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Best of Batman LEGO contest at Rebrick!

LEGO has been really on a roll this year with running fun and engaging LEGO contests for teen and adult LEGO fans, and we are only in mid-February! The LEGO Life Contest is still going on and you can submit your entries until March 1st, and the LEGO Creator Build and Rebuild Contest is running until March 24th. Both are excellent contests with great prizes. And now, LEGO added another contest for those who are up to another challenge; The Best of Batman Contest. Details below. 🙂

LEGO BATMAN CONTEST – DESCRIPTION: To celebrate the release of The LEGO Batman Movie, this is your chance to build your own Batman model, and you can choose from three different categories; vehicles, venues and locations (Batcaves included!), and villains accessories.

LEGO BATMAN CONTEST – HOW TO ENTER: Choose a category from the three listed, and create your entry. Your entry can be from within the Batman universe, from the TV series, the comics, recent movies, The LEGO Batman Movie, or your own original creation. Create anything from a 1:1 scale Batman accessory to customized Batcave or Gotham City! Take up to five photos of your creation and submit them to the contest. Make sure to show off all angles of your creation. Use the description field to list which category your creation belongs to – then hit “submit”. When you receive a “Success!” pop-up notification after clicking “submit” on the entry submission page, your entry has been submitted successfully. LEGO’s moderation team will review it within 1-3 working days to make sure it fits all the contest rules.

LEGO BATMAN CONTEST – RULES: Please note what category you’re entering (vehicles, venues, or villain accessories) in your entry’s description or in its comments. Builds can honor any iteration of Batman including TV series, movies, comics or original creations, but otherwise should not relate to or include any third party IPs. This means all entries containing third party IPs that do not relate to LEGO Batman or DC Comics, including licensed characters from Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars, etc. will not be eligible for the contest. Please do not use elements or minifigure parts specific to another IP. Use of any LEGO DC characters is allowed. Action is accepted, but entries with extreme violence and blood will not be eligible for the contest. Entries with military themes will not be eligible for the contest. Entries containing defamatory or degrading elements will not be eligible for the contest. Entries consisting of or containing copies of any existing third party work or creation or infringements of any third party intellectual property right will not be eligible for the contest. Use of any parts not produced by the LEGO Group will result in your entry being disqualified. Entries can be previously built, but cannot be submitted previously in any contest of any kind. Each entry must have been made by the user submitting it. You can create your model in LEGO Digital Designer, but your entry’s images must not show the baseplate from build mode in LDD. (To do this, within View Mode use CTRL+K (CMD+K on Mac) to generate a transparent PNG image and save it to a white background. You can also use an LDD background, so long as the baseplate from build mode isn’t visible.) Entry photos should show your creation only, and should not show recognizable features of any person or any commercial product other than those of the LEGO Group and Batman. Entries must not contain LEGO elements which have been modified from their original form, including painted or cut elements. Entrants must be at least 13 years of age at the time of entry. You can read other terms and conditions here.

LEGO BATMAN CONTEST – DEADLINE: Submit your entry no later than March 10th, 2017 at 10:00 AM EST. If you’re not sure what time zone you’re in you can use a time zone converter.

LEGO BATMAN CONTEST – JUDGES: A panel of judges from the LEGO Batman team will select three grand-prize winners. They will judge entries upon: overall coolness and originality – 25%, creativity within selected category – 25%, relevance to the LEGO Batman universe – 25%, best use of LEGO elements – 25%.

LEGO BATMAN CONTEST – PRIZES: There will be a grand-prize winner in each category, giving you three opportunities to win. These winners will receive: #70907 LEGO Batman Movie Killer Croc Tail-Gator, #70908 LEGO Batman Movie The Scuttler, #70911 LEGo Batman Movie The Penguin Arctic Roller, #70912 LEGO Batman Movie Arkham Asylum. Also, an exclusive plate with Batgirl minifigure and Rosario Dawson’s autograph, an exclusive plate with Robin minifigure and Michael Cera’s autograph, and an exclusive plate with Alfred minifigure and Ralph Fiennes’ autograph. Winners will also receive a behind-the-scenes artbook, signed by the LEGO designers, and an exclusive winner’s brick certificate. Winners will be contacted on the email address associated with their LEGO ID account after March 24th, 2017. Winners will be announced on Rebrick when all winners have returned the signed Winner’s Certification Documents. A winner who does not return their Winner’s Certification Document within one week of receiving it will be disqualified, and a new winner will be selected.

If you are a Batman fan, and/or you have recently seen The LEGO Batman Movie, this is a fun challenge to stretch your creative muscles. There are already almost a hundred entries to this contest, so you might want to check those out to size up the competition. You can see them on the contest entry page. And taking a look at The LEGO Batman Movie sets may also give you some ideas. You can find them at the Online LEGO Shop.

What do you think? Are you inspired to enter this LEGO Batman contest? Or are you participating in one of the other contests? Feel free to share in the comment section below! If you do enter, we wish you the best and hope you win! 😉

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  • jabber-baby-wocky February 21, 2017, 2:59 PM

    This is a good contest. It leaves you plenty of room fo creativity. I won’t have time to participate, but I enjoy the builds by other. Good luck to those who are entering!

    • admin February 21, 2017, 3:13 PM

      Yeah, it’s a good contest, and there are already some great submissions. Definitely fun to watch! 😀

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