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CUUSOO Minecraft available for pre-order!

Just a couple of days ago LEGO unveiled the third LEGO CUUSOO project, and also announced it is now available for pre-order. We have been talking about CUUSOO in the past week or so, so this is perfect timing! (Read previous post here: CUUSOO – Where LEGO Dreams Come True…)

Here is the official press-release for the CUUSOO Mineraft project:


BILLUND, Denmark –The LEGO Group and Mojang have released purchase details and pictures of the LEGO Minecraft Micro World today.

The new set, which was the first to receive 10,000 votes of support from users on the global LEGO CUUSOO idea collection platform, will be available for purchase in summer 2012, but can be pre-ordered from today, exclusively through Mojang retail partner Jinx.com for $34.95. The sets will also be sold in select LEGO brand retail stores and the LEGO online shop from summer 2012.

“LEGO Minecraft Micro World is designed to celebrate the essence of the LEGO concept and the Minecraft gaming experience,” said Paal Smith-Meyer, Head of the LEGO New Business Group. Each set features four cubic modular vignettes that can be connected to recreate the Minecraft experience in LEGO bricks. One Minecraft block is represented as one 1×1 LEGO plate with a tile on top – not a perfect cube, but the best approximation at the chosen scale.

LEGO Minecraft Micro World includes two of Minecraft’s most iconic characters, Steve and a Creeper, represented as “Micro Mobs”. The model presents a standard for building a Minecraft world that can be configured any way the builder likes.

The surface of the modules comes off to reveal mines and hidden resources beneath. Fans can build their own landscapes, stack cubes on top of each other, to build the world of Minecraft as they wish.

The product was developed in collaboration with four LEGO fans: Chris Malloy, Michael Thomas, Kyle Tingey, and Bjarne Panduro Tveskov. These fans developed concepts alongside LEGO designers and helped shape the product into its final version.

Upon seeing the physical model the first time, Mojang founder Markus “Notch” Persson exclaimed: “Woohoo!”

LEGO CUUSOO is a website where LEGO fans can submit their ideas for new LEGO products and collect votes to make their ideas become a reality. They can also vote for other users’ ideas. It can be found at lego.cuusoo.com.

Ideas that are supported by 10,000 votes have a chance of being selected to become part of the LEGO Group’s product portfolio. Consumers who have their ideas chosen will earn 1% of the total net sales of the product.

Mojang will donate the 1% proceeds from LEGO CUUSOO to charity.

For more on the co-creation process for LEGO Minecraft Micro World, see the LEGO CUUSOO blog.




In case you are wondering what is Minecraft, don’t worry, you are not alone. Here is an excellent description from Stephen Johnson from G4TV.com to get you up to speed:


The literal description: Minecraft is a first-person, free to play indie PC/Mac game created by one person, with crafting, building and exploration at its center. The graphics are straight out of 1991. There are no characters and there is no story. There are none of the “production values” that define gaming these days, but within those narrow confines lies one of the most innovative and endlessly fascinating game in existence… and it’s still in Alpha.

While there are various versions and builds available out, there are three basic play-modes to Minecraft: Single Player Creative, Multiplayer Creative, and Single Player Survival. All three plop you down into a huge, open world, filled with different natural resources you can exploit and bend to your will.

Single Player Creative mode is like an infinite LEGO set. You can create fantastic structures out of basic building blocks all day if you’d like. You can try it out for free right here. Multiplayer Creative is the same deal, with others.

Minecraft really impresses me with the Single-Player Survival mode. In survival mode, Minecraft places you, alone, in a hostile virtual environment that is larger than the surface of the earth. You have no items, no weapons, and no knowledge. Your only goal is to survive. The world seems friendly at first, full of trees, flowers, mountains and sea, but as soon as night falls, monsters come out. I learned very quickly the first goal of Minecraft: Find a way not to die when it gets dark.

To keep the zombies and other nasties at bay, Minecraft players can dig rocks out of the earth to create barriers between them and certain death. I was very proud of myself the first time I built a shelter. I walled myself into a cliff face just as the sun set. As soon as I placed the last rock, I realized my mistake. It was now pitch dark, and I had no idea which direction to dig to get to the light. So I began randomly digging in different directions, and when I finally figured out where the sky was, the breaking dawn revealed my cave as a monument to panic and claustrophoiba — randomly dug holes everywhere, like I had dug my own tomb.

I needed a plan and some material goods. Working feverishly against the approach of the night and the monsters it would bring, I chopped down some trees and managed to craft a workbench, some planks, some sticks, a rudimentary pick-axe and, most importantly, some torches. As twilight descended, I returned to my hole in the rock, lit a torch, and walled myself into my newly lit cave.

With a whole evening stretching in front of me, I dug down into the earth, placing torches as I went, burrowing into the stone, wearing out my pick. The subterranean world of Minecraft is at least as vast as the outer world. It is riddled with cave systems, ore, rare diamonds, and more. I discovered a vein of coal and dug it out for more torches, which I brought back to my home.

I lit the place up, warding off the darkness, and surveyed my new home. As I looked around the earthen and stone walls of my hovel, I saw a future castle — the beginning of an empire –and felt some glimmer of the feeling early man must have had when he took the first steps toward being master of the world as opposed to its slave. The next morning, as the sun rose, I stepped from my home, directly off a cliff and died…

I was a victim of carelessness. I respawned right away, but had neglected to mark the location of my home in any way. With no compass (I was far from advanced enough to build one of those), I was left to wander the world, alone again, with nothing. Starting from scracth, building a new home. That’s the kind of game Minecraft is. There’s no one to hold your hand.

Interesting, huh? You can read the rest of Stephen’s post here: What the Hell is Minecraft and Why the Hell Should You Care?

So how did Minecraft became the first global LEGO CUUSOO model? Simple; they have an incredibly passionate fan-base of over 20 million people, who have taken upon themselves to bring a LEGO Minecraft project to life. Inspiring and impressive to say the least! 😛

What do you think of the LEGO Minecraft Micro World set so far? Is this LEGO set on your wanted list? If you are a Minecraft fan already, do you think this is a good representation of the online game? Let me know your thought in the comment section below. 😉

And if you would like to read more about LEGO CUUSOO check here:

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  • Sarah February 18, 2012, 11:07 AM

    I’ve never played Minecraft and never heard of it until CUUSOO. Having said that, I love this set because I love micro building. I’ve also wanted natural landscapes for a while and this looks perfect to me. I’ll definitely be buying it and copies for parts (those are awesome detail pieces). But I’ll be waiting to get them through the LEGO store to get my VIP points. 🙂

  • Thelegodude19 February 18, 2012, 5:28 PM

    That is really cool! I’ve played Minecraft for a while now and I’m totally going to buy this set at some point. My brothers actually know one of the fans who helped design the set. pretty cooollll

  • toy February 19, 2012, 8:20 AM


    • toy February 19, 2012, 8:30 AM

      PS I am going to use your image for an email to a friend of mine.

      • admin February 19, 2012, 10:47 AM

        Toy, that is fine. 😉

        • Mariska June 13, 2012, 6:42 PM

          Okay, it’s pretty cool. I might buy one just for the noelvty.But I was thinking about it:Yeah! THat’s great! it would work perfectly! Minecraft and legos are practically the same thing! But, wait. Minecraft and legos are already practically the same thing. What’s going to be the big deal with the minecraft sets? Just the prints of the blocks? Yeah, it’s pretty neat, but not I’m not sure about really exciting.Anyways, I’ll probably buy a small set. and then play a lot of minecraft.

  • Quad February 20, 2012, 12:57 PM

    I love that micro set, I mean just look at all the 1×1 tiles!

    • admin February 20, 2012, 5:03 PM

      Quad, I agree. The parts are pretty sweet! 😀

  • miner April 20, 2012, 7:14 AM

    That looks awsome.
    P.S. I foght id change my name.
    P.S.S. I wont be here for the next 3 days onless were i’m has a wii and enternet so I can get too this website because I lost and broke my laptop because there is a game in side it and it does not have enternet.

  • tt May 31, 2012, 10:06 AM

    34.99 dollars for something that tiny goss its only 12 circles lond 6x6x12

    • admin May 31, 2012, 10:30 AM

      TT, actually small LEGO tiles and plates are hard to come by, especially in quantity, and 7 cents a piece is pretty standard. So this set is not out of line. But yeah, LEGO in general is an expensive hobby, but not as expensive as golf – and a lot cooler! 😉

      • ultra evan ( an unknown super hero) July 11, 2012, 11:45 PM

        WHAT!!!!!! THAT MUCH! hhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmm. guess i should say thx. i was gonna try to buy it with like 20$. still cant believe it. POKEMON was a less expensive hobby.

        p.s shouldnt smaller pieces cost less you know saving plastic?
        p.s.s what does p.s even mean?

        • admin July 12, 2012, 8:42 AM

          Not necessarily. Smaller pieces may use less plastic however moulding is even harder as they have to be very-very precise. The Minecraft set is not out of line as far as the price. Yes, LEGO is a fairly expensive hobby, but it lasts for a lifetme – no, it can actually last for generations – I still have my dad’s LEGO – and a lot less expensive than golf. 🙄

  • ultra evan ( an unknown super hero) July 11, 2012, 11:31 PM

    hey admin you got lucky my first expireice was way worst. i thought it would be smart to hide my house in the trees. turns out all it did was give monsters shade so they could kill me at day time! good thing that never happens in legos right 🙂

    • admin July 12, 2012, 8:38 AM

      LOL! Yeah… no monsters in LEGO… not in the daytime… wait… did I just hear something… 🙄

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