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LEGO Angry Birds sets review & thoughts

At the beginning of the month the new LEGO Angry Birds theme was released with six sets, based on the upcoming Angry birds film scheduled for May 20th. The outlook on the film is not particularly positive, and LEGO fans have also been wondering why LEGO even bothered with this theme. However once pictures of the sets were revealed, opinions softened somewhat. The sets do look fun, and today we will take a closer look. 🙂

LEGO Angry Birds Poster

Let’s talk about the figures first, as they are quite different than regular LEGO minifigures. However this is understandable since they are based on a movie. I think LEGO did a great job with them, and they all look super cute. I especially like Red, Chuck, Matilda, and just look at Stella! Isn’t she adorable? An interesting detail is that the birds all have simple arms that rotate only at the shoulder, while the pigs have regular minifigure arms. The pigs look good too, and it’s nice to have such a variety in print. Also notice the stud on their heads for attachments. All in all I would say that the birds are cuter, and the pigs are more poseable.

LEGO Angry Birds Characters

#75821 LEGO ANGRY BIRDS PIGGY CAR ESCAPE: This is the smallest set in the collection, with a small vehicle and two characters. Not a particularly exciting set, and I also feel it’s overpriced, but you do get several of those new egg pieces. Here is the official description: Speedy Chuck is racing after the Piggy Car as the naughty piggy has stolen some of the bird eggs! Dodge the flying ice cream as you catch up with the pesky piggy! Rescue the eggs safely and return them to the flock, or play out your own chaotic and fun scenes inspired by The Angry Birds Movie. Includes 2 figures: Chuck the Angry Bird and a piggy. 72 pieces. Price: $12.99 – BUY HERE

#75821 LEGO Angry Birds

#75822 LEGO ANGRY BIRDS PIGGY PLANE ATTACK: This set is a lot more interesting, both for Angry birds fans and LEGO fans in general. The plane is cute, and the simple catapult works well for some fun play action. The set also contains several eggs, new printed wooden tiles, and the new balloon elements that I feel have been long overdue. I was always bothered by those holes on LEGO balloons. Now we can finally make some proper ones! If you are only getting the Angry Birds sets for parts, this is a good choice. Here is the official description: Prepare for take-off! Those tricky piggies will try anything to get the flock’s eggs out of Bird Island—even jetting off on a plane! Grab the catapult and prepare for some bird-flinging fun at high altitude! Help Red rescue the eggs from the plane, but watch out for the flick missile shooters. Includes 2 figures: Red and Pilot Pig. 168 pieces. Price: $19.99 – BUY HERE

#75822 LEGO Angry Birds

#75823 LEGO ANGRY BIRDS BIRD ISLAND EGG HEIST: If you are willing to spend a bit more to try out this new theme – at least in my opinion – this is one of the best sets. The little house looks good, and I would even say it would be worth picking up two to make a full structure. The motorcycle is great, and you also get plenty of eggs, balloons, and some nice pink foliage pieces, green feathers, and other interesting accessories. Here is the official description: Red’s hot temper has landed him in an Angry Bird Anger Management Class at Matilda’s House ­ but he’s even angrier when a naughty piggy steals the eggs! Catapult Red at the Piggy Trike and take the eggs from the box in the back of the trike! Play out action-packed scenes from The Angry Birds Movie and return the eggs to the flock. Includes 3 figures: Red, Matilda and Biker Pig. 277 pieces. Price: $29.99 – BUY HERE

#75823 LEGO Angry Birds

#75824 LEGO ANGRY BIRDS PIG CITY TEARDOWN: If you are more committed to the theme, this set is a good option. It has more of the destructive features that so much characterizes the Angry Birds story. The parts selection is also good with balloons, eggs, printed wooden tiles, and a brand now hotdog bun! Here is the official description: Use the catapult to shoot Red and Stella into Pig City! Cause a chain reaction by firing the birds above the boulder, and use the piggies’ own TNT against them! Chase the piggies all over Pig City to get the eggs back, but keep your eyes peeled for the sliding piggy in his umbrella! Will the birds even find their eggs in all this piggy-crashing excitement? Includes 4 figures: Red, Stella and 2 piggies. 386 pieces. Price: $39.99 – BUY HERE

#75824 LEGO Angry Birds

#75825 LEGO ANGRY BIRDS PIGGY PIRATE SHIP: From the time LEGO fans had a chance to see the first images, this was the most talked about set in the LEGO Angry Birds collection. It looks like a fun and wacky ship – kind of like a smaller and simplified version of the #70810 The LEGO Movie MetalBeard’s Sea Cow. The moving ores and paddle wheel (see video-review below) are a brilliant idea. However other than this, the set has surprisingly few play-features and functions. I still think it’s a good looking ship that is worth getting, but don’t expect from it too much. Here is the official description: Shiver me timbers, those naughty piggies are escaping Bird Island – with stolen eggs! Quickly fire Red and Bomb off the jetty using the catapult before it sails too far away. Land the Angry Birds on the Piggy Pirate Ship, search the decks and battle the piggies to stop them stealing the eggs! Includes 4 figures: Red, Bomb, Pirate Pig and Leonard. 620 pieces. Price: $59.99 – BUY HERE

#75826 LEGO Angry Birds

#75826 LEGO ANGRY BIRDS KING PIG’S CASTLE: This is the largest in the LEGO Angry Birds collection. It is one crazy looking castle for sure, and I think it has great potential for customization. I particularly like the tower with the slide going around it. Here is the official description: King Pig has stolen the eggs and is preparing a feast! Prepare for some seriously feathery fun as you catapult Red at the castle and watch the piggies go crashing! Fly Mighty Eagle in with a swoosh, but watch out for the TNT box with wings. Race to the top of the tower and rescue the eggs before they slide into the cauldron. Stop Chef Pig putting boiled eggs on the menu, and serve up your own side order of awesome bird-slinging action! Includes 5 figures: Red, Mighty Eagle, King Pig, Chef Pig and Foreman Pig. 859 pieces. Price: $89.99 – BUY HERE

While the LEGO Angry Birds theme may not be interesting for everyone, I think the sets are worth checking out just for the nice new pieces and interesting models. I don’t know if there are still any die-hard Angry Birds fans out there who would want to get the whole collection, so I’m not sure how well this theme will perform, but I have a feeling they will do better than the movie. You can find them under the LEGO Angry Birds section of the Online LEGO Shop.

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What do you think? How do you like the LEGO Angry Birds sets? Do you think they are worth checking out? Are you planning to pick up any of them? And how do you like the characters? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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  • Strider April 6, 2016, 10:12 AM

    I don’t believe I’m the first to make this comparison, but the whole theme gives me a Lego Spongebob vibe. The new pieces for the bottum half of the baloons are nice, I’ll have to wait and see if/when they appear in other sets. I wonder if anybody will do custom prints on the pigs, they look like they could make decent medieval fantasy goblins and monsters.

    • admin April 6, 2016, 11:14 AM

      Funny, I thought of the SpongeBob similarity too! That’s a good idea for goblins. They definitely have a funny and goblin-ish body. I’m pretty sure we will see those balloon pieces in many other sets. 🙂

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