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LEGO Winter Village additions & modifications

You might remember that in my review of the #10254 LEGO Creator Holiday Train (see: LEGO Holiday Train Review, Thoughts, Tweaks) I mentioned a really sweet expanded version of the train by LEGO fan mouseketeer11, who added more cars to transport Christmas trees, presents, Santa’s reindeer, plus a passenger car, and an awesome hot cocoa tanker (see below). Since then mouseketeer11 created some other additions to the LEGO Winter Village setup, which is what I wanted to show you today, along with a couple of other nice expansions and modifications by other LEGO fans. 🙂

lego-holiday-train-by-mouseketeer11 lego-winter-village-setup-5-by-mouseketeer11

First, take a look at this little church with warmly glowing lights and a roof that can open to access the inside. Also notice the traditional nativity scene in front of the church. Looks like a young couple is just getting married during the festive holiday season.

lego-winter-village-setup-2-by-mouseketeer11 lego-winter-village-setup-by-mouseketeer11

Next, is the wonderful LEGO Winter Village Chocolate Factory, which uses the same chocolaty dark-brown and gold color-scheme as the hot cocoa tanker from the expanded LEGO Creator Holiday Train. The old-fashioned truck is set up to serve hot cocoa and cookies right on the spot. Inside the chocolate factory, there is more sweet goodness, including a chocolate fountain where minifigs can dip marshmallows.

lego-winter-village-setup-3-by-mouseketeer11 lego-winter-village-setup-4-by-mouseketeer11

If your minifigs haven’t had enough sweets yet, they can head over to the LEGO Winter Village Creamery by EmmaC. Here, a cow and a couple of goats offer fresh milk for making delicious deserts. Notice how the building has the same style as the LEGO Winter Village structures with an open back and snow-covered roof. And I particularly like the old style milk truck.

lego-winter-village-setup-by-emmac lego-winter-village-setup-3-by-emmac lego-winter-village-setup-2-by-emmac

Last but not least, Jason Allemann, well known for his mechanical LEGO creations, decided to motorize Santa’s sleigh and reindeer from the #10245 LEGO Creator Santa’s Workshop set. You can watch it in action in the video below. Jason also shares full instructions and parts list on his website, if you would like to build your own. It is a very nice, low-profile setup, that doesn’t require many parts, and can give life to your LEGO Winter Village layout.

What do you think? How do you like these additions and modifications to the LEGO Winter Village? Are you inspired to build something similar for your own setup? Have you done any changes yourself? Feel free to share in the comment section below! And if you are missing any of the recent sets, they are available at the Online LEGO Shop.

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