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Batman LEGO contest announcement!

If you like the LEGO Batman universe, if you follow the adventures of the dynamic duo, if you like the films, cartoons or games dedicated to Batman, here is your chance to show your affection to the LEGO Batman theme. And not only that, you can also win some valuable prizes! Interested? Then check out this LEGO contest over at Eurobricks!

THE CHALLENGE: There are two categories to choose from:

  • Category 1 – Build an 32×32 LEGO Batman SceneBuild an 32×32 vignette depicting any scene from the LEGO Batman Universe. It can be a scene showing our heroic bat crusader fighting off the criminals or showing a typical ordinary peaceful day in Gotham City. Just make sure it looks like a Batman related scene that can be fitted right here in Gotham City.
  • Category 2 – Build a 8×8 Vignette Home Scene for any LEGO Official Batman CharacterBuild an 8×8 vignette home scene for an official LEGO Batman character. It can be a vignette home scene that shows a part of Batman’s batcave, or a part of Joker’s playground or even a part of Killer Croc’s smelly sewage. You decide what vignette home scene that you will like to build for.

THE DEADLINE: November 29th, so you have quite some time to work on your entry!

THE PRIZES: First place in Category 1 will receive #7785 LEGO Arkham Asylum. First place in Category 2 will receive #7782 LEGO Batwing: The Joker’s Aerial Assault. Second and third places in both categories will receive random LEGO Batman keychains.

THE RULES: There are detailed set of rules for both categories. You can read them here: Batman LEGO Contest Rules. Read them carefully to make sure your entry doesn’t get disqualified.

If you are interested to enter you may also want to read: Tips for Winning a LEGO Contest. And if you feel like this contest is not for you, here is a list of other LEGO contests going on right now. You will surely find something that’s just right for you! 😉

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  • legofan October 25, 2011, 2:15 PM

    sweet! i don’t know about entering the first one, but the second cagetory doesn’t sound so difficult! 😀

  • BigShawn October 27, 2011, 1:49 PM

    Cool contest! 😀

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