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LEGO Beyond the Instructions video-series

LEGO has been running a really excellent series on their YouTube channel called Beyond the Instructions. Erik Beck from Indie Machines takes a wide variety of official LEGO sets and transforms them into something even more awesome – usually by motorizing them and making them fly, launch, jump, shoot, and more. Below I have included all twelve episodes of Beyond the Instructions that have been released so far. Enjoy! 🙂

In the playlist below you can watch all episodes of the Beyond the Instructions series, or select the one you like to watch by using the drop-down list in the upper left corner of the player. Under the videos, I have also included a summary of each of the projects for your convenience. You will see Erik using LEGO Power Functions and other LEGO elements, as well as non-LEGO solutions for his crazy contraptions.

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 1: In this episode, you see Erik transforming the #70317 LEGO Nexo Knights The Fortrex set into a brick-built blasting behemoth. The Fortrex is fun already, as it is basically a castle mixed with a tank. With added Power Functions elements the Fortrex can now move on its own, and features a remote-controlled gun turret.

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 2: The #70603 LEGO Ninjago Raid Zeppelin is a mix between a pirate ship and a blimp. Erik wonders if it could actually fly, so he makes some customizations by adding propellers and a giant helium balloon.

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 3: Here, Erik takes the #42029 LEGO Technic Customized Pick Up Truck, and turns it into a remote-controlled, ramp-hungry stunt machine. But will it survive the jump?

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 4: In this episode, Erik attempts to transform the #70605 LEGO Ninjago Misfortune’s Keep into a an actual flying pirate ship. It sort of looks like a drone.

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 5: This is a very interesting episode, where Erik takes the #60052 LEGO City Cargo Train and turns it into a timelapse train with a camera car. This could be quite useful for stop-motion filming!

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 6: This is another very interesting episode, working with the #41232 LEGO DC Super Hero Girls High School. The set has a ramp for rolling Poison Ivy’s motorbike into action. Erik’s idea is to launch the motorbike instead of just rolling it out. The special high-speed launching mechanism built of LEGO Technic pieces, large tractor tires, two motors and two battery packs is really fun!

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 7: In this episode, Erik is seduced by the Dark Side and combines the #75156 LEGO Star Wars Krennic’s Imperial Shuttle with a motorized zipline to attack an unsuspecting Rebel base.

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 8: Here, Erik takes the Bat Boat from the #70909 LEGO Batman Movie Batcave Break-In, and makes a bigger version that is remote controlled, actually floats and is armed with an awesome ejector seat.

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 9: In this episode, Erik builds the #60123 LEGO City Volcano Supply Helicopter, and transforms it into a lava-lifting megacopter. The question is, how much can it lift? The four-speed transmission with two LEGO motors to control the winch is pretty awesome in my opinion.

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 10: The #70352 LEGO Nexo Knights Jestro’s Headquarters has a crane at the back with a dangling prison pod, which Erik turns into a monster-sized robotic motorized claw.

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 11: Erik has a need for speed in this episode as he amps up the #42050 LEGO Technic Drag Racer with a generic RC motor, and then tests it at the track. Impressive!

BEYOND THE INSTRUCTIONS EPISODE 12: In this episode, Erik brings to life the evil Snake Mech from the newly released #70626 LEGO Ninjago Dawn of Iron Doom. Watch as he attempts to take down the ninja by adding an awesome spinning blade attack, whipping tail and moving tank treads. This is one of my favorite episodes. The motorized Snake Mech is so much fun!

As you can see, Erik is totally nuts! He is somewhere between a big kid, a mad scientist, and a crazy mechanic. But his creations are really fun! Erik does use a good number of LEGO Power Functions elements, so unless you have a lot of Power Functions you may not be able to copy all of his creations, but it is the spirit and the ideas that really matters. And if you do want to pick up some Power Functions parts, they are available at the Online LEGO Shop.

What do you think? How did you like the Beyond the Brick episodes? Are you inspired to motorize any of your LEGO sets? What would you build? Feel free to share your own ideas in the comment section below! 😉

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  • jabber-baby-wocky March 9, 2017, 11:17 AM

    These are fantastic! He does have a lot more power functions than most people would have, but I guess you can use other motors too. I really like the motorized Snake Mech!

    • admin March 9, 2017, 11:27 AM

      I think some of those ideas could be scaled down to use less Power Functions You need the most when a model is doing more than one thing, or something very powerful. And yes, you can incorporate other hobby motors. You can see him do it as well. 😉

  • Martin March 10, 2017, 1:35 PM

    Thanks very much for your great posts! I always read them and they have made me buy dozens of sets I had never heard of before. As a person based in The Netherlands I can’t use your S@H links so you missed some pennies from me. Keep on publishing!

    • admin March 10, 2017, 1:40 PM

      Martin, thanks for sharing! It’s always nice to hear from our readers around the world. Feel free to write at any time if you would like us to cover something, or you have some ideas for topics, etc. And if you ever feel like helping out, we also accept contributions via PayPal. 😉

  • Shauna Dickinson August 29, 2017, 10:39 AM

    Can you make one with Ezra’s speeder bike to were it can move with the controller

  • Shauna Dickinson August 31, 2017, 12:23 PM

    Can you also do one where you make the plane fly from Star Wars rebels without propellers string or helium but can you rigg it to where it fly with a motor and you use a controller .So may you please do this for my daughter

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