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Community survey: are you a LEGO addict?

LEGO is such an awesome hobby, and LEGO fans are such a curious bunch, that “outsiders” often want to learn more. Although this blog has been around for only about four years, we have been interviewed and questioned many times, and I’m sure other LEGO fans who interact with the public have similar experiences. This time we got contacted by a student, who wanted to hear not just from our regular writers and contributors, but the broader community. If you would like to help out with an interesting school project, please read on to find out the details. 🙂

LEGO Survey

Here is a message from Aakanksha, the student who is working on this project: “My name Aakanksha Shah, a 4th year student in graphic design from Ecolé Intuit Lab in Mumbai, India. We are currently working on an editorial project featuring LEGO, and while I was on my earlier stage of research I happened to stumble on your community and an article by William Reed titled “A Lesson in LEGO Obsession…”. The article gave me the idea that it would be very beneficial to interview members of the LEGO fan community for our project, instead of just doing generic surveys with people who use LEGO casually. So I thought to ask you, the ‘LEGO addicts’, if you could spare a few minutes of your time to answer some questions to help with our research. Thank you!”

Below you will find the questions Aakanksha have prepared for us. If you would like to help her with this project you can answer the questions in the comment section below, or if you would prefer to answer the questions privately, you can also email your responses to me here and I will forward them to Aakanksha. You do not need to answer all the questions, just the ones you feel inspired to, however if you can answer all of them that’s great.

  1. Are you an AFOL (Adult-Fan-of-LEGO), TFOL (Teen-Fan-of-LEGO) or KFOL (Kid-Fan-of-LEGO)?
  2. When did LEGO enter your life? Do you remember the first time you got your hands on LEGO bricks? Did you like LEGO instantly, or did it take some time?
  3. When you are creating something out of LEGO elements what are the emotions that you experience?
  4. Do you have a specific plan and starting point when you begin building? Or do you just pick up random bricks, start doodling, and something comes out of it?
  5. Do you only build official LEGO sets according to the instructions or do you build your own designs? How many official LEGO sets have you built so far? And how many of your own designs? Do you keep them together once you build them? Or recycle them for something new?
  6. How many shelves/rooms have you had to empty to store your LEGO elements and showcase your LEGO sets and own creations? Do you have trouble with running out of space?
  7. How often do you purchase LEGO? What’s the least you’ve spent on LEGO per month and what’s the maximum? And what’s the longest period you have not purchased LEGO?
  8. Are you a part of any local LEGO Users Group (LUG) or club where you get together and share the hobby with other LEGO fans? Do you showcase your LEGO creations at LUG events or any other public venues (like schools, libraries, conventions)?
  9. According to your own experience, what are the pros and cons of the LEGO hobby? Would you recommend it to others?
  10. Do you believe you are a LEGO fan with reasonable limits on investment of time and money in the hobby, or are you hopelessly addicted? Explain.

Interesting questions, aren’t they? As I have mentioned, if you would like to participate in this project, you can answer the questions in the comment section below, or you can also email them if you prefer to keep them private. Aakanksha has a deadline a week from now to make a presentation based on your answers, so if you would like to take part, please do so soon. Thanks for helping out! 😉

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  • Umbra-Manis February 10, 2015, 10:18 AM

    Ok here we go.
    1. I’m a TFOL.
    2. My first set was 7694. I has was addicted after that.
    3. I’m usually very relaxed, unless I’m wrestling with LDD’s flex tool again.
    4. I doodle around a lot.
    5. I keep some and recycle others. I’ve built nearly 80 official sets according to brickset, and I’ve smashed and built stuff countless times.
    6. Just teen budget space 🙂
    7. No real schedule, basically when I can afford it.
    8. Nope. My Local LUG is 18+ (GRR!)
    9. Pros: It’s fun! Cons: It’s expensive.
    10. Hopelessly addicted.

    • Narrator_Bob February 10, 2015, 5:58 PM

      You know how to use the flex tool!?!?!?! TELL ME HOW!!!!!

      • BLProductions February 10, 2015, 6:29 PM

        That is easy. It depends on the piece, though. There are certain parts (mostly listed in the tube section) that have a little curly-cue to their top-right. If you are using one of those parts, you can use the Flex Tool to move them around. Just click on one end of the part, and that end will follow your mouse around as far as possible. It does get a little frustrating to use sometimes, though. 😉

        • Narrator_Bob February 14, 2015, 5:52 PM

          Oh, thanks

  • Muguay February 10, 2015, 10:46 AM

    Before I start I am CrazyBricks I just decided to change the name (it was getting kind of old)

    1. I am a TFOL .

    2. I was six, the first time I was able to build with them was 2006, and yes I liked it almost instantly.

    3. I am usually happy.

    4. I don’t have a specific plan, I usually have a rough idea of what I want to build.

    5. I build official Lego sets and I build my own designs, and I have built far to many to count of both official lego sets and my own designs. Now I keep most of them built but I did take most of them apart when I was 6,7, and 8.

    6. I have two huge shelves full of my favorite sets, and yes I am constantly trying to make more space for new sets.

    7. About $4 as a minimum and 32 as a maximum. The longest time without buying a Lego set was probably a month (it was terrible).

    8. Unfortunately I am not in any Lego group

    9. Pros: it is a good way to use free time, fun to build, and an enjoyable way to get all of your favorite characters. Cons: mainly the Price and sometimes only sometimes there are some pieces missing or misprinted parts. Yes I would definitely recommend Lego to everyone

    10. I am a mix between reasonable limits and hopelessly addicted

    Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Muguay February 10, 2015, 9:18 PM

      And my first set (that I remember) was Star Wars V-Wing set number 6205

  • Welfycat February 10, 2015, 11:00 AM

    1. AFOL
    2. My first set was 6416 Poolside Paradise. I was seven years old and I was thrilled. I played with Lego well through my teen years, then took some time off while I was away at the University, and then started collecting and building again after I graduated.
    3. I feel energized and thoughtful when I’m working with Lego, and feel pleased and accomplished when I finish a project I was working on.
    4. At the very least I have a general idea of what I want to build when I sit down, though I will sometimes have used Lego Digital Designer to make even more specific plans as to what I would like to build.
    5. I build both official Lego sets and works of my own design (MOC My Own Creation, as they are typically referred to in the Lego community). It is hard to estimate how many official sets I’ve built over the years, probably in the realm of 150 or more. I’ve built three larger MOCs/dioramas in the past several years, and probably 20-30 smaller works of my own design. I usually keep sets together for a few months at the most before they are taken apart for something new, unless they are part of the city/townscape I’ve been working on.
    6. I have five shelves in my bedroom for display and half a closet for storage, with some extra storage tubs stored in the corner of my room. Space to store/display/build is definitely a concern.
    7. I typically buy Lego once to twice a month, depending on if there is a sale or a special deal. The most I’ve spent in a single month on Lego is probably $750 – the least $80. I went approximately six years without buying Lego while I was at the University and in between various living situations.
    8. Yes. I am part of ULUG (the Utah Lego Users Group). I have not yet displayed at an event, but I hope to soon.
    9. I would definitely recommend Lego as a hobby to just about anyone. Pros: it’s creative, relaxing, and fun. It encourages problem solving and new ways of thinking about everyday situations. Cons: it can be an expensive hobby. Careful budgeting and being in control of your spending impulses is a must!
    10. Pretty much addicted. I find myself thinking about Lego at odd hours of the day and night, there are bricks scattered all over the house, and my non-necessary expenses budget is almost entirely for Lego purchasing. I recommend the following book: Brickdiction: A Seven Step Recovery Guide for People Addicted to LEGO®

  • Tom February 10, 2015, 11:02 AM

    1) AFOL
    2) probably about 3 or 4 (elder brothers)
    3) I find it immensely stress relieving
    4) I alternative between building to plan (displays or specific builds) and building around a concept. often when stuck an element will lead to further inspiration
    5) I’ve probably built around 300-400 official sets but only ever kept 2-3 on display for any length of time. Unless a set is rare/valuable (eg modulars) it will be split for parts. In the last 3 years I’ve rarely if ever built any official sets. everything I make is custom/free build these days
    6) Too much room!
    7) in the last 3-4 years I’ve spent a minimum of £20 a month on lego (usually parts). Most was £800 in a single month.
    8) No
    9) I find it a great stress relief andbrilliant way to spend time with my son and daughter. Cons is my partner is not keen and the space it takes up is ridiculous (I could always buy less of course)
    10) I am restrained in that I can afford to buy a lot more than I do. However I do find myself boring people in the pub if I’m not careful!

    • Tom February 10, 2015, 3:16 PM

      To elaborate on 6…

      I have close to 65k bricks in “circulation” and an additional 300+ polybags and 40-50 “exclusive” boxed sets (eg modulars, limited run stuff). So in actual storage terms – half a utility room a desk and 50-60 storage containers.

  • LegoUniverse Bob February 10, 2015, 11:47 AM

    1. KFOL
    2. When I was around 3 years old, I got a LEGO Duplo passenger plane and I loved it the second me and my dad finished it.
    3. Usually I feel kinda curious until around halfway when I feel the basic model of what I build. Then I can expect what it will turn out like. I also feel quite happy, because I don’t build with LEGO that much. Only around once a month, but I love to experiment with little builds on my desktop while waiting for something to load on my computer or something.
    4. Half of both those each. I think of something I basically want to build, like a mech or a plane or something, and just build and see what comes out.
    5. I like building official sets to find new techniques, and usually I feel I don’t really think it’s worth keeping. Those I just crush and build something else out of them. But I keep things that I like or I’m keeping for a specific them I’m building up (I’m currently getting UA vehicles). I have kept UA vehicles, slightly rebuilt the UA lab to my own desire, and kept the CLS Eradicator Mech from Galaxy Squad.
    6. In my room I currently have little room, and if I really want something to take the place of something else then I crush the model. Currently it’s just my room as we have no spare rooms.
    7. The shortest is zero times, and the maximum is three-four. The biggest gap is about 4-5 months.
    8. Nope, because there are none. No close LEGO Stores, no nearby people who like LEGO, and not really much to do with LEGO other than a few sets being in Asda Living.
    9. Pros are that it’s fun, it’s good if you’re bored, it’s great for fiddling around with on you desktop (like me) and all in all really fun. The cons are that you can get really frustrated if you can’t find a piece, or when you’ve built a bunch of a certain part of a build, but you can’t find a good technique to finish it off and end up restarting. I would definitely recommend it, as it is epic!.
    10. Kinda in between. I’m addicted as I love anything to do with it, but yet I have to rely on my own money and the allowance to buy some (I have to think whether to buy it or not, I don’t want to go burning money within a month do I?). I presently have about £250, and need to think about what I’m getting.

    Thanks for the interview. 😉

  • Strider February 10, 2015, 11:52 AM

    1. I am a TFOL.
    2. Before I was born our Uncle gave my older sister some Lego’s, a bucket of basic bricks, wheels, slopes, and a few hinge elements. It also had a recognizable Time Cruisers piece, and a Time Cruisers minfigure so I don’t know what sort of stuff she got exactly. Those were the only Lego bricks I played with for a while, me and my siblings called them, “little Legos,” and Duplos, “Legos.” I believe I was 5 when I got my first set, it was a wind up Racer’s car.
    3. I’m usually pretty excited for how my creation is going to turn out. I don’t have as much time to fiddle around with pieces as I used to so if I build something it’s typically out of inspiration.
    4. It depends, but if I do any planning it’s all in my head.
    5. I’ve built at least 18 official Lego sets and only a few have lasted more than two days. The fact that some people did not make MOCs with their Lego pieces was a bit of a shock to me when I first realized it.
    6. Currently my Lego bricks are in my bedroom, some under a bed and some in a cabinet. I’m not out of space yet but it’s getting tricky to organize.
    7. I get Lego sets on my Birthday, the end of the year, and occasionally with my own money. The least amount I’ve spent on Lego in a month would be $0, I don’t have a schedule. The most would be $215 from when I bought the Lego Mindstorms Nxt 2.0 off ebay.
    8. Nope. But me and my brothers build together a lot so I don’t really feel a need to get together and socialize with other fans.
    9. Pros: It helps imagination and creativity. It’s fun. You can build anything. Even if it is expensive, you get more playability with it than any other toy due to it’s limitless reconfiguration possibilities. You never grow out of it because it is endlessly complex, you can always build better with Lego and there are always new challenges. Cons: Lego is expensive, but the value and potential of the system more than makes up for it. Some may find Lego hard to get into because there are so many options, but that’s slightly silly. If you start with a small amount and experiment, you can only improve.
    10. I think I’m reasonable, but you could say I’m hopelessly addicted because I’m honestly never going to grow out of it.

    • Strider February 10, 2015, 12:06 PM

      Edit: The longest time I’ve gone without Lego’s was probably about 6 months. (I don’t get it as often as some.)

  • Sgt Mcnugget February 10, 2015, 12:51 PM

    1. TFOL
    2. Literally as long as I can remember. The first set I clearly remember is 5925. Instantly, it was like I was born for it.
    3. Pride when it turns out decent, amazement when I find a new building technique.
    4. It all depends on what I’m building. For instance, if I’m building an entry for a contest, I’ll do a fair amount of planning, often building in my head before getting to physical bricks. But another way I often build is taking apart two sets and combining them without a plan.
    5. I *always* build a set by the instructions on the first go-around. Most of the time, I’ll strip it for parts later. The only things I leave together are either large or display, for instance the Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace are still together. Oh gosh, at least 150. Completely original designs, maybe 30. I keep them together long enough to recreate them in LDD, and then I disassemble.
    6. Storage is a constant struggle. I really only need 2-3 shelves for builds, since I keep few together. Storing elements is the hard part, I’ve got 3 divided containers to hold the bulk of plates/small bricks, and probably 8 containers filled with random elements.
    7. Monthly. The least is probably $10, just going in for some polybags. The most I can remember is getting MetalBeard’s Sea Cow as well as some smaller sets, totaling about$300 that month. I had a dry spell from ages 9-11 where I was more into Transformers, since then I haven’t gone more than two months without a purchase.
    8. No, but I’m looking into it. I’ve displayed the past two years at Brickfair VA and plan on doing so for, well, ever.
    9. Pros: Nothing is set in stone, there are no rules. There’s no wrong way to Lego, the possibilities are limitless. The fan base is massive, growing, and incredibly diverse. It’s also a very cost-effective hobby, compared to something like stamp collecting or model trains. It also helps with areas like math, architecture, and engineering. Cons: Though cost-effective, it does run a fair sum. In certain areas, like Australia or South America, Lego can be difficult to acquire. I would absolutely recommend Lego to anyone.
    10. I’m definitely in deeper than just a casual pastime. I keep my limits on time and money, but even then there’s little time for much else. I’m definitely addicted, but not quite ‘hopelessly’ just yet

  • Benjamin February 10, 2015, 1:07 PM

    1. I am a TFOL
    2. When I was 5. I didn’t instantly like them but it came pretty quick
    3. Imaginative, Happy, Creative
    4. Usually pick up random bricks and then get an idea
    5. I build official sets and my own moc’s. I have 130+ sets. I dont know how many creations I have built. To many to count.
    6. 1 room (it gets very stuffed) and about three shelves which have not been put up since I recently moved rooms.
    7. I believe my average is 16 sets per year. The least I have spent is probably $3 and the most not including tax $160. The longest peroid of time I have not purchased any is from when I was born to about age 5
    8. I go to Brick Fair Alabama annually
    9. Pros. It is fun! It helps you to think creatively. Cons. Pricey, can get VERY addicting. Ye s I would recommend LEGO
    10. In-between

  • Ninja of Stealth February 10, 2015, 1:41 PM

    I’d be happy to answer any of your questions!
    1. I am a proud TFOL!
    2. I loved LEGO instantly! I got into LEGO when I was about 3 to five years old. My relatives had three giant bins of DUPLO and I was hooked, and still am ever since.
    3. Hmm, let me think. Well, sometimes I have frustration when I can’t figure out how to make something for a MOC creation or when I skip a step in a booklet. But when I am surrounded by LEGO I feel better, it has a sense of home to it that brings me up. Once I went to Seattle and didn’t have any LEGO around me (not even a keychain!) and to be honest I had a withdrawal. It was pretty bad.
    4. I usually just pick things up and start building, sometimes it doesn’t work out for me though, probably compared to all of these guys here on TBB, I’m not as experienced as them, I just started a few years ago making MOCS.
    5. I have more LEGO creations than MOCS. Mainly Ninjago, and older sets like Indiana Jones, some old and new star wars, etc.
    6. That’s strange, I have practically the same things. I have a shelf, half a closet, a desk, well pretty much my whole room is crowed with LEGO.
    7. I purchase a new one every mouth, (Somehow I still have enough room in my little crammed room. 🙄 )
    8.Nope but I would really like to be, I have my sister and my mom, that’s about it.
    9. Pro’s there are many pros, you can expand your creativity, impress your relatives, it’s really fun and a great way to pass the time! Con’s: They are really painful to step on. 😆
    10. Am I hopelessly addicted? Yes, but I do think I have a good way of investing and spending money. Half the time.

    I hope this helps you!

    • Aakanksha Shah April 9, 2015, 7:21 AM

      Hi ,

      I am Aakanksha I required a little more information about you. If you could kindly get in touch with me via mail. Thanks!

      • admin April 9, 2015, 10:15 AM

        Aakanksha, you posted this same message on every response and I deleted most of them. Please keep in mind that many of our readers are minors and it is against the law to ask them for personal information without their parents consent. Thanks for your cooperation.

  • gid617 February 10, 2015, 2:06 PM

    1. TFOL
    2. I was between five and seven when my siblings and I were first given a box of LEGO by our Grandparents. Might have played with them at their house before that but I can’t remember. I’ve liked them ever since then but they were just another toy to me until I was 15 or so and started building MOCs to post online.
    3. I guess that depends a bit on my mood… usually I’m pretty absorbed but also having fun.
    4. Sometimes I start with a plan, sometimes I just start piecing things together. Even when I have a plan however, it’s pretty flexible and the final model rarely turns out exactly the way I envisioned it – which is sometimes good, sometimes bad!
    5. I build MOCs a lot. However, I usually do build a LEGO set before I break it down for pieces (and sometimes I keep the sets). I’ve probably built slightly under a hundred LEGO sets but I really don’t know. About ten a year, I’d guess, usually fairly small. Of my own designs… since I’ve started taking pictures and posting online, I’ve uploaded over 1000 pictures, and I try to stick with no more than 5 per build, so that’s about 200. I keep very few things built. Right now I have about three modified LEGO sets built (+ a few Mixels), four of my own micro-GARCs (outer space racers), and one other little tablescrap (not including a build I’m working on right now). Since my collection is fairly small, cannibalizing creations is pretty much a must (often I’ll even take a few pieces off a built creation and then replace them when I’m done with the current project), and probably in a year or two the collection of built creations will be almost completely different.
    6. I don’t think I’ve emptied any shelf or room specifically to store LEGO bricks/creations, but they do take up one relatively small desk and a low table next to it. I don’t have trouble running out of space, but I do run out of containers to sort into!
    7. Probably an average of 2-3 times a year (although last year it was more like 5-6, this year it will probably be back to 2-3). The least I’ve spent on LEGO per month (since I’ve become an avid MOCer – well, before that too, but anyways!) would be $0. The maximum is probably under $100 but I’m not completely sure. Since I’ve become an avid MOCer, 6-7 months.
    8. No, unfortunately, although I do have siblings who are into the hobby. I have “showcased” one creation at several places around the country though.
    9. Pros: It’s enjoyable, for me it’s really sharpened my photography skills, it’s a good boost toward story writing, it’s also helpful towards thinking creatively and cultivating patience! Cons: I find it’s fairly expensive. Or rather, it’s not something that you make a one time investment, but something that keeps draining you money as long as you keep up with the hobby. It can also be fairly time consuming. Would I recommend it to others? Well, obviously I think the pros far outweigh the cons. However, I certainly wouldn’t pressure anyone else into it because it does drain time and money (although I don’t think excessively, still). So while I’d definitely be positive about it, I wouldn’t try to push anyone in that direction.
    10. If this were two questions, (Do you believe you are a LEGO fan with reasonable limits on investment of time and money in the hobby? and, Are you hopelessly addicted?) I’d say yes to each. To the first, I think I limit myself reasonably both time and money wise. To the second, it’s not like I can’t control it, but I don’t think I’ll suddenly stop building with LEGOs one day!

  • BLProductions February 10, 2015, 2:51 PM

    I think these are very good questions. You can definitely make a nice long report about this topic. But I’m weird, and my answers tend to be also odd.
    1. TFOL. And I wouldn’t be if not for my brothers and Star Wars.
    2. I believe my first sets were 7474 and 7476, back in 2005-2006. I can barely remember building them, beyond the fact that my dad and I found them frustrating to build. I never really got much into LEGO, all I know is that my brothers and I had quite a few sets and lots of spare parts by 2011, and most of those were parts from sets we had destroyed, and built our own things out of. The vast majority of those creations no longer exist.
    3. Usually I feel peaceful and creative, until I start to run out of pieces and that turns to frustration. 😕
    4. I always have an idea when I start building. Otherwise I will not take about my stuff to start, because I don’t like messes. Most of the time I like modifying things instead, however, so the idea sis already there: I just make it better. 🙂
    5. Recently I’ve tried to build every LEGO set I get exactly like the instructions say. I’m not sure why, I didn’t care before. 😐 I believe I have about 20 sets total, and I try to keep them whole at all times. But I often dismantle one or two to build a MOC. I think my brothers have at least 20 each, and they destroy them frequently, though the sets are always rebuilt.
    6. All my family’s LEGO is in one small room in our attic. That’s it.
    7. Not often. I try to avoid buying more if possible, for concerns of space. The least I spend is on average $0, and the most I think I’ve ever spent on LEGO at one time is ~$58. That was the 75021 Gunship, at half sale price.
    8. Nope. I think my brothers and I are some of the only LEGO fans in our town.
    9. Pros: It’s fun, sometimes relaxing. Cons: You can get sucked in really quickly, and it can become an obsession. Which is a problem if you’re in school (and taking Calculus).
    10. Very reasonable. I prefer not to buy anything, but just look at it online or in-store. I can’t afford much, as my current life savings is about $200.
    Hopefully this will help you with your project. Good luck! 🙂

  • Carbo February 10, 2015, 2:57 PM

    1. I am a TFOL.
    2. I got my first set when I turned five. I don’t know what it was called, but it came with a construction minifigure, and lots of parts to build construction related vehicles. As soon as I built it, I was hooked.
    3. Usually happiness, but occasionally frustration!
    4. I mostly just pick up random parts and start building. When I have a plan [which isn’t often], it normally doesn’t turn out well. 🙄
    5. Normally I keep all of my official sets together, but I love to build my own creations too!
    6. I just keep all of my sets in my room. When I run out of space, I just break something to make more room!
    7. I would say the minimum is about $5-$10, and the maximum probably around $50. The longest time without getting a LEGO set was probably around 2-3 months.
    8. No
    9. The pros are that you can build just about anything, and the cons are the sharp parts. Ouch! I would recommend LEGO to others.
    10. I do believe that I do reasonably limit myself, but I am addicted!

    • admin February 10, 2015, 3:02 PM

      Thank all of you for taking the time to help with this project! I knew our community was awesome and I can count on you guys! I also received some of the responses by email, and I forward those to Aakanksha as well. 🙂

  • sprytose February 10, 2015, 3:32 PM

    1. AFOL

    2. I was like 2 or 3 years old when I got my first basic lego bricks set. It was my instant favorite toy back then.

    3. When I build MOCs (My Own Creations) I mostly think about my stressfull school/work day. So I use building to relax, and clear my head.

    4. None of my creations start with a plan. I always grab a random bucket and throw some prototypes together, If there’s something potentially nice, then I expand on that idea and build something epic.

    5. I’ve got like 1500+ official LEGO sets, but less than 5% is still together. All the other parts will be used in MOC’s. Many MOC’s will stay on my shelf fora bout 1 year, then I recycle the pieces to build something new.

    6. Since January 2015 I ran out of shelfespace. So I had to make the hard dicission to break down some of my bigger (UCS) sets. Now I’ve got 10 square meters full of LEGO in my room.

    7. I buy LEGO sets every month. Sometimes just a small €4 pack. But there are some months like Oktober (LEGO WORLD in the Netherlands), where I spent over €400 on 1 day.

    8. I’m not a member of a local LUG. But I do showcases ome of my larger creations in the local youth center “SCN” for creativity, design and art.

    9. The LEGO hobby has
    PROS: You inspire people to be creative. An dit feels good to expresse motions via this “simple toy”.
    CONS : It’s not a cheap hobby.

    10. I’m an LEGO addict, and somewhat proud of it. Because I like to see people smile when they admire some of my work. And to inspire kids to follow thier dreams. As a kid my dream was to be “That guy who makes those epic MOCs”, now I am that guy. And now kids look up to me like I’m some kind of rocket scientist. I can’t imagine a life without LEGO

  • Top Hat February 10, 2015, 5:07 PM

    1. Being that the legal “adult” age in the US is 18, I am both an AFOL and TFOL.
    2. I have played with LEGO for as long as I can remember, starting with DUPLO. I got really into it around age seven, I suppose.
    3. I like the peace, and yet it’s also exciting to build something new. Overall, it’s very gratifying, and makes me feel proud.
    4. A little of everything. For some of my models, I’ve had a plan in mind, and yet one of my largest ones started when I just picked up a piece and said I was going to make something with it.
    5. I usually build a set when I get it, because sometimes I learn new building techniques, but after displaying it for a month or two, I take it apart and sort the parts for custom model building.
    6. My collection takes up half of my bedroom. Besides the models that are placed in various spots on display, my sorted collection takes up twelve shelves. As I get older, my interests in other hobbies fade away, and my LEGO collection grows, so I do occasionally clear a shelf of unwanted items and replace them with LEGO organizers.
    7. It’s hard to say, but I’d say I make a LEGO purchase at least every two or three months. There are months when I spend nothing, and there are months when I make an order of between $100 and $150. I think I’ve made an order of $160 before. I do not know when the longest period was when I did not purchase LEGO, aside from when I was little and played with Duplo. Like I said, I make a purchase every few months.
    8. I am not a part of any LUGs or clubs, and I don’t showcase at any conventions, though I’d like to in the future. I have posted a few of my models online.
    9. The pros of the hobby are innumerable. The enjoyment of sitting quietly and building, perhaps listening to music… the fun of knowing your sets, pieces, and colors… the great models you can make and people to converse with online. Even just collecting without building is fun. I am very proud of a few rare, old, and valuable pieces I own. The cons are that it’s an expensive hobby, and that sometimes people think of you as a nerd who needs to grow up and get a life.
    10. Both. I am hopelessly addicted, but I am careful to budget my money, and I see no better use for my free time.
    11. There is no eleventh question, but I would just like to say, just because I can, that I am one of the few, if not the only, LEGO fan who has counted his/her entire collection piece by piece. I can give a near-exact count, give or take a handful of mis-counted pieces. Whenever I buy a set or make an order online, or trade pieces with my brothers, I adjust my total. I am in the process of counting the pieces in a new purchase, but I have around 30,000 pieces in my collection.

    • gid617 February 10, 2015, 6:09 PM

      Hat’s off to you for counting them all! I couldn’t even imagine trying to do that!

      • Top Hat February 10, 2015, 9:25 PM

        Thanks! It took a couple of weeks. I counted the pieces in each organizer separately, and left a slip of paper in the organizer with the number. I also partly disassembled my models, counted the pieces, put them back together, and put slips of paper under them. When I was done, I gathered up all of the papers and added them up. It was a lot of work, but I’m glad I did it. It’s just neat to know… you know?

        • Hypernova February 11, 2015, 11:32 PM

          Holy crap! Counted them all?! I’m VERY impressed!

  • Tomsche Murrath February 10, 2015, 6:37 PM

    1. At going 37, I guess it`s AFOL 😉

    2. The first time at around 4, lasting to 14. It was a `toy` back then, suited to build camps with for my other toys like MASK or Transformers. It re-entered at 34, briefly for display but quickly involving to moc`cing, I guess mostly due to the internet connectivity of the current days.

    3. Relaxation, and `healthy` frustration when trying to figure something out

    4. A very vague sketch outlining the general idea, and the minifigs I would like to make the `build` around.

    5. Both. The Tolkien lines remain on display as they are, though I`m even building display scenic bases for them. Some other, bigger, sets like the Black Pearl reamin on display because they are just so pretty, but all the rest gets build once, then recycled.

    6. I`m constantly running out of space. At my parental house, where my bricks are in my old room as a workspace, I have a bunch of closets and shelves, but the big display sets are spilling over into the GF`s place as well…

    7. Regularly. I guess, not counting loose bricks from Brick Link and the likes, the minimum is around 10 euros (there is ALWAYS some handy small set in discount somewhere), the maximum willbe around 500 euros.

    8. I`m a part of BeLUG, now in my third year of membership, and started showcasing since last year at their local event.

    9. The pro and con are the same for me: it`s high quality, but comes at a price. The Lego survived the 20 year storage in boxes, while most of my other toys have been tossed due to aging. The other huge pro for me is that it can be `inherited` by the younger ones (alot of City parts for example, as I don`t really build in that direction), so if that means it might cost me some more then other toys on average, I`m happy paying for it.

    10. I`m addicted. I got the self-control of a tazmanian devil with rabies when I walk in a toystore, or scroll through sites like amazon or brick link. `Oh Shiney` is often the last sane thing I say before my bankaccount gets another assault to endure. And I, errm, “bend the truth” when the GF asks just how much I`ve spend yet again…

    Hope this is of any help, from Belgium, with greetings!

  • Claudette Kulkarni February 10, 2015, 8:40 PM

    1. I am an AFOL.
    2. I had contact with LEGO for the first time through another adult about 20 years ago (I’m now 70 years old), but I didn’t have much of a reaction to it at the time. LEGO was not available when I was a kid, but I played with Lincoln Logs and had a train set. Then, somehow, about 5 or 6 years ago, I started to get interested. I really don’t remember how or why. I think it was the modular sets that first got my attention.
    3. When I’m building something, I feel at peace overall. Everything slows down and I feel like there’s no hurry. If it’s an official set that I’m building, I’m always astonished by the clever techniques that are usually included. If I’m building something of my own, I’m usually in a very concentrated state and sometimes frustrated at not being able to figure out how to make something work. When I finish a build, I feel a great sense of satisfaction.
    4. When I’m building a MOC, I usually have an idea of the final product, but not a very specific plan. I’d probably do better if I did! But I tend to like to experiment hands-on.
    5. When building an official LEGO set, I always follow the instructions, but (unless it’s a set that I’m going to keep displayed) I then break it down and sort the pieces into storage containers. I would guess that I’ve built about 100 official LEGO sets, but only a couple of MOCs.
    6. My LEGO sets and bricks take up more than half of a large room (along with my library and computer). I have two sets of 5-shelf units that hold containers of elements. The built sets are scattered on various shelves with the books. I’m trying to figure out how to use the space more efficiently.
    7. I don’t purchase LEGO on a schedule. I buy whatever catches my eye. In a typical month, I probably spend between$40 and $60 (I watch for sales at Target), but in a month when I buy a modular building or a train set, I could spend $200. My spending has increased over the years. I doubt that I go more than a month or two without buying a set or some pieces (e.g., on Ebay).
    8. Technically, I am a member of my local LUG, but I don’t attend events. Most of the other members are much younger than me and interested in community projects (which don’t interest me at this point in my life). I’m not interested in showcasing my builds. I build for my own enjoyment and satisfaction.
    9. The only cons of LEGO are the cost and the space it takes up. The pros are many, including allowing one to explore one’s creativity and encouraging the development of a sharp mind that interacts with a hands-on experience.
    10. I think it is possible to be hopelessly addicted and yet be able to act responsibly. At least, that’s how I see myself. As a retired person, I can’t afford to ignore financial realities. Usually, for me, it comes down to setting priorities. So, for example, if I buy an expensive LEGO set this month, I’ll forgo something else.

  • David Tennant Lover February 10, 2015, 9:31 PM

    1. Tween Fan of Lego 😉
    2. When I was around the age of 5. My mom got me Mega Blocks but I felt that they were to big. So, my grandma took a trip here and gave me a blue box with pieces. The box said “Lego” and I remember how excited I was! I liked Lego instantly, and even before I opened the box!
    3. When I am creating lego, my emotions are excitement. I love legos because you can build whatever you’d like from your imagination. There is so many ways to use legos.
    4. I have a specificic plan and starting point in Lego, and always follow the instructions. I hate when Lego pieces from another set get mixed with another set!
    5. I build them according to the instructions. I’ve built to many official Lego sets that I can’t count! I have a few things of my own design. Most of the time I keep them together.
    6. I’ve had to empty 3 shelves, one giant table, 2 tables in my room, my desk, and more! I have lots of trouble with finding space! Last week I had to clear out a whole rug and table so that I could get the Star Destroyer Lego set, which, by the way, I’m getting next week.
    7. ? I don’t know, sorry!
    8. Nope and no. I don’t showcase any lego sets I have made, I just make a lot of stop motion with Legos.
    9. Pros: Lots of fun! Creativity. Imagination. You can make stop-motion!
    Cons: Lost of space, losing peices, stepping on a Lego piece hurts so bad! No really, have you ever stepped on a lego?!
    10. I’m just hopelessly addicted. There is something about Legos that make you want to continue and play with it. I never want to stop playing and building with Lego. It is to fun.

    Hope I helped! 😀

  • mojo February 10, 2015, 9:36 PM

    as a tfol, I,v build about….200something sets, my first being the aquazone crystal explorer. after that i got hooked onto rock raiders, arctic, life on mars, hydronauts, and others.

  • Legonizer February 11, 2015, 3:54 AM

    1: Technically an AFOL, but as an 18-year-old most of my experience as a LEGO fan comes from my years as a K/T FOL
    2: I don’t remember my fist interaction with LEGO, but it’s had an influence on me since birth. My father played with LEGO as a kid, and a bucket of duplo was one of the first gifts given to me as a baby. I first interacted with the standard system bricks around three, they were in a McDonald’s toy and reportedly I couldn’t stop playing with them from the moment I opened the little bag it came in
    3: I experience calm and bliss, almost as if I were doing meditation or yoga. Oddly, my mind is not only calm but tumultuous, as the ideas and visions in my head crash and churn, mirroring my frantic movements as pace from one side of my bedroom to the other, grabbing boxes of sorted Lego from the shelves and crevices in which I’ve organized them.
    4: I have a concept in my head, but I never draw it on paper or plan out the dimensions. my building process is organic and free form, so I don’t like to try and make it structured or limited.
    5: I build a great deal of official LEGO sets, but for the most part I prefer building my own designs. I’ve built literally hundreds of sets, and several dozen completed custom designs. I usually leave a set or MOC built for a few months to a year before breaking them apart, but my favorite creations stay built for years.
    6: I’ve lived with my parents my whole life, and so I’ve been limited to one room: my bedroom. I’ve had a more or less constant volume of space to store my LEGO, but as my collection grows I keep abandoning other toys/ belongings to make more room. Today, my bedroom is occupied by little more than my furniture, clothing, and LEGO collection. Though I always find a way around LEGO storage issues, I’m concerned about going to college and living in a dorm, becuase I can’t take my LEGO with me and will have to either pack everything up or break it down.
    7: I usually have severl-month long dry spells of LEGO buying, when I spend absolutley nothing on LEGO, followed by a spending spree when the next wave of new sets comes out of usually $200-$300. The most I’ve spent in one trip is probably around $400, and I’ve gone upwards of a full year without buying LEGO.
    I am a member of my local LUG. We do a few local events, but the majority of our effort goes to organizing events for club members, like games and raffles and the like.
    8: LEGO can be an expensive hobby, and sticking to the instructions can stifle creativity. Otherwise, LEGO is entirely pros: I can say with 100% honesty that LEGO has had the single greatest positive influence on my life, besides my own parents. I wouldn’t recommend it only because everybody has their own way of exploring their creativity and expressing themselves, and LEGO just happens to be my method.
    9: I would say that I am “addicted” to LEGO, except that the word “addicted” has a negative connotation that I consider inappropriate to describe my relationship with LEGO. I feel no shame in devoting my time and money to LEGO, as like I said it has had such a positive influence on my life, so I find it very easy to justify my time and financial investments in LEGO.

    • Legonizer February 11, 2015, 3:57 AM

      oops forgot to label 8, and mislabeled 9 and 10

  • kai February 11, 2015, 6:19 AM

    1. TFOL (Teen-Fan-of-LEGO)
    3. Fun (I guess)
    4. I almost always have a rough draft in my head, but nothing to planed out really.
    5. First: both, after building the sets just for fun I usually wreck them up. Second Third and Fourthly, No idea. And lastly, yes, I “recycle” them because other wise I’d run out of pieces and building space.
    6. Firstly, zero, though of course I have a desk for them in one room. Second, yes, I need more buckets and a bigger desk I think.
    7. First, not exactly regularly, but basically as often as possible 😛 . Next, I don’t know though my guess is that the most was around $60. Last, too long, about the first 5 years of my life 😉 😛 , I guess I shouldn’t include that? Well, maybe 8 months (I’m guessing).
    8. Nope, and no again.
    9. The pros are they’re lots of fun, they help you be creative, etc, etc 😛 . The cons: well if you just build for fun and then wreck them up and stuff I see none, but if you’re a part of some online community then the cons are taking photos of ones MOCs. It really wouldn’t be bad though, except I take them outside, and have to take into account all the possible natural disasters, (aka wind, rain, cloudy or not, volcanoes, tornadoes 😛 ) not to mention carrying the MOC outside and downstairs. Yes I would by all means recommend it to a friend. If I had any! JK.
    10. I think I have no choice but to be reasonable (I have little money to say the least)! So yes.

  • Lew and Jean Kinsey February 11, 2015, 10:21 AM

    1. We are A.F.O.L. 82 and 78 years old.
    2. I got him a Technic tow truck for Xmas. He thought I would like a fire truck. I did.
    5. I follow the book, he can innovate. He turned the tow truck into a 6 foot long “lowboy ” truck, 19 axles long. He has built 9 technic sets, I have done 8..VW bus, Harry Potter stuff, Lone Ranger, Cooper mini. We display them and 50 mini figures I collected.
    6.No space left to display, no cash!
    7.We bought 3 times a year, about. Me, $200 a year, Him $300 a year. For about 5 years.
    9.We love building. Are happy when building. excited. love the mental challenge.
    10. Reality has set in, used to spend, now cannot do as much. No technic left that interests us. I love buildings and Creator stuff. Spend a lot less, But WE LOVE LEGO!!

  • Eric February 11, 2015, 10:41 AM

    1/I’m a TFOL
    2/when i was 4 i got the 2002 discovery international space station,and felt in love with it after finishing
    3/relaxed,while concentrated
    4/the bigger the project,the more thinking
    5/I have 50 something lego sets while most are ninjago spinners,the 2 only sets that I’ve teared apart were the 2010 castle and palpatine arrest because they have boring design.
    I have about more than 10 small stuffs and 1 big MOC
    6/I have my whole bedroom crammed with those sets,but it’s teen budget here
    7/I usually perchase about 50USD of worth of lego each wave and the longest time that i don’t buy lego was 9 months
    8/sigh,local LUG=+18
    9/pros:just the best thing you can play with cons:addictive and money consuming
    10/I am much more reasonable since i don’t have my own salary

    • Hypernova February 11, 2015, 11:29 PM

      “local LUG=+18”
      Yeah, I feel you. >=/ Eurobricks is annoying too…I have an account there anyway. Y’know, TFOLs are people too!

  • Keith February 11, 2015, 1:19 PM

    1.) AFOL (44)
    2.) I was 10 years old and I instantly loved them. A toy with endless possibilities that allowed me to imagine and play my way.
    3.) A mixture of childhood nostalgia coupled with complete and utter relaxation. No deadlines, no pressures, for me, it is purely about fun, playing, imagination, etc.
    4.) I would say about 50/50, plan versus free-play. Sometimes I have a specific project in mind, other times I am just tinkering.
    5.) Often I build in accordance with the instructions, so I don’t get Kragle’d by Lord Business. Sometimes I leave creations built for a while, but usually they are broken down, ready for me to create again when the mood strikes. I have around 15 sets, I huge bin of loose items, and a mini figure set that is growing at a terrifying rate.
    6.) I am fortunate that I have an entire spare room dedicated as my office/workshop, so generally speaking, space is not an issue. My mini figures are taking over my desk, so I am working on an open-air, wall-mounted display stand for them. No case! They have to be able to breath for Pete’s sake!
    7.) My lawyer has advised me not to answer this question so I do not incriminate myself. 🙂 My wife and I are on a mini figure buying craze right now, so every few days we get a new “visitor”. The least we have spent was on one of our mini figures, just under a dollar. The most (currently) was just on the Star Wars Slave 1 Ultimate Collectors Series. The longest I have gone without a purchase was when I joined the Navy at 17 and did not get back into Lego until very recently.
    8.) I am not a member of any local groups. I have been told I don’t play well with others.
    9.) Pros: Endless opportunity to create, you can get so much mileage from a single set. Not many toys/hobbies are like that IMHO. Cons: As others have stated, can be pretty addictive and cost can be a problematic. I would definitely recommend!
    10.) I try to strike a balance between responsibility and addiction, I really, really do! That should count for something, right? In all seriousness, we try to be pretty disciplined with our spending on Lego … but I kind of feel like Lord Business confessing that he so badly wants to throw Bad Cop out the window! I once considered trying to determine how much I have spent on Lego overall, but some secrets are just best left untouched.

    Good luck with your research!
    Do you believe you are a LEGO fan with reasonable limits on investment of time and money in the hobby, or are you hopelessly addicted? Explain.

  • Hypernova February 11, 2015, 11:26 PM

    I’m a TFOL .
    I don’t remember my first LEGO experience: My brother is five years older than me, and got many sets that I grew up playing with alongside my sister and him
    I do all of this: I doodle, I build with plans…just all of it!
    I build sets, and break some, and keep others. It depends on the set, or why I bought it!
    Um…lots. Not running out of space as of yet…I have a REALLY big room, about an eighth of my house, so it’ll take a couple more years. 😉
    Um…least? I’ve gone for one or two months without getting anything…Most I’ve spent at once? $230…? about on the first wave of LotR.
    Well, I have a group of about 7 friends and we build together. But no officially organized groups for me.
    Pros? It’s what I love. Seriously! It helps me think, it’s an art form…I love it. Cons? It costs money! I mean, it’s not a BIG con, but it isn’t the greatest. But it’s not like they could just dish out free sets to everyone. I’d recommend it to EVERYONE! At least because most people don’t realize how rewarding it can be.
    I do, because I spend time with the other things I love (Tolkien’s works, Harry Potter, and The Legend of Zelda) so I have some fair moderation in building. Sometimes I wish I could be “hopelessly addicted”, but I think it’s good to have other things! I think everyone should have multiple ‘things’.

    I hope your research goes well!

  • ninjagofan February 12, 2015, 11:51 PM

    im a TFOL and i first knew about lego but i dint any sets whaen my mom bought my brother a lego city train well i loved it only at first i thought lego was for boys only.then we went to toys r us to buy a gift to my brother and we passed the lego sección and i saw lego Friends…imediatly i knew lego is for girls to

  • Shea February 15, 2015, 3:54 AM

    1. Technically, I’m currently a TFOL as I’m only 17, but I like to think of myself in the same category as an AFOL (except in terms of budget)

    2. I have been playing with LEGO bricks since I first able was able. When I was very young I also used to use and collect Duplo, especially the Bob the Builder line. Initially, I was only interested in LEGO as a toy, on a similar level with K’Nex and similar products, but as I grew older, my interest in LEGO grew as well.

    4. I am not the best at creating MOCs, and often when I start out to build something I find it hard to take form. Possibly a contributing factor to this is that most of my bricks form part of sets so I don’t have as many to use in my own models. It is something I am working on though. Sometimes I just pick up a bunch of bricks and start making something, which sometimes works out well.

    5. I always build a set with the instructions. Most of the time I keep them made up as-is, but sometimes I modify the sets using other parts. Smaller sets that don’t hold a lot of significance or form part of a larger scene I often take apart after a while to join my parts collection.

    6. I used to use two card tables with a smaller table underneath, and was frequently running out of space that I had to move half of my collection onto an old bookshelf. Recently, I picked up two massive display shelves which now fairly comfortably house my collection.

    7. I buy a lot more LEGO now then ever I used to, as I have much more money available. I don’t really buy LEGO a whole lot, or purchase sets simply for the sake of buying something. Probably my biggest buying spree was trying to find retired Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit sets for sale online after only realizing how much I loved the franchise after the first couple of waves had disappeared from stores. There was a large period of perhaps a couple of years from around 2009 – 2011 where I brought hardly any sets at all, except for on my birthday or Christmas, which fall fairly close together. At the time it was more a lack of funds then interest, and now I often look back with regret on all of the awesome sets I missed in that period.

    8. Not really. Not a lot like that exists where I live, though recently we have started holding exhibitions where I have displayed a few times. I have really enjoyed the few times when I have been able to travel to Melbourne for the Australia-wide Brickvention.

    9. I probably wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone, but I would certainly encourage someone who is already interested in LEGO.

    Probably one of the biggest downsides to buying LEGO is the cost, especially here in Australia where the prices are often inflated when compared to America or European countries, and there are virtually no markdowns less than 20% off.

    10. I feel that I am probably pretty addicted. I don’t go spending large amounts of money on LEGO at a time, but that is more because I rarely have large amounts of money at a time then that I would not want to.

  • Circe Verba February 16, 2015, 6:45 PM

    1. Love of Lego started as a KFOL and still as an AFOL.

    2. I started playing with Lego at a young age ~6 years old. Some of my earlier memories is of my mom stumbling over the blocks… I think I tended to create more buildings as a child rather than more complex builds (and using trolls and giants to come destroy it).

    3. When I build with Lego, emotions are dependent on what I’m building. Certain sets (like the Research Institute) I was incredibly happy and gleeful. Original sets can sometimes be combined with frustration when missing a part or when you have the vision in your head that you can’t seem to make physical. However, once the original idea comes together, the feeling is satisfaction.

    4. Sometimes I have a specific goal in mind when I start building original builds/projects. I’ll use LDD sometimes to help formulate what I want to build.

    4. With Official Lego sets, I start off with the instructions. I’ll either leave the build and display it, or integrate it into the stash for other builds. At the moment, I have 5 sets on display and the rest have been combined.

    5. Legos are in several regions of my house. Special Official builds are in the formal dining room for display. The upstairs office has special bins categorized by size/type.

    7. Lego purchases change depending on what sets are available and if I’m buying for myself, friends, or friend’s kids. Around Christmas time I spend a lot on Lego. The maximum I’ve spent on a single set is ~$100. We also have a local store where they have bulk bins (Bricks and minifigs) that I will pillage with the boyfriend occasionally and walk out of there easily spending $50-$100. That said, I can go 6 months without buying a set.

    8. I’m not an active member, but I do see other projects at the nearby Lego hobby store. I post and comment with friends on facebook.

    9. Of course I would recommend Lego to others! Pros: really helps the hand-eye-brain coordination. It’s also a great way for science, technology, engineering, and math education which I’m an avid supporter of. Cons: some of the cooler sets are super expensive which can make it difficult for some to purchase. Also, statistically there is a gender imbalance. I didn’t notice as a young girl (minifigure boy, but it’s a her because I said so!), but as an adult there is a clear difference such as cool space characters and themes. While I can appreciate this is starting to change with new sets (such as Gamora in Guardians of the Galaxy) and Lego Friends, Lego can continue to improve this.

    10. I think I have reasonable limits. Sometimes. 🙂 It’s a controlled addiction.

    • Martin Boon March 3, 2015, 3:26 AM

      Hi, interesting subject. At this moment I am writing a paper with subject market research, specific for the LEGO collector (target group). Is it possible for me to get the results/conclusions when the research is finished? Of course I will refer to this investigation.

      There isn’t much research to find on the www about the LEGO collector.

      • admin March 3, 2015, 9:17 AM

        Martin, you are welcome to use the responses here for your research, as long as you refer back to bakc to this discussion.

  • Martin Boon March 3, 2015, 4:50 AM

    1) AFOL (42 years old)
    2) About age of 3 -4
    3) Happy, relaxing, focus (normally difficult for me), creating something (art?)
    4) Doodling something. But not much time to build
    5) Most of time official sets. Build more than 1.000, last 2 years not so much, about 30 (big sets, like 10189, 10181 etc)
    6) The house is full of LEGO, it’s really everywhere (kids rooms, attick, garage, living room, kitchen)
    7) In the dark ages I haven’t bought LEGO for about 25 years.
    Now I buy LEGO for my own collection about 3 times a month. From about E 50,- till E 2.050 maximum purchase (10179 FE new). Estimated in a year about E 5.000 till E 7.500 (I had to make the 25 lost years right ;-))
    8) No
    9) Relaxing, inspiring, keep my focus, quality time with the children. So many good things about LEGO. Cons: it tkaes a lot of room to store your collection.
    10) Addicted (and a happy addict :-))


  • Clumsybumsy March 15, 2015, 3:03 PM

    1. I am a TFOl, both in age and budget.
    2. LEGO DUPLO entered my life when I was 2 and LEGO system entered my life when i was 4, I don’t remember much about when I got my first LEGO DUPLO but I am quite sure I instantly liked the system sets.
    3. When I create something out of LEGO bricks I experience feelings of joy when I can admire a build in it’s full glory, wether a MOC or just a retail set. But I can also be quite mad/depressed if I can’t find the piece I have been looking for for two hours and when I have to use a substitute due to that. relaxtion and concentration are also something I usually experience when building.
    4. I usually have a specific starting point when I start building in the form of a simple drawing with a floor plan and rough elements of the 3D structure or a page open on the internet(as was the case when I sought inspiration for interior details for my grand emporium). However my plans are usually a bit over the top and most, if not all of the times I change a lot about it. After all you can’t turn 1.500 bricks into 1.5000.
    5. I do a mix of both, I usually build the official set or one of the other models(2in1, 3in1 etc.) but with most of the sets I disassemble them later and then I use the pieces for MOCs. I keep my modular’s and most of my Star Wars sets intact though and when I disassemble them I keep those piece a part from other sets. I sadly break MOCs down due to space issue’s after a certain time. I’ve had some vignette’s that I kept intact for long times.
    6. I have emptied one shelf so far for my LEGO hobby, counting all shelf’s I have 24 shelf’s, of which quite a few are still empty(investing in storage space sure is a good idea). I also have a table on which I build my MOCs, I build the official set’s at my desk due to the fact that my table is covered with MOCs.
    7. I purchase LEGO 6-10 times a year due to my TFOL budget. The average amount of money I spent on LEGO per month is €40 however it can be as low as €0/month or as high as €240/month(only happened once) My average spendings when I buy LEGO are €60(or something near that). I usually buy two large sets(€100+) a year, then two or three medium sets(€30-€100) and then 1-5 small sets. However most of the small sets I buy are under €10.
    8. As there is no local LUG, I would say no.
    9. Pro’s:
    -Long lasting value.
    -You can do everything you want with the brick’s, they are reusable.
    -There are many different piece’s.
    -It’s a way to be creative.
    -It relaxes you.
    -It is very expensive.
    -It can be quite time-consuming.
    -It can make me neglect important things.
    -It take most of the space in my room.
    10. I am hopelessly addicted and proud of it. I invest 95% of my yearly income in LEGO(not smart, i know) and I invest heavily in storage space.
    but the LEGO addiction runs in the family.

    • Clumsybumsy March 15, 2015, 3:04 PM

      addition to 5. I build over 120 official set’s over the course of my LEGO career

    • Clumsybumsy March 15, 2015, 3:05 PM

      and another one to 7. Longest time I haven’t bought LEGO was 1 year and 4 month’s.

  • Shraddha June 29, 2015, 6:12 AM

    I have sent you an email about a story I’m doing on LEGO fans in Mumbai, India. Would appreciate if you could get respond to that. Thank you!
    Have a nice day.

    • admin June 29, 2015, 10:48 AM

      I got your email and will respond shortly. 🙂

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