LEGO Compatible Brands

Reviews of other toy-lines compatible with LEGO; ranging from large brands to small customisers fulfilling the unique cravings of LEGO-fans! 😉

Custom LEGO printing by

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Today I would like to introduce you to another LEGO customizer in our featured customizers lists. is a UK-based custom minifig shop, focusing on premium custom printed minifigures that they can ship all over the world. Recently I had the chance to check out their products personally, so I thought to share my review […]

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LEGO customizer BrickForge mega-update

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(Written by ninja5) One of our most favorite LEGO customizers is, and since we haven’t done an update on them for a while, it is time to take a look at their new items and current specials. A lot has been going on over at the Forge, so let’s take a look at what’s […]

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LASER PEGS – construction toys with lights

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While shopping for LEGO at various retailers you may have run into a brand called LASER PEGS. They are usually placed in the same isle as LEGO, or somewhere close by. You will noticed on the boxes that the elements look very similar to LEGO (same size bricks, knobs on top, etc.), but the pieces are […]

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BrickWarriors new items, discounts & more!

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BrickWarriors, who are well known for their excellent quality custom minifigure accessories has a number of new products, as well as special promotions and discounts for the holiday season. Besides just being generally awesome, BrickWarriors is a favorite LEGO customizer of mine and I highly recommend everything they make. Some of the new minifigure products […]

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Custom LEGO RiGGED system by BrickForge

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You may remember that recently we talked about a new set of accessories by BrickForge, one of the most prominent LEGO customizers (see: Custom LEGO WWII Items by BrickForge). These items are actually part of a brand new product-line introduced by BrickForge called the RiGGED system, which allows LEGO fans to design and decorate their minifigs […]

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Nanoblock – micro-size building bricks

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(Written by Ernest) Have you ever struggled with displaying or putting away your LEGO creations because they were too big and you didn’t have enough space for them? I myself have had experienced this a lot! In fact I have often thought about that it would be great if there was a way to shrink […]

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Custom LEGO WWII items by BrickForge

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LEGO customizer BrickForge has a whole new range of minifigure accessories that I thought you might like. This time the theme is WWII, with a really nice color scheme and printed items. This collection is called Wave 1, so I assume there are also going to be future releases in the theme. The WWII custom […]

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OXFORD – Korean castles & battleships

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Today I would like to show you a few very unique sets from OXFORD that got released recently. We have talked about the OXFORD brand before and you can read my full review on it here: OXFORD – Overview. But as a summary, OXFORD is a LEGO compatible brand from South Korea that has the exact same […]

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