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New LEGO customs from BrickArms

LEGO custom accessories maker BrickArms just released a new batch of weapons, ready to be used by your LEGO minifigures. If you are not familiar with BrickArms; they specialize in making highly detailed, realistic modern weapons for LEGO minifigures. You can read more about BrickArms here: BrickArms – Overview.

Here are the four guns released on February 10th. Currently they are available in black only, price for each is $1. 🙂

Below are some additional photos of each of the guns just released. Also, please note that the Boonie Hat is also a BrickArms product, and comes in several colors. (Click on images for larger view.)

BrickArms M110-SASS (Semi-Automatic Sniper System): A modern sniper rifle for the modern soldier, the BrickArms M110 Sniper Rifle is ready for front-line combat Derived from the M16 rifle, the BrickArms M110 Sniper Rifle features a scope and suppressor to ensure that one shot means one silent kill!

BrickArms M16: BrickArms puts the legendary “black rifle” in your minifigures’ hands with the BrickArms M16 Rifle! Combining power and accuracy, the BrickArms M16A1 is the perfect choice for minifig soldiers in the jungles of the Far East or the desert battlefields of today!

BrickArms M16-DBR (Door Breaching Riffle): Locked doors aren’t a problem for the BrickArms Door Breaching M16! One blast the M16-DBR’s integrated pump-action shotgun will blast any door off its hinges. Perfect for close quarters battles, the combined rifle and shotgun firepower of the M16-DBR also has the same effect on your minifigures’ enemies!

BrickArms M16-AGL (Advanced Grenade Launcher): The classic M16 reborn for modern assault, the BrickArms M16 Advanced Grenade Launcher combines the accuracy of the assault-rifle with the power of a grenade-launcher in one deadly package! Equipped with a scope for added accuracy, any minifig armed with the BrickArms M16-AGL is ready to support their squad with some truly heavy-duty firepower!

And here is a great photo of the new BrickArms weapons still on the sprue (always fun to see the manufacturing process!): 

Will Chapman (owner and designer of the BrickArms weapons) says the following of these new weapons:  “I designed this entire production-mold in-house, including the part design, cavity-work, layout, water lines, ejection pin location pin-type and contouring. My molder was instrumental in helping me get it all right. I had this one wired, cut, and polished by a new US team, and they do excellent work. This endeavor is a HUGE jump from the aluminum prototype molds I have been cutting myself, and I am already hard at work on the layout for the next one.”

If you would pick up some new BrickArms equipment for your LEGO minifigures, you can purchase through a list of BrickArms authorized resellers. Check out how, at the BrickArms – Overview page. 😉

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  • Quad February 13, 2012, 11:38 PM

    Those are some nice lookin’ guns. 🙂

    • admin February 14, 2012, 2:50 PM

      Quad, yeah, BrickArms is the place to go for tiny firearms. 😀

  • Tito February 27, 2012, 9:19 PM

    These are great! I wish they would also come in camo!

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