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LEGO suitcase sets – great for storage!

Today I would like to bring to your attention some of the recently released LEGO Juniors and LEGO Creator sets that come with a special feature: a sturdy and very handy storage-case. These storage-cases are made by Room Copenhagen, the same Danish company that we featured before for their very nice LEGO storage and sorting units (see links at the end of this post). These smaller units that come directly with LEGO sets are very portable, but still large enough to be excellent project cases, or for storing special elements like minifigure parts and accessories. 🙂

LEGO Storage Box Suitcase

The LEGO Juniors and LEGO Creator sets that come in these special storage-cases are referred to as “suitcase sets”. So far there has been two LEGO Creator sets (both released in 2013): the #10659 LEGO Creator Vehicle Suitcase, and the #10660 LEGO Creator House Suitcase. In the LEGO Juniors line we also get two sets (both released in 2015): the #10684 LEGO Juniors Supermarket Suitcase and the #10685 LEGO Juniors Fire Suitcase. The sets themselves are very nice, but here what we are focusing on is the storage-cases themselves.

#10684 LEGO Juniors Suitcase

The LEGO suitcase storage-case is 11x8x2.5 inches with two clasps for easy opening and closing. When the case is closed it is secured tight. There is no reason to worry it will open by accident while carrying. Inside, the suitcase is divided into half, and there are also additional removable dividers you can use to create smaller compartments. These dividers can be positioned in a number of different ways. The compartments are actually quite large and can hold a good number of parts. Depending on how you place the dividers, the largest compartment can also accommodate a 16×16 stud baseplate.

LEGO Storage Box Blue

As I have mentioned above, so far four sets have been released in these suitcases, each with a different color scheme. I’m mentioning this because the colors match exactly the standard LEGO color palette. Also, if you own the LEGO Friends or LEGO Legends of Chima storage boxes by Room Copenhagen, the colors match those as well. If you like your LEGO and your storage to be all matchy-matchy, you will be very happy with these. The #10659 LEGO Creator Vehicle Suitcase is blue (body) and dark-azure lid) – although I have also seen a variation of this set in a dark-red and red suitcase. The #10660 LEGO Creator House Suitcase is dark-pink (body) and bright-pink (lid). The #10684 LEGO Juniors Supermarket Suitcase magenta (body) and dark-pink (lid). And the #10685 LEGO Juniors Fire Suitcase is dark-red (body) and red (lid). The clasps on all of them are bright-light-orange.

#10685 LEGO Juniors Suitcase

These LEGO suitcase storage units are obviously not big enough to store an entire collection, however they work great as project cases – something you can take around with you as you work on a new LEGO creation. They are also excellent for storing unique elements like minifigure parts, minifigure accessories, or small parts that you want to keep separate from your main collection. They are also excellent for kids to take around on long car-rides, sleepovers and whatnot – the boxes are actually large enough to place on the lap and build and play inside the compartments. As an adult LEGO fan I have two of these storage-cases; one of them I use for minifig parts storage for a project I’m working on, and the other I use for tiny elements that are great for greebling and detailing. I’m very happy with them.

LEGO Storage Box Pink

The LEGO Creator Suitcase sets have been retired already, although they are still readily available on the secondary market. The two LEGO Juniors sets are new releases and you can find them under the LEGO Juniors section of the Online LEGO Shop.

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So what do you think? How do you like these LEGO project-cases? Do you have any of them already? How do you use them? Feel free to share your thoughts and your own review in the comment section below! 😉

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  • Raylin Sutter August 26, 2015, 9:07 AM

    My son absolutely loves legos. However, because he is 13 my husband thinks that he is too old to play with toys like that. Is there an appropriate age range for those who play with them? I support it because I feel that it fosters his creativity and, even, intellect. He has quite the collection, including a few lego custom minifigs.

    • admin August 26, 2015, 11:10 AM

      Raylin, people build with LEGO their entire lives. In fact, the most brilliant people never give up the hobby. My father is an architect and he uses LEGO for modeling as well as for relaxation and play. Architect, engineers, designers, programmers, etc. frequently use LEGO for their work and/or as a hobby. Just look around the internet to see the amazing things teen and adult LEGO fans build. In addition, many LEGO sets are specifically made for older teens and adults. LEGO is a creative medium, not just some toy. Let your son enjoy it! It is a sign that he is awesome! 😉

    • Guy smiley September 2, 2015, 12:32 AM

      I completely agree, you are never too old for Lego, or even toys in general. I mean, if he is too old to build Lego, what SHOULD he be doing? Honestly I’d like to know what your husband thinks your son should do instead.

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