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LEGO NINJAGO Season 3 – what will it bring?

Sadly, the second season of the LEGO Ninjago saga – NINJAGO Year of the Snake – has come to an end. If you haven’t watched the episodes yet, you can access them in the LEGO Ninjago section, or go to the season-summary: LEGO NINJAGO Rise of the Snakes – the Story…

Naturally, all LEGO Ninjago fans are now wondering if the adventures of the ninja will continue in further episodes. LEGO has done an incredible job developing all aspects of the world of Ninjago; the movies, the characters, the Spinjitzu games, the LEGO sets – gathering a worldwide fan-base, who now wants more! 😀

According to the Internet Movie Database (which is a fairly reputable website), there will be indeed a Ninjago Season 3 coming in November of this year. Below is the list of episodes listed at IMDB’s website. Please keep in mind that at this point we can’t confirm if these are indeed the upcoming Ninjago Season 3 episodes, or if it is a fluke. As we find out more, we will certainly let you know, but for now at least this gives Ninjago fans something to talk about and look forward to. 😉


NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 1 – Darkness Shall Rise: After months of peace in Ninjago, danger erupts once again when Jay’s parents, Ed and Edna, are captured by a fearsome crew of undead pirates, the Ocean Plunderers.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 2 – Pirates vs. Ninja: As the ninja begin their quest to Tenebrae Surget, they are viciously attacked by another group of pirates, the half-man, half sea-creature Wave Marauders, who are also looking for the lost island.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 3 – Double Trouble: When the Wave Marauders continue their onslaught, the Ocean Plunderers decide to mount an attack of their own. To survive, the ninja must unlock their Golden Weapons’ adapting ability.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 4 – Ninjaball Run: While the ninja are fixing up the Bounty M2 after a devastating attack, they train, share stories, and even create their own sport – Ninjaball.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 5 – Child’s Play: After laying low for a while, the ninja, secretly traversing the skies, put their ambush on the pirates into action. However, the Wave Marauders have one last trick up their sleeves.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 6 – Wong Place, Wrong Time: A fair distance ahead both pirate crews, the ninja run into one of the worst things imaginable – the mythical, all-powerful Kraken, a beast said to have sunk a thousand ships.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 7 – The Stone Army: With the first Temple Key in their hands, the ninja temporarily land on the island of Insula Lapidem, to gather supplies and have a well-earned rest. However, the island holds a dark, lethal secret.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 8 – The Day Ninjago Stood Still: After unleashing a curse upon Ninjago, turning everything and everyone in the land into stone, the Stone Army declare that they will only undo it if the ninja leave Insula Lapidem, without the second Temple Key.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 9 – The Last Voyage: Within a few miles of Tenebrae Surget, the ninja are attacked yet again by the Wave Marauders, who still possess a Temple Key. This time, the ninja must defeat them once and for all.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 10 – Island of Darkness:  As the ninja finally land on Tenebrae Surget, they realize that all is not as it should be. They soon discover that the Stone Army is present on Surget too, after occupying the island many centuries ago.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 11 – The Ticking Clock: With the Stone Army proving too strong, the ninja retreat into the woods to escape and search for the fourth and final Temple Key. However, they end up entering Surget’s toxic swamps along the way.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 12 – The Overlod Cometh: As the ninja finally reach the Eternity Temple, with both pirate crews occupied but the Stone Army hot on their tail, they find themselves facing an old enemy thought long dead.

NINJAGO SEASON 3 – EPISODE 13 – The Ultimate Spinjitzu Master: With Garmadon and the Stone Army defeated and the Fountain destroyed, Kai, Zane, Cole, Lloyd and Nya, now equipped with their new PWR Armor, hasten to help Jay in his final confrontation with the Ocean Plunderers.

The above  picture is supposedly a preliminary image of the Ninjago PWR Armor from the Russian website ClubNinjago. I can’t say for sure if this is authentic or not, but it sure looks unique! (Thanks, Зейн!) So what do you think so far? Do you think ninja vs. pirates is a good story line?  How do you like the story-development? And what do you think of the PWR Armor? How about that Stone Army? Sounds interesting? 🙄

You can share your thoughts and opinions about the third season of Ninjago in the comment section below. Again, just remember that the episodes for Season 3 are not yet confirmed. They could be exactly as described above, there could be slight changes, or it could be a completely different story, so please remember this as you discuss the future of Ninjago. Also, if you hear about updates you can post those as well. NINJA, GO!!! 🙂

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