifically, mining for gold. The series included some pretty substantial vehicles, like the #4200 LEGO City Mining 4×4, the #4201 LEGO City Loader and Tipper, the #4202 LEGO City Mining Truck, and the #4203 LEGO City Excavator Transporter. But, the jewel of […] Read more