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LEGO Dimensions packs on sale at Amazon

If you have been thinking about trying out LEGO Dimensions but were discouraged by the high prices of the starter pack and add-on packs, you might want to check again. Amazon.com has been having great deals on most of the LEGO Dimensions packs in the 30-60% off range, which makes the packs a lot more affordable. 🙂

LEGO Dimensions Website

If you would like to play the LEGO Dimensions game, you will need to get a LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack specific to your gaming device. These are 30-60% off right now from the regular price of $100, depending on the system you are buying it for. You can find them below:

LEGO Dimensions Sale on Amazon

If you want to expand your gaming experience, or if you are not interested in the game but would like to get the LEGO Dimensions packs for the unique minifigures only, the LEGO Dimensions Fun Packs are currently 50% off. Which means that instead of being $15, now they are $7.50. Some of the larger LEGO Dimensions Packs are also on sale.

LEGO Dimensions Sale on Amazon Fun Packs

LEGO Dimensions was released last year, and turned out to be better then expected with favorable reviews from LEGO fans of all ages. And LEGO will continue to come out with future add-on packs to expand the game. This is a great time to get into LEGO Dimensions because of the decreased prices. And remember that with Amazon you can also mix your LEGO purchase with other items you need around your home or office, and shipping is free over $35. Keep in mind that prices on Amazon can fluctuate quite a bit, so take advantage of special offers while they are available.

What do you think? Have you been playing LEGO Dimensions? How do you like it? Feel free to share your own review and tips on the game in the comment section below! 😉

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  • TheBrickLot January 15, 2016, 7:45 PM

    Is it just me or has Dimensions lost its momentum and has flopped?

    • admin January 15, 2016, 8:16 PM

      As far as I know it is very popular. There is less talk about it because we already knew about several waves of packs coming out, but people are definitely playing. Prices coming down was a natural thing, especially on the Starter Pack. In my opinion the Starter Packs should have never been that expensive to begin with. You want to introduce people cheap, get the hooked, and let them spend money on add-on packs. 😉

  • JD January 25, 2016, 11:52 AM

    I agree with “TheBrickLot”, I’m not convinced Dimensions is doing very well. My evidence is anecdotal but based on the following:
    – The sales came much too quickly and were large (50%!). I understand loss leading strategy (I’m a business major) but that’s not it here. This tells me at the very least they overpriced and now are trying/hoping to correct.
    – My son and his cohorts are the dead center bulls-eye of Lego’s target demographic market. 8 year old boys, huge Lego and Minecraft fans. My son has tons of Legos (he’s very proud that he can build even the biggest sets by himself), is insane about them really. Yet Dimensions isn’t even on his radar.
    – None of the other kid’s at his school (also big Lego and Minecraft fans) seem to be playing Dimensions either. We’re hearing nothing about it through peer involvement.

    For this I am grateful by the way, as I was nervous that it was going to take off among his circle of friends and we were going to have to spend a bunch of money on this. In fact, I even got ahead of it a little bit by telling the parents of his closest friend that we were going to avoid Dimensions on purpose so as to not get stuck into a Lego’s Skylander thing.

    • admin January 25, 2016, 2:49 PM

      Very interesting. Thanks for sharing your own experiences. I think it was a big mistake for LEGO to sell the starter packs so high. They really should have designed an intro pack that was super easy on people’s wallet, then when people got hooked, they would have bought the other ones. Personally I think even $50 is too much to get into a brand new game. $25 or even less would have been ideal. It would be sad if kids are staying away from the game, because it is really well done. And it might be too late now to get these same kids (and their parents) into it because the freshness and coolness factor wore off. I would be sad if the game fails though. And if it does, I’m pretty convinced it is not because the game is bad, but because the marketing is off.

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