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Last day of LEGO Double VIP Points deal!

Just a quick reminder that today is the last day of the Double VIP Points period at LEGO stores and the Online LEGO Shop. Double VIP Points only come up a few times a year, so if you wanted to take advantage of this special offer, make sure you put in your order before the end of the day. 🙂

The Double VIP Points period is when LEGO fans normally get the large exclusive sets they have been eyeing, as these sets are rarely discounted in any other way. The recently released #10255 LEGO Creator Assembly Square and the previous LEGO Modular Buildings are good examples, but there are large exclusive sets in pretty much every theme. If you like LEGO Architecture type models on a larger scale, the #10253 LEGO Creator Big Ben is a beautiful set, and goes well with the #10214 LEGO Creator Tower Bridge. If you are into licensed themes, you may consider the #71840 LEGO Disney Castle, the updated #75159 LEGO Star Wars Death Star, the #75827 LEGO Ghostbusters Firehouse Headquarters, the #76042 LEGO Super Heroes SHIELD Helicarrier, the #76052 LEGO Batman Classic TV Series – Batcave, etc. And if you like intricately designed vehicles, you may check out sets like the #42056 LEGO Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS, or the LEGO Creator car models like the #10252 LEGO Creator Volkswagen Beetle. You can find all the large and exclusive sets under the LEGO exclusives section of the Online LEGO Shop.

The Double VIP Points period is not just for large exclusive sets. The offer is valid on all orders, so you may prefer to try out some of the new sets and themes. As we discussed in the March 2016 – New LEGO Sets & Promotion article, a large number of new LEGO sets were released at the end of February/beginning of March, and some of us haven’t even caught up with the January sets that we would like. You can find the full list of new sets in the previous article, so here I will only summarize that LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Super Heroes, LEGO Minecraft, LEGO Elves, LEGO Technic, LEGO Speed Champions, and LEGO Classic all got new offerings. And you can also view the recently added sets under the what’s new section of the Online LEGO Shop.

If you are on a smaller budget, but you would still like to take advantage of the Double VIP Points period, there are many inexpensive and unique sets and accessories in the $5-$20 range. We recently talked about some of them here: LEGO Minifig Packs, Mugs, Plushies & More! The Minifig Packs, in particular, are really excellent this year, so are many of the small LEGO City vehicles, LEGO Classic brick boxes, LEGO BrickHeadz characters, LEGO Star Wars Microfighters, and LEGO Super Heroes Mighty Micros. You can find small sets in all of the LEGO themes, so there is a little something for everyone. To sort by price is a really good way to find some of the smallest sets in any category of the Online LEGO Shop.

Before you check out, it is always a good idea to take a look at the sales and deals section to grab a few items at a discount. There is always something interesting there. Currently there are a number of LEGO keychains, various home accessories, notebooks, LEGO Dimensions Packs, LEGO Minifigure Packs, DVDs, and a few larger sets are on sale. You can see them all under the sales and deals section of the Online LEGO Shop.

Again, today is the last day to earn Double VIP Points, so don’t miss out. Remember that this period is best for earning points, not spending them. Once you accumulate enough points, you can spend them as you like on other LEGO sets that you would like. Feel free to share and discuss what you got in the comment section below! 😉

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  • brickmaster March 16, 2017, 2:53 PM

    Wow! We are already mid month? Crazy! I was planning to put in an order before the deadline, so thanks for the reminder. I would have missed it!

    • admin March 16, 2017, 4:17 PM

      Yeah, time flies! I just put in an order today myself to beat the deadline. 😀

  • jabber-baby-wocky March 16, 2017, 3:02 PM

    Thanks for the reminder. I already got the larger sets I wanted, but will get a few smaller ones before the end of the day. I’m saving the rest of my budget for the summer sets.

    • admin March 16, 2017, 4:18 PM

      Oh yeah… summer sets… my wallet is scared. 😐

  • BLProductions March 16, 2017, 9:30 PM

    I didn’t get very many points from my purchase last Saturday, since I only spent $30. I did, however, get to see the Assembly Square in person for the first time. I never realized it was that enormous… even without the extra 16-stud baseplate it would be larger than recent Modulars.
    Also, I keep forgetting to mention this, but LEGO Worlds (the video game) has been fully released now, for PS4 and Xbox 1 (and PC, too, I think). The game is much different from the beta version, with more of a story-like purpose, i.e., collecting gold bricks to unlock new worlds. There is a microsite on LEGO.com that explains it: https://www.lego.com/en-us/worlds I’ve been watching a let’s play series of the game, and it looks like fun. 🙂

    • admin March 16, 2017, 11:29 PM

      I have been keep hearing about LEGO Worlds, but I don’t know enough to write an article. Do you want to write up something? It could be interesting. 🙂

      Yeah, the Assembly Square is big. I had to redo my entire shelf just to accommodate it. It’s actually the same height as the other recent Modulars (Parisian, Detective’s Office, etc.) however the layout make it look even larger than it is. It’s a beautiful set for sure.

      • BLProductions March 17, 2017, 3:53 PM

        Hm… I have a lot of scholarship essays (although some really can’t be called that) to be writing this month, but I could probably write an article on LEGO Worlds over this weekend, and have it to you next week. Should I just give an overview of the game, like the basic goals, tools, and things to do in the game? I should have enough info from the microsite and the let’s play videos for that.
        I thought the Assembly Square was much taller than the Parisian, at least the tallest building, but I suppose the layout was tricking me. It sure did dwarf the 10252 Beetle on display, though.

        • admin March 17, 2017, 5:01 PM

          I know you are busy with school, so no pressure. It’s just that you are more qualified to write it than I’m. Yeah, a basic overview, with whatever you feel would be a good introduction, is sufficient. Again, no pressure. Homework is first. 😉

          Yeah, I have the Modulars next to me, and the roofline of the orangish building is the same as the Pet Shop and the Parisian (except for the white decorations and the dark-blue tower, which stick out taller). The sand-blue building is a tad taller, and is the exact same height as the light blue side of the Detective’s Office. Still massive though. 🙂

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