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Recent LEGO sets on sale at Amazon!

Gearing up for the holiday shopping season, Amazon already put a number of excellent LEGO sets on sale. Today we will take a look at some of the most interesting sets with great discounts. Please keep in mind that Amazon’s prices frequently fluctuate, so if you would like to take advantage of these deals you will have to jump on them right away. 🙂

#60051 LEGO City Train

#60051 LEGO CITY HIGH-SPEED PASSENGER TRAIN: This is one of the sleekest LEGO trains and it comes with a full circle of tracks, plus all LEGO Power Function elements to make it run. Here is the official description: Travel around the city in no time with the motorized LEGO City High-speed Passenger Train! Operate the 8-channel, 7-speed infrared remote control to power around the curved tracks at top speed. This streamlined, super-efficient train has a high-speed front profile and electricity contact points on top. Lift off the roof of the front car to place the driver inside at the cool dashboard and open the passenger cars to access the seats and tables. Wait for the train with the traveler at the way station, and pedal safely across the crossing with the cyclist once the train has gone past. Includes 3 minifigures: train driver, traveler and a cyclist. 610 pieces. Regular price: $149.99 – Amazon 30% off price: $104.99 – BUY ON AMAZON

#60052 LEGO City Train

#60052 LEGO CITY CARGO TRAIN: One of the best recent LEGO trains, also comes with a full set of tracks and Power Functions. Here is the official description: Move heavy goods – and animals! – around the city with the super-powerful LEGO City Cargo Train! This awesome motorized train with 4-channel, 7-speed, infrared remote control can transport almost anything. So it’s your job to make sure the cargo is in the right place at the right time to keep the city running smoothly. Attach the cattle wagon and 2 cargo wagons together and pull them around the circular rail track with the locomotive. Operate the forklift to move the pallets safely between the wagons and truck. Keep track of all the cargo leaving and arriving in the office at the impressive cargo train station. There you can use the sliding overhead crane with hook to move heavy cargo between vehicles or onto the ground. With so many play functions and cool features, this really is the ultimate set for train enthusiasts! Includes 4 minifigures: forklift driver, train driver, farmer and a truck driver. 887 pieces. Regular price: $199.99 – Amazon 38% off price: $123.99 – BUY ON AMAZON

#60050 LEGO City Train Station

#60050 LEGO CITY TRAIN STATION: A nice train station to go with your LEGO trains. And the discount is excellent! Here is the official description: Take a taxi to the busy LEGO City Train Station, a place that never sleeps! On arrival, go up the stairs and through the opening doors. Check the time on the large clock hanging from the roof and the map of train services by the ATM. While you wait for your train, browse around the shop selling LEGO® City products. Feeling hungry? Head to the kiosk and order a croissant or pizza and a drink from the menu signs hanging above the desk. Then take a seat on the clean platform, enjoy your snack and relax. Includes 5 minifigures: conductor, chef, taxi driver and 2 travelers. 423 pieces. Regular price: $64.99 – Amazon 38% off price: $40.29 – BUY ON AMAZON


#60115 LEGO CITY 4×4 OFF ROADER: The LEGO City Octan racers are very popular with collectors, and this is one of the most fun sets in the series. Here is the official description: Kick the tires and check under the hood of the LEGO City 4×4 Off Roader so it’s ready for the big desert race. Features a removable spare tire, tool wagon, gas can and other accessories. Includes 2 minifigures: a driver and a mechanic. 176 pieces. Regular price: $19.99 – Amazon 38% off price: $12.39 – BUY ON AMAZON

#60122 LEGO City Volcano

#60122 LEGO CITY VOLCANO CRAWLER: This set is from the LEGO City Volcano collection, offering great play features for an excellent price. Here is the official description: Make bigger discoveries with the versatile Volcano Crawler, featuring wide tracks to move over any obstacles, a big jackhammer arm that rotates on its base and moves up and down, a boulder rack to hold rocks in place and an ATV with a chain to move boulders around. Includes 3 minifigures: a female ATV driver, male volcano adventurer and a male volcano worker. 324 pieces. Regular Price: $39.99. – Amazon 36% off price: $25.49 – BUY ON AMAZON


#60107 LEGO CITY FIRE LADDER TRUCK: A solid LEGO City Fire set that would fit in any LEGO City setting. At this price you can’t go wrong with this set. Here is the official description: Be a hero in LEGO City with the Fire Ladder Truck, featuring an extending ladder that spins 360 degrees and a pull-out fire hose with a special stud-shooter function to knock down the flames. Includes 2 minifigures: a female firefighter and a male firefighter. 214 pieces. Regular price: $24.99 – Amazon 40% off price: $14.99 – BUY ON AMAZON

#60103 LEGO City Airport

#60103 LEGO CITY AIRPORT AIR SHOW: One of the best recent LEGO City airport sets with three different planes! Here is the official description: Be part of the show at LEGO City Airport, featuring a hangar with room for a plane, 2 jets with opening cockpits and an old-fashioned plane with spinning propeller, an airport service car, gasoline barrel with hose that can be rolled out and a tool wagon with tool rack. Includes 6 minifigures: male and female jet pilots, male and female stunt pilots, a mechanic and an airport worker. 670 pieces. Regular price: $89.99 – Amazon 36% off price: $57.59 – BUY ON AMAZON

#31050 LEGO Creator Corner Deli Image

#31050 LEGO CREATOR CORNER DELI: LEGO has been releasing a series of 3-in-1 sets that a lot of people refer to (including LEGO’s own designers) the little brothers of the LEGO Modular Buildings. This is one of the nicest ones in the collection. Here is the official description: Open up for business at the wonderful Corner Deli, featuring a colorful, detailed façade, red and white striped awning, 2 opening serving hatches and a movable shop sign. The detailed interior includes a cash register and stairs that lead to a second-floor apartment with a chair, lamp, balcony and access to a roof terrace. This 3-in-1 LEGO Creator model can be rebuilt to create a small townhouse or high-street flower shop. Includes 2 minifigures: a man and a girl. 467 pieces. Regular price: $39.99 – Amazon 25% off price: $29.99 – BUY ON AMAZON

#75150 LEGO Star Wars

#75150 LEGO STAR WARS VADER’S TIE ADVANCED VS. A-WING STARFIGHTER: Surprisingly, some of the most recent LEGO Star Wars sets are also on sale. This is a very solid-mid-range set with great playability. Here is the official description: Enter a battle between two iconic starships from the Star Wars galaxy—the TIE Advanced, piloted by Lord Darth Vader, and the rebels’ A-Wing Starfighter. The faithfully recreated form of the TIE Advanced features top-and-front-opening cockpit with space for a minifigure and dual spring-loaded shooters, while the rebel A-Wing Starfighter features a special green-accented color scheme, opening cockpit with space for a minifigure and a storage box behind the seat, retractable landing gear, turning wingtips, folding wings and spring-loaded shooters that are fired by pulling the cockpit back. Includes 4 minifigures: Darth Vader, an A-Wing Pilot, Sabine Wren and Grand Moff Tarkin. 702 pieces. Regular price: $89.99 – Amazon 21% off price: $70.99 – BUY ON AMAZON


#75153 LEGO STAR WARS ROGUE ONE AT-ST WALKER: Another recent LEGO Star Wars set with a decent discount. Here is the official description: Join the hunt for rebels aboard the AT-ST Walker, featuring posable legs, wheel-activated turning top section, opening cockpit and top hatch revealing a detailed minifigure interior, dual spring-loaded shooters and elevating guns at the front. Includes 3 minifigures: an AT-ST Driver, Baze Malbus with his heavy blaster and a Rebel Trooper. 449 pieces. Regular price: $39.99 – Amazon 18% off price: $32.32 – BUY ON AMAZON


#70593 LEGO NINJAGO THE GREEN NRG DRAGON: A very nice LEGO Ninjago set with a beautiful dragon. Here is the official description: Attack the sky pirates’ lookout tower with Green Ninja Lloyd’s fully posable Green NRG Dragon, featuring foldable printed textile wings with spike details and a split tail with 2 stud shooters. Lloyd is supported by Ghost Cole against sky pirates Bucko, Cyren and Battle Doubloon who are armed with a sky pirate sword, sword, spear, the Djinn Blade and a mobile catapult to dial up the battle action. Includes 5 minifigures: Lloyd in Skybound outfit, Ghost Cole in Skybound outfit, Bucko, Cyren and Battle Doubloon. 567 pieces. Regular price: $49.99 – Amazon 37% off price: $31.49 – BUY ON AMAZON

#41172 LEGO Elves

#41172 LEGO ELVES THE WATER DRAGON ADVENTURE: LEGO Elves undoubtedly generated some of the most beautiful LEGO sets, and the latest selection features some gorgeous dragons. Here is the official description: Explore Elvendale along with Naida on Merina the water dragon, then help Naida do her hair and get ready for more adventures. Featuring a crystal waterfall with a water catapult, secret hiding place, hidden treasures and other accessories. Includes a Naida Riverheart mini-doll figure plus Merina the water dragon. 212 pieces. Regular price: $19.99 – Amazon 36% off price: $12.79 – BUY ON AMAZON


#41129 LEGO FRIENDS AMUSEMENT PARK HOT DOG VAN: This set is not just a favorite with fans of LEGO Friends, but also those who enjoy regular LEGO City settings. Just a perfect little hot dog van! Here is the official description: Run the LEGO Friends Amusement Park Hot Dog Van with grill, cash register, accessory elements for making hot dogs, ladder to the upstairs seating area and removable roof for easy play. There’s also a hot dog costume to fit a mini-doll, and nearby is the carnival cut-out board and a camera for a fun photo opportunity, as well as a funny distorted mirror. Includes Stephanie and Nate mini-dolls. 243 pieces. Regular Price: $29.99 – Amazon 36% off sale price: $19.99 – BUY ON AMAZON

There are a number of other LEGO sets on sale, but I wanted to stay with the ones that are recently released and very popular. I hope you find something nice amongst the sets we featured here. They would make great gifts for any LEGO fan! And if you would like to see more, you can visit the LEGO STORE SECTION OF AMAZON.


What do you think? Are any of the sets on sale on your favorites list? Are you planning to get them? Did you find any other good deals we haven’t mentioned here? Feel free to share in the comment section below! 😉

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  • BricksAndCats November 13, 2016, 11:37 PM

    These sales are great! I just bought the Star Wars Carbon Freezing Chamber for $18!

    • admin November 14, 2016, 11:09 AM

      Nice find! And there are even more great deals since I wrote up this post. So yeah, for holiday shopping they are an excellent choice. 🙂

  • jjava November 15, 2016, 6:13 PM

    I got the train station because I figure I can use it to extend the Xmas train set.

    • admin November 15, 2016, 8:29 PM

      That’s a good purchase! Yeah, trains do that to you. Wanting to expand. 😉

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  • Kole March 27, 2020, 10:38 AM

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