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LEGO Sydney Opera House set revealed!

A new very large LEGO set, the #10234 LEGO Sydney Opera House was officially unveiled at BrickWorld Chicago a couple of days ago. This is in the LEGO Creator Expert series, which are greatly detailed sets for more advanced builders. (Previously released sets in the line were the #10181 LEGO Eiffel Tower, the #10189 LEGO Taj Mahal, and the #10214 LEGO Tower Bridge.) Below is the official press-release for the LEGO Sydney Opera House, along with pictures and the designer-video! 🙂

#10234 LEGO Sydney Opera House Sydney Opera House

#10234 LEGO SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE – Recreate Australia’s architectural masterpiece! Recreate one of the 20th century’s most distinctive buildings with the Sydney Opera House model. Build the unmistakable shell roofline, waterfront forecourt and more with this authentic representation of Australia’s most iconic building. Employ a variety of new and advanced building techniques to recreate the complex forms, angled walls and subtle detailing of the real thing! Collect lots of dark tan LEGO bricks including the rare 1x1x2/3 stud and 1x2x2/3 stud slopes, as well as a 48×48 stud baseplate in blue for the very first time! (Click images for larger view.)

#10234 LEGO Sydney Opera House Front Details #10234 LEGO Sydney Opera House Back Details
  • Build this model of a UNESCO World Heritage Site!
  • Includes hard-to-find dark tan LEGO bricks, tiles and sloped bricks!
  • Collect the 48×48 stud baseplate, available in blue for the very first time!
  • Sturdy construction allows the model to be handled and moved!
  • Features advanced building techniques for complex forms, angled walls and subtle detailing!
  • Measures over 11″ high, 25″ wide and 15″ deep!
  • Ages 16+
  • 2,989 pieces
  • US $319.99 CA $379.99 DE 279.99€ UK 249.99 £ DK 2499.00 DKK
  • Available for sale directly through LEGO beginning of September.

It’s pretty much guaranteed that the LEGO Sydney Opera House is going to be full of interesting building techniques. The original building itself is an architectural marvel, and I’m sure anyone who is interested in unique architecture is going to derive immense pleasure from building this LEGO set. I mean, just look at the details on this picture of the interior! Look at those roof-lines coming together! Even the floor-pattern is interesting!

#10234 LEGO Sydney Opera House Interior

Here is Jamie Berard, one of our favorite LEGO designers, showing you the details of the set. It is so massive! So gorgeous! So awesome!

The LEGO Sydney Opera House is also going to be an impressive set for display. I know my father, who is an architect, will love this!  As Jamie mentioned, this is not the first time LEGO tackled the Sydney Opera House. There is also a version (albeit, much smaller) in the LEGO Architecture series: the #21012 LEGO Architecture Sydney Opera House.

#21012 LEGO Sydney Opera House

While waiting to the LEGO Sydney Opera House to be released you can also check out other large LEGO sets great for display and meant for advanced builders: SHOP HARD TO FIND LEGO SETS

Advanced LEGO Sets Available Now

So what do you think? How do you like the LEGO Sydney Opera House? Is this a set you are considering building and displaying? How do you like the details? The colors? The modular style? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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  • Fikko3107 June 17, 2013, 11:22 AM

    Well, I (and my sister) had always liked Jamie Berard’s works and him appearing in designer videos. Great looking set.

  • ninja of stealth June 17, 2013, 11:43 AM

    all I got to say is… whoa… also that I agree with you that Jamie Berard’s sets are awesome, incredible! he’s one of the best LEGO designers! whenever I see an awesome set it always seem to be his! I’m not just saying that, it’s true!

  • Micho June 17, 2013, 12:02 PM

    This is very nice. I don’t even know why the made the Architecture one, that one is very badly designed. This Creator one is soooo cool!!!

    On another note, Keep your eyes open when you go to Wal Mart, I drove to a further one yesterday and got 2 Batcaves for $40 each, and 2 Hulk’s Helicarrier Breakouts for $10 each!!!! Yes ONLY $10 each!!!!! WOW!!! I love the Batcave but my favorite Superheroes set is still the Quinjet! I finally have my Bruce Wayne and Poison Ivy though… now to buy the movie to get the Clark Kent and the Book to get the Electrosuit Batman, plus the Power Armour Lex with Supes and Dub Dub, and I need to find a cheap Captain America’s Avenging Cycle ($6 or less) and I’ll be happy for this whole year!!!

    • admin June 17, 2013, 1:10 PM

      Micho, I’m gonna have to steal your Wal-Mart! How come mine doesn’t have any sales? BTW, we did have a Wal-Mart that consistently had excellent LEGO sales, but it closed this February. A new Super Wal-Mart was build a couple of miles away from the original site, and they NEVER have sales on LEGO. The two sites operated simultaneously for a couple of years before they decided to close the old one. The old one had a much better seletion of LEGO – even though they had a lot less space – and the sales were regular and sweet. A shame we no longer have them. 🙁

      • Micho June 17, 2013, 1:24 PM

        I have 4 Wal Marts in about a 30 mile radius. I was going to wait until today to check the Clearances on the one I went to yesterday in San Luis AZ, but I decided to scan my boxes with the app and behold the Breakout set was “Limited Stock $10” so I raced over there and found two hidden behind Ninjago sets (LOL, sorry, I found them) and went to the clearance Isle and saw two Batcaves, I was like “SCORE!!!”. I still can’t find the $12.99 and $19.99 sets on clearance though, that probably wont happen til’ after Xmas.
        I was reading up on the projections for the next couple of years and it is projected that because of the superhero movies coming out in the future, the first and second waves of superheroes will become extremely valuable and resealable, double even triple profits. It seems that more and more comic book or hobby stores have started carrying these licensed sets, I have attested to this as I walked into one in Tucson and they were selling batman minifigs for $20 plus some older sets that were way marked up. It seems that what is happening is that these small collectible stores are buying whole collections from the secondary market like Bricklink, and this makes sense because I have had two HUGE orders recently, and stocking their stores. So load up on your licensed sets if you find a good deal I guess. Oh the article mentioned Star wars sets and LOTR too, because of the new movies coming out.

        • admin June 17, 2013, 2:50 PM

          Yeah, I have noticed that too that practically every toy-brand is now going for the Super Hero and other licensed themes. I don’t think that’s a particularly creative way of thinking, but that’s where the money is. So screw the kids, forget about giving them something creative and educational and keep sucking the money out of their and their parents’ pockets. Okay, that was the rant part. On the brighter side LEGO fans who have been wanting Super Heroes in LEGO form are in heaven right now. 😀

          • Micho June 17, 2013, 3:10 PM

            HA! True 🙂 … That’s why I say bring Pirates back too!!!

      • Legoman640 June 17, 2013, 1:26 PM

        I got some cool sets when I was away. I got the #70701 Swarm Intercepter,that small spring set with the 2 minifigures,a LEGO Education set,and a kreo beast hunter set for some good prices in Orlando.

        ps. I’m back! :mrgreen:

        • Micho June 17, 2013, 1:41 PM

          Welcome back! Did you shop at the Downtown Disney store?

  • Meneldur son of Garamar June 17, 2013, 2:23 PM

    Whew! Simply stunning! I like the Architecture set but this is better. Of course you must also keep in mind that the bigger the set, the more detail. But one question: are the other modular buildings besides Palace Cinema considered Creator Experts?

    • admin June 17, 2013, 2:45 PM

      Creator Expert is a new name LEGO started using for the large LEGO Creator sets. I think they started using it with the orange high-speed train. That is why you don’t see the name on the old larger sets. For example the Palace Cinema is labeled as Creator Expert, but not the previously released modular buildings. But yeah, LEGO is now considering all of the large Creator sets as Creator Expert – at least form now on.

  • Ike June 17, 2013, 2:50 PM

    This is AMAZING! I really need this set!

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