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LEGO Star Wars Buildable Galaxy Collection

LEGO introduced a new series of LEGO Star Wars sets this year called LEGO Star Wars Planets. Each set includes a minifigure, a mini version of an iconic Star Wars vehicle and a “planet”. The “planet” is a hollow globe that can be opened up and used as storage for the whole set, or it can also be hung up to create a mini 3D universe around your room. 🙂

We have talked about the Planets sets before, but right now LEGO is offering them in bundles, so I thought to revisit them a bit. The sets are normally $9.99, but LEGO currently offers them by each series (3 sets) for $24.99. Nice little saving if you want to get them all!


The LEGO Star Wars Planets sets have become quite popular with collectors who don’t have the room or the money for the large sets. And for collectors or mini sets in general. They are also great pocket-toys for kids (and adults) who can’t be without at least some LEGO at all times.  🙄

So far six LEGO Star Wars Planets sets have been released. They come in waves of 3 at a time. Series One and Two were released this year. And Series Three and Four are scheduled to be released in 2013 (likely Series 3 in January/February and Series 4 in April/May). Here is a list of the sets:


  • #9674 LEGO Star Wars Planets Naboo Starfighter & Naboo
  • #9675 LEGO Star Wars Planets Sebulba’s Podracer & Tatooine
  • #9676 LEGO Star Wars Planets TIE Interceptor & Death Star


  • #9677 LEGO Star Wars Planets X-Wing Starfighter & Yavin 4
  • #9678 LEGO Star Wars Planets Twin-pod Cloud-Car & Bespin
  • #9679 LEGO Star Wars Planets AT-ST & Endor

LEGO STAR WARS PLANETS SERIES 3 (available in 2013):

  • #75006 LEGO Star Wars Planets Obi-Wan’s Jedi Starfigher & Kamino
  • #75007 LEGO Star Wars Planets Republic Assault Striker & Coruscant
  • #75008 LEGO Star Wars Planets TIE Bomber & Asteroid Field

LEGO STAR WARS PLANETS SERIES 4 (available in 2013):

  • #75009 LEGO Star Wars Planets Snowspeeder & Hoth
  • #75010 LEGO Star Wars Planets B-Wing Starfighter & Endor
  • #75011 LEGO Star Wars Planets Tantive IV & Aldeeran

What do you think of the LEGO Star Wars Planets series? Do you like mini Star Wars sets? Have you been collecting them? Or are you planning to? Which on of next year’s sets are you looking forward to? Share your thoughts in the comment section below! 🙂

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  • NRG PYTHOR 42 September 23, 2012, 10:45 AM

    i want the Hoth planet!!!

  • joey September 23, 2012, 1:44 PM

    i want kamino and obi-wan!

  • Jacob September 23, 2012, 11:12 PM

    Personally I was never a big fan of mini-models (nothing against them, but I general, just normally I prefer minifigure scale sets). I like these a little bit, however, for the sole reason of having a few 9.99 Star Wars sets this year. However, I feel that they have fallen a little short of their potential. My favorite is Bespin, because it comes with Lobot (who had not been released since 2002-03 and was very difficult to get even then). All the other figures, while not bad, are kinda lack luster compared to this. I would much have preferred that Tatooine came with a mini-Sandcrawler and a Jawa (again, a figure that has not been released in a while) than Sebulba, who is difficult to use off of his pod-racer. For next year, I was originally looking forward to the set with Kamino, as I was hoping we would finally get a Kanminoin (a critical species in both Episode II and the Clone Wars saga that has yet to be made in LEGO) with a mini-Aiwha , or a new version of Jango Fett (who was only released once in 2002 and still highly sough after, even though the Death Watch pack did help ease demand) and a mini-Slave. Instead, it looks like we’ll just get an Astromech and a Jedi star fighter who were on the planet for less than a day.

    At least I think I’ll pick up the Death Star one now, since we will be getting planets of Alderaan and “Endor” (I assume it is the forest moon of Endor and not Endor itself). It might make for an interesting M.O.C.
    I am also curious to see what the asteroid planet pieces look like that come with the TIE Bomber. I might want it for something if it looks right.

    • admin September 24, 2012, 8:53 AM

      Jacob, yeah, I’m also curious about that asteroid one! Can’t imagine how it will look like! I agree that LEGO should have endeavored to make the minifigs in these sets very unique. Some of them are, but not all. The sets would sell incredibly well with unique minifigs! Having said that; I still like them. Although I would say it would have been nice if all the planets are textured like the Death Star, instead of just a plain globe. A litte bit of terrain would have added to their uniqueness. 🙂

    • Eric at A Lego a Day September 24, 2012, 9:29 AM

      Funny. The fact that Lobot is in the Bespin set totally escaped me. I will have to pick that one up just for him!

  • Dude September 24, 2012, 8:11 AM

    They Should Do a Maelovence And THat Firey planet it was when it attacked Plo Koon 😀

    • slipknot November 8, 2012, 7:52 PM

      that firey planet where plo koon died was corasunt
      or you might have ment mustfar

  • legosw September 24, 2012, 8:49 PM

    i want lobot!!!!!

  • Rek Kramer December 18, 2012, 9:21 AM

    I’m curious as to why there’s another Endor in series 4, when there is already one in series 2. From the images I’ve seen they look different, but with so many different planets in the Star Wars galaxy I’m finding it strange, and a little frustrating that one planet is being repeated so soon.
    Any word if this could/would change before actual release?

    • admin December 18, 2012, 9:46 AM

      That is a good question. I have not heard of any changes, so it seems like we are going to have a second Endor. As you said; there are plenty of other planets in the Galaxy they could have used, so I’m not sure either why the repeat. Hopefully more planets will be added in future series. 🙂

      • MattOwls January 24, 2013, 4:17 PM

        Because the Endor of the second series is actually The Forest Moon of Endor. The second Endor in the fourth series is Endor the proper planet

  • Micah January 2, 2013, 1:55 AM

    I want Courasauant if that’s how you spell it and by tne way the Death Star is not a planet

    • admin January 2, 2013, 10:16 AM

      Micah, yeah, the Death Star is no planet and no moon, but it is part of the LEGO Star Wars Planets Series, so it is all right to refer to it as a planet in that regard. 😉

  • NinjaNut January 18, 2013, 11:46 PM

    I was formally dude, I found out the name abragoto system the one from the clone wars

  • Matthew Fritz June 20, 2013, 2:27 AM

    As a fairly new collector all of the “build your own galaxy” options really jumped out at me, despite what other may argue. The reason for this is because it has given me the opportunity to collect some specific minifigs that I previously may not have been able to get my hands on and at a price that is relative based on the fact that getting the small ships alongside it is an added bonus. Prior to their release picking up some of these minifigs (the one’s previously released) may have come at a much higher price.

  • David S. July 9, 2013, 4:53 PM

    A couple others that would interest me are …

    – Millenium Falcon & Corellia w/ Han Solo
    – Clawcraft & Csilla w/ Jagged Fel
    – Stealth X & Fresia w/ Jaina Solo
    – TIE Defender & Ciutric w/ Corran Horn

    • admin July 9, 2013, 8:54 PM

      Good ideas! Although I think they are less known so probably wouldn’t sell that well?

      • David S. July 13, 2013, 2:48 AM

        I think the Falcon at least would be very popular as it is the central ship/vehicle in the original Star Wars saga (IV, V, VI), continuing to/through the New Jedi Order and beyond.

        A couple of other ships that would interest me would be Mirax Terrik’s (Pulsar Skate), Mara Jade’s (Jade’s Fire and/or Jade’s Shadow), Gungan Submarine (Bongo), Jawas’ (Sandcrawler), Jabba’s (Sail Barge), Imperial (Speeder Bike, ROTJ) and Wookie (Ornithopter).

        Also, Series 2 gave us the AT-ST, but what about the AT-AT.

        • admin July 13, 2013, 10:27 AM

          Yeah, lots of possibilities! 😀

  • Boris July 29, 2013, 1:35 AM

    Nice to see you corrected your error, how about a thanks to all those who pointed out how wrong you were?

    • admin July 29, 2013, 8:39 AM

      Boris, not sure what you are referring to. This blog-post was written almost a year ago. I have note done any changes to it. 😕

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