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LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi 2018 sets

With the release of Star Wars: Episode VIII – The Last Jedi, we also get a series of new LEGO Star Wars sets. The first wave of the 2018 LEGO Star Wars sets are already listed at the Online LEGO Shop, although they won’t be available for purchase until the beginning of January. If you do want to get them early, some retailers already have them on shelves, so it’s worth looking around. Today, we will take a look at these newest sets a bit, so you know what’s coming. To be respectful to those who haven’t seen the film yet, we are avoiding spoilers. I will say though, that if you have any interest in Star Wars, I highly recommend watching this last episode while it’s still in theatres. The story is quite complex, and Star Wars on the big screen with 3D effects is a very satisfying experience. 🙂

As far as the LEGO Star Wars sets related to the film, many of the larger sets were released earlier this year, including the #75177 LEGO Star Wars First Order Heavy Scout Walker, the #75179 LEGO Star Wars Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter, the #75188 LEGO Star Wars Resistance Bomber, the #75189 LEGO Star Wars First Order Heavy Assault Walker, and the #75190 LEGO Star Wars First Order Star Destroyer. Also, we can’t forget the #75187 LEGO Star Wars BB-8 – an excellent brick-built representation of the spunky little droid. Most of the sets in the first wave of the 2018 LEGO Star Wars collection are on the small side, and thus easy to get. They are great additions to the larger sets, and are also excellent for minifig collectors.

#75195 LEGO STAR WARS SKI SPEEDER VS. FIRST ORDER WALKER MICROFIGHTERS: I really like the pilot in this set. Both his headgear and his pilot outfit are going to be very useful in many other (even non-Star Wars) applications. The Walker Driver is also a nicely detailed minifig. And both the Walker and the Speeder are really nice little micro-builds. Here is the official description: Enter the world of Star Wars: The Last Jedi with this LEGO Microfighters dual pack. Featuring a Resistance Ski Speeder and First Order Heavy Assault Walker, each model includes stud shooters, lots of authentic detailing and space on top for a minifigure. This LEGO Star Wars toy also includes a small trench build with stud shooter and extra ammo as an extra play starter, and with separate building instructions for each model, Star Wars fans will love building with friends and family. Includes 2 minifigures: a Resistance Speeder Pilot and a First Order Walker Driver. Resistance Ski Speeder measures over 1” (3cm) high, 3” (10cm) long and 4” (11cm) wide. First Order Heavy Assault Walker measures over 2” (6cm) high, 3” (8cm) long and 1” (5cm) wide. 216 pieces. Price: $19.99 – SEE AT THE ONLINE LEGO SHOP

#75196 LEGO STAR WARS A-WING VS. TIE SILENCER MICROFIGHTERS: Here, again, both minifigs come with very useful accessories, and the little vehicles are fun too. Here is the official description: Play in a Star Wars: The Last Jedi galaxy with this LEGO Star Wars Microfighters dual pack, featuring a Resistance A-wing and Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer. Each model includes dual flick missiles, lots of authentic detailing and space on top for a minifigure. This LEGO Star Wars toy also includes a mini maintenance station build as a bonus play starter, and with separate building instructions for each model, Star Wars fans will love sharing their building experience with friends and family. Includes 2 minifigures: Kylo Ren and an A-Wing Pilot. Resistance A-wing measures over 1” (4cm) high, 3” (9cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide. Kylo Ren’s TIE Silencer measures over 1” (4cm) high, 3” (8cm) long and 2” (7cm) wide. 188 pieces. Price: $19.99 – SEE AT THE ONLINE LEGO SHOP

#75197 LEGO STAR WARS FIRST ORDER SPECIALISTS BATTLE PACK: LEGO Star Wars minifigs are becoming more and more awesome. Just look at these four! This set is definitely a great army-builder! Here is the official description: Expand your forces with the First Order Specialists Battle Pack. This LEGO Star Wars toy features a rotating and elevating laser cannon with spring-loaded shooter and gunner’s seat, plus 4 minifigures with a selection of weapons: a First Order Gunner, First Order Shuttle Pilot and 2 First Order Stormtrooper Executioners. Laser cannon measures over 2” (7cm) high, 3” (9cm) long and 3” (9cm) wide. 108 pieces. Price: $14.99 – SEE AT THE ONLINE LEGO SHOP

#75200 LEGO STAR WARS AHCH-TO ISLAND TRAINING: The island is so important in the movie, so it’s somewhat disappointing that we are only getting a small set. However, it does include some key elements that could be incorporated into a larger diorama. Here is the official description: Join Master Luke as he trains Rey at his mountainside dwelling. This LEGO Star Wars toy features a hut with detailed interior, removable roof section for easy play, small bonfire build and rotating training function with an opening boulder with knockaway feature. With 2 minifigures and a Porg figure, this LEGO brick version of Luke’s dwelling from Star Wars: The Last Jedi will immerse any Star Wars fan in a galaxy of Jedi adventures. Includes Luke Skywalker and Rey minifigures, plus a Porg figure. Hut measures over 4” (11cm) high, 4” (11cm) wide and 6” (17cm) deep. 241 pieces. Price: $29.99 – SEE AT THE ONLINE LEGO SHOP

#75202 LEGO STAR WARS DEFENSE OF CRAIT: I really liked the Ski Speeder in the movie, so it’s nice to see that the LEGO version is quite good as well. I would have liked a bit more color though, to show how old and beat up these vehicles really were. The rest of the set doesn’t include much, but could be used as seed elements for a larger display. Here is the official description: This exciting Defense of Crait LEGO Star Wars toy has everything a Resistance warrior needs to play out the epic final battle from Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The set features a highly detailed Resistance Ski Speeder with spring-loaded shooters, removable engine section, minifigure cockpit and a lowering stabilizer. There’s also a command tower with stud shooter on top and assorted weapons and tool elements, as well as a foldout trench section with rotating laser cannon and spring-loaded shooter, plus a gun emplacement with a stud shooter. Includes 5 minifigures. Includes 5 minifigures: Captain Poe Dameron, Admiral Ematt, a Resistance Trooper and 2 First Order Snowtroopers. Ski Speeder measures over 4” (12cm) high, 8” (22cm) long and 14” (38cm) wide. Command tower including trench section measures over 4” (12cm) high, 8” (21cm) wide and 3” (9cm) deep. 746 pieces. Price: $84.99 – SEE AT THE ONLINE LEGO SHOP

All in all, the first 2018 LEGO Star Wars sets are good as add-ons, and I’m particularly happy about the minifigures, but after seeing the movie, I wanted at least one large and epic set to coincide with the release of the film (I guess that supposed to be the #75192 LEGO Star Wars UCS Millennium Falcon, but sadly, LEGO still hasn’t been able to catch up with demand). The starships, vehicles, and locations are so awesome in the movie, that when you come home, you just want to sit down and build something big! It would be sad if we are only going to get small to medium sets related to this very memorable episode, so I hope more will come. Below, JANGBRICKS will show you all the new sets in more detail.

If you are interested to check them out, You can find the previously released LEGO Star Wars: The Last Jedi sets (and shortly, the new sets) at the LEGO Star Wars section of the Online LEGO Shop.

What do you think? Did you see Star Wars: Episode VIII yet? How do you think the sets compare to the film? Did you get any of them yet? Feel free to share your thoughts and own review in the comment section below, but please keep them spoiler-free for people who haven’t seen the movie yet. 😉

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  • Legostuff71 December 23, 2017, 12:35 PM

    Luckily, some of these sets are reasonably priced ( at least three or four of them). I did ask Santa for two of the sets from the first wave ( Kylo Ren’s TIE Fighter and theResistance Bomber). The little kid STAR WARS fan couldn’t help it. Lol. Jangbricks has a positive review on this sets.

    • brickmaster December 23, 2017, 1:01 PM

      There is another new set coming with the damaged AT-AT, and jang did the most negative review on it I have evern seen from him. But I agree with his review. The set is one of the worst ever.

      • Håkan December 23, 2017, 3:24 PM

        “First Order AT-ST 75201” ?

        I remember “76037: Rhino and Sandman Super Villain Team-up” being pretty infamous. Not only was in ugly, the play feature with the wrecking ball also made the finished construction extremely frail and fidgety.

        • admin December 23, 2017, 4:03 PM

          I actually liked the look of #76037. The play-featured didn’t work very well, but I liked the construction and parts. This #75201 SW set is just lame. It looks ugly, it doesn’t work, and it doesn’t do anything right. 🙁

      • admin December 23, 2017, 3:57 PM

        I watched that review yesterday. It was too funny. Especially the end. But yeah, JANG is right. The set is pathetic. They really should have included a normal head for the AT-ST with an exploding function.

    • admin December 23, 2017, 3:55 PM

      The Resistance Bomber is a very interesting set. If Santa does bring it for you, I’m curious to hear your thoughts on it.

  • Legostuff71 December 23, 2017, 12:38 PM

    I haven’t seen the movie yet, so please don’t say any thing about it . I plan to see it next week sometime.

    • admin December 23, 2017, 3:56 PM

      Yes, please; NO SPOILERS! We should be able to talk about details safely after the holidays. 🙂

  • LEGOJeff December 23, 2017, 1:14 PM

    The microfighters are good! Will definitely pick those up! The set with the hut is too small though. They could have included the tree, and the rock where Luke was sitting (I don’t want to say anything else as not to spoil the story).

    • admin December 23, 2017, 3:57 PM

      Yes, those have been good additions.

  • Sith015 December 23, 2017, 1:56 PM

    These are good, but when are they gonna have some bigger sets for the last jedi?

    • admin December 23, 2017, 3:58 PM

      There are a few more sets coming at the beginning of the year, some related to The Last Jedi, so to the previous movies. None of them are super big though. Usually May is when we get the larger Star Wars sets.

  • BigShawn December 23, 2017, 4:59 PM

    I can’t believe that such an epic movie comes with so few epic sets. Don’t get me wrong, the ones released are okay, but I was expecting more.

  • Legostuff71 December 23, 2017, 6:07 PM

    I agree , the AT-ST set is a sad excuse for a set. Lego should’ve known better than to pass this off as set to begin with. Now if you add some Jawas and some broken down vehicles it could work. The other set that I think is not the greatest is the #75177 . It looks like a crab and the walking ability is not that great.

    • Håkan December 24, 2017, 9:50 AM

      75177, I don’t know, at least I like the attempt of doing something different. (Although I haven’t checked out the walking ability in practice, yet.)

    • admin December 24, 2017, 11:54 AM

      Yeah, that’s another weird one. I wonder if they don’t work so well because LEGO is just not getting enough info from Disney that they can work with. This confirmedly happened with Kylo Ren’s first shuttle where the wings were all wrong.

  • David December 23, 2017, 8:10 PM

    Honestly, I’m glad we’re getting some smaller sets this season.
    The first wave was ridiculously priced, and I won’t get any until they’re about 40% off at least.

  • Legostuff71 December 23, 2017, 9:17 PM

    I’m with you on that one David. The Second wave is at least reasonably priced and can be doable . I like the fact that you can get two Micro fighters in one pack.( a bad guy and a good guy ).

  • rainey December 24, 2017, 3:13 PM

    Happy Holidays to you, admin. And Happy Holidays to all your readers.

    • admin December 24, 2017, 5:15 PM

      Thank you! And Happy Holidays to you as well! 🙂

      BTW, I have been in touch with Miro, and he is close to finishing his Cider Mill, but wasn’t able to complete the instructions before Christmas. Just thought to share, as I know you like his Winter Village sets. 🙂

  • Legostuff71 December 24, 2017, 10:52 PM

    HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! May your family Gatherings be the most precious part and happies on this Holiday .

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