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LEGO custom GOW armor comparison

With LEGO customizers spoiling us with lots of options, there is an increasing need for comparisons. If you are after a particular look for your custom LEGO minifig, comparisons can help you decide which custom LEGO item to buy. Of course, best is if we can get them all, but it may not be always possible. 😐

Here I will show you a comparison photo of three different versions of a Gears of War armor from three different customizers. Gears of War (GOW) is a popular military science-fiction video game. The characters wear heavy (and really cool-looking) armor, perfect for LEGO customization. (You can read more about GOW, its story-line and characters here: Gears of War)

GOW armors are great for re-creating characters from the video game, but they also offer LEGO-fans choices for other futuristic and fantasy settings.

Three LEGO customizers tackled the task (so far) to re-create the iconic GOW armors; Amazing Armory, BrickWarriors and Sidan Toys. Here is the comparison-picture. (All photos by Geoshift)

Amazing Armory’s GOW armor is the bulkiest of the three (on the left). If you are after a delicious chunkiness this would be the best choice. Amazing Armory’s custom LEGO items are hand-made, so they are not as precise as computer-designed elements, but they are truly awesome. (Read more about Amazing Armory here: Amazing Armory – Overview)

The GOW armor in the middle is from a new customizer, BrickWarriors. This is my personal favorite. The design has a nice balance between the clean lines of LEGO and the bulkiness of the original GOW armor. This armor-piece is computer-designed, so all the lines are clean and crisp. (Read more about BrickWarriors here: BrickWarriors – Overview)

The third GOW armor (on the right) is by Sidan Toys. Amongst the three armors reviewed, this is the least bulky. Although this armor is smaller than the other ones, you can get a matching –  and really nicely fitting – belt with a gun-holster to give a finished look to your LEGO warrior. (You can read more about Sidan Toys here: Sidan Toys – Overview)

Although all three GOW armors come in nice colors, if you are a brave LEGO minifig customizer you might consider painting them to add some finishing details. (Just like you see Geoshift doing at the above photos.)

Hope this review helps you in the decision-making process, and if you would like, share your own custom LEGO minifig GOW squad photos in the Comments section below! 😉

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  • Thrash October 3, 2011, 7:12 PM

    Thanks for doing a comparison of all these!

    • admin October 3, 2011, 9:21 PM

      You are welcome, Thrash! 😉

  • Giza October 3, 2011, 9:48 PM

    They all look really awesome! But what I like the most is the paintjob by Geoshift! Really well done!

  • Sith015 October 4, 2011, 8:42 AM

    My favorite is Hazel’s armor. The bulkiness is great! The only thing I don’t like about it is that the back doesn’t go all the way down to the waist. Brickwarriors is awesome too. And I like the shoulderpads on Sidan’s. And the belt. They are all very different but all great! 🙂

  • JasBrick October 4, 2011, 11:06 AM

    Interesting comparison… I have had the pleasure to use the Hazel and Sidan versions and am currently waiting for the Brickwarriors pieces to try them as well.

    The Hazel piece was significant as it was the first, and in the absence of anything else it was a GOW fans dream come true. Now however we are spoilt for choice with 2 new far more detailed versions. The detail is still inkeeping with the Lego style and therefore not out of place on a minifig. The work I had to do on the Hazel piece to get it to look like real GOW armour was massive compared to the minor tweaking involved with the Sidan (and I assume the same with the Brickwarriors) pieces.

    One thing that goes in the favour of the Sidan armour is that it has the belt (which you can also add to the Brickwarriors version) that really helps to give the minifig a more realistic feel. What somebody really needs to do is come up with a decent method of emulating leg armour as this is a feature of COG armour that as yet has not been done.

    I am personally looking forward to using the Brickwarriors COG helmet in conjunction with the armour as I think it will be very cool to have a number of COG soldiers mixed in with recognisable characters.

    Maybe I will come back with a more detailed response after putting the Brickwarriors pieces to the paintbrush!


    • admin October 4, 2011, 11:30 AM

      Jas, nice to have you over! 😉

      Thanks for sharing your insights! I totally agree with you; we really need some leg armor! Hazel had some really nice attempts so far, unfortunately I don’t think they are currently available. 🙁

      I’m looking forward to see what you will do with the BrickWarriors armor. Personally I really like it! And the COG helmet is amazing! One of my favorite helmet designs! 🙂

    • admin October 22, 2012, 4:58 PM

      Jas, I’m looking forward to see what you do with the BrickWarriors GOW armor! As far as LEGO armor, you know that BrickWarrior got some, right? And of course Hazel had some too, but those would be pretty much impossible to get any more. 🙁

  • Alejandro June 1, 2013, 7:56 PM

    How can I get a lego gears of war carmine

    • admin June 2, 2013, 9:34 AM

      Alejandro, the links where you can get each of the armor pieces is in the article. 😉

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