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Other LEGO News & Updates

News and discussions related to the LEGO hobby that did not fit anywhere else. Would you like to post something? Submit here! 🙂

Potential LEGO Light Kits: LEGO Night Mode

Potential LEGO Light Kits: LEGO Night Mode thumbnail

You might remember that back in November of last year, the LEGO Lead User Lab team surveyed the LEGO fan community about their interest in three areas; lights used for LEGO models and displays, customizing with stickers and prints, and LEGO jewelry (see: LEGO Lead User Lab Community Survey). Based on the initial survey results, […] Read more


German Toy Fair – 2020 LEGO Sets Coming!

German Toy Fair – 2020 LEGO Sets Coming! thumbnail

As usual this time of the year, toy manufacturers are introducing their new products lines through the various toy fairs. The London Toy Fair took place last, the Nuremberg Toy Fair in Germany is taking place right now, and the Now York Toy Fair is coming up at the end of February. Photography is not […] Read more


LEGO Group 2019 half-year financial report

An interesting piece of news that was released last week is the LEGO Group’s 2019 half-year financial report. As LEGO is a privately owned company, they are not obliged to release their financial reports publicly, but LEGO does it anyway, and it’s always an educational and interesting read. The summary of the financial report states […] Read more


LEGO Audio & Braille Instructions coming!

Back in May, we discussed that the LEGO Foundation and the LEGO Group teamed up with associations of the blind and visually impaired to introduce a new product called LEGO Braille Bricks (see: LEGO Braille Bricks for Visually Impaired Kids). There has been tremendous interest in this project from educators, parents, and LEGO fans, and […] Read more


Online LEGO Shop & LEGO.com changes

If you visited the LEGO’s main website or the Online LEGO Shop in the past week or so, you may have noticed that they have gone through some significant changes. These changes have been gradually implemented over several weeks, and then finalized with changing the domain names as well. I have been following the development […] Read more


LEGO sets & events to celebrate Space

July 16th marked the 50th anniversary of the historic Apollo 11 Moon Landing. LEGO took the opportunity to celebrate this day by sharing the result of an interesting survey they conducted with children and parents in three countries about space travel. They also discuss some upcoming events you and your family can participate in at […] Read more


Newsweek special edition celebrating LEGO

Last year, Newsweek Magazine released a special edition issue titled, LEGO – The Toy That Changed Our Lives, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick, the 40th anniversary of the minifigure, and the 50th anniversary of LEGOLAND parks. The close to 100-page publication included fifteen articles peppered with interesting facts, insights, interviews, and […] Read more


LEGO Trolls and LEGO Minions coming!

Occasionally LEGO releases some odd licensed themes that adult LEGO fans can’t really relate to and consider a waste of time and resources, but for whatever reason LEGO still think it’s worth giving them a shot. Such themes are usually short-lived, but may appeal to kids, make some collectors happy, and offer unique colors and […] Read more


LEGO Braille Bricks for visually impaired kids

In a press-release last week, LEGO announced that the LEGO Foundation and the LEGO Group are teaming up with associations of the blind and visually impaired to introduce a new product called LEGO Braille Bricks. The set features 2×4 bricks with studs that are laid out like the classic Braille raised dots. It will be […] Read more


Q&A with LEGO Star Wars Creative Director

A few days ago, Jens Kronvold Frederiksen, Creative Director for LEGO Star Wars and the leader of the awesome LEGO Star Wars design team took the time to answer questions from LEGO Star Wars fans via a Reddit AMA (Ask-Me-Anything). I thought this was a really interesting session, so below I reproduced the questions and […] Read more