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Advanced Guides for LEGO Fans

Working LEGO Vending Machines & More!

Working LEGO Vending Machines & More! thumbnail

I recently came across the YouTube channel of LEGOParadise, run by a LEGO fan from the UK named Liam. He has been building some excellent minifig-scale working LEGO vending machines, arcade games, and other interactive machines. Not only that, but he also shares instructions for most of his projects, so you can follow along and […] Read more


LEGO Train Layout & Landscape Standards

LEGO Train Layout & Landscape Standards thumbnail

LEGO train sets usually come with enough track pieces to make a simple loop, and may also include a small station for passengers and cargo. Other than these basic features offered by official LEGO train sets, LEGO fans are on their own when it comes to building train layouts. This is, of course, not a […] Read more


BuWizz Remote Control for LEGO Models

BuWizz Remote Control for LEGO Models thumbnail

Back in December of last year, I was contacted by Jim from BuWizz.com, and he shared a video about their awesome LEGO brick contraption called the Beer Bot with extension crane, mechanical claw, and bottle opener (see video below). The robot is operated by the LEGO-compatible BuWizz brick, which is a compact, high-performance remote control […] Read more


Stactiles – Construction Without Instruction

With the popularity of LEGO, it was inevitable that small companies will spring up to try to get in on the action. LEGO customizers who cater to LEGO fans with custom accessories and printing services have been around for a long time, but now there are also companies making many other LEGO-compatible products for the […] Read more


Custom LEGO cars with instruction videos

There are a number of ways LEGO fans can share building instructions and tutorials for their custom models. Taking pictures of the building steps is a pretty straightforward process, but it’s quite tedious. Generating building instructions with LEGO Digital Designer (or other design software) is another common method. Although instructions created this way will look […] Read more


Tips for starting your own LEGO podcast

(Written by William) With the New Year coming up soon, I know that many people are thinking about trying something new. As LEGO fans, we may plan a big building project, look into joining a local club, take up LEGO photography or brick-filming, participate in a building competition, publish a LEGO book, or try out […] Read more


Building tutorials: LEGO walls & landscapes

About a year ago, we discussed a series of advanced building techniques for constructing realistic brick walls out of LEGO elements (see: LEGO Building Technique: LEGO Brick Walls). These techniques yield amazing results, but they are also quite complex and time consuming to build as well as parts-intensive. This doesn’t have to deter you from […] Read more


Explained with LEGO Bricks – video series

The LEGO Group recently launched a new educational fun-fact series on its STEM-focused YouTube channel for kids, called LEGO Discover. The aim of the channel is to provide a world-class and inspiring STEM program for boys and girls, through LEGO bricks and play. You will find cool LEGO robot builds, videos on fun challenges that […] Read more


LEGO stress-tests & other experiments!

Using LEGO pieces to build mechanical creations is a popular hobby, as evidenced by all the crazy and impressive contraptions featured on LEGO forums, blogs, and YouTube channels. LEGO themselves runs a very interesting series on their own YouTube channel titled Beyond the Instructions, featuring all kinds of LEGO-built machines. We talked about them here […] Read more


How to Motorize the LEGO Hogwarts Express

How to Motorize the LEGO Hogwarts Express thumbnail

When we talked about the new LEGO Harry Potter sets, we mentioned that, unfortunately, the #75955 LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Express is not set up for motorization right out of the box. Some LEGO trains come with all Power Functions elements included (like the LEGO City trains we talked about previously). Some LEGO trains don’t […] Read more