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2018 LEGO Elves sets are still full of magic!

At the beginning of the year, LEGO released a series of new sets under the LEGO Elves collection that we haven’t talked about yet. LEGO Elves is well known for its beautiful color-scheme, interesting accessories, and magical creatures. Even though the 2018 LEGO Elves wave is small with only five sets, it does not disappoint; we get plenty of new creatures and accessories to play with and collect. So, let’s take a closer look. 🙂

All of the 2018 LEGO Elves sets are modest in both size and price. The colors are an interesting mix of black and other dark colors (representing the villainess Noctura, and her bat minions) and the purples, blues, fiery colors, and gold for the elves. One very interesting feature of this wave of LEGO Elves sets is that instead of just dragons, we get a whole selection of brick-built magical creatures; Lumia the eagle (who assists Emily Jones on her adventures), Cory the Guardian Water Turtle, Rowan the Guardian Fire Lion, Cyclo the Guardian Wind Dragon, and Liska the Guardian Earth Fox.

Amongst the creatures, the eagle is the most realistic, but that’s because it supposed to be a real eagle. It has some cleverly built details and looks excellent overall. The turtle has a beautiful watery color-scheme with aqua, azure, and translucent-blue. The lion is decorated with lots of fiery pieces. Both the turtle and the lion come with new, nicely moulded heads, and printed facial features. The dragon is similar to the previously released LEGO Elves dragons, but on a smaller scale. And, last but not least, is the magic fox in shades of green and purple, and sporting a peacock-like tail.

Each of the sets includes one or two bat minions as well; cute little creatures with grumpy faces and translucent wings and ears. I’m so going to collect all of them! Other adorable animals include a re-colored baby turtle and bird, and the new type of spider (well, maybe that one is not so adorable).

There are so many unique accessories, it’s hard to list them all! We get the usual little bits of flowers, crystals, gems, flames, etc., but there are new pieces as well. The flowers are the new type of 1×1 round plates with petals, and there is also a new type of diamond piece attached to the forehead of the Guardians, as well as to Noctura’s tower. Notice that the sections representing Noctura’s dark powers include not just black, but also the recently resurrected teal color. I should also mention that many of the pieces are printed!

As far as the mini-dolls, they are beautiful as usual. The elves wear clothing to represent their elemental colors with delicate designs. Emily wears regular human clothes with cute red sneakers and her magical amulet. And Noctura is absolutely gorgeous (I have noticed that the evil mini-dolls in the LEGO Elves line always look exceptionally pretty.) Below is a short description of all five of the new sets.

#41190 LEGO ELVES EMILY JONES & THE EAGLE GETAWAY: Seek the magic within to recover the stolen magical diary page with Emily Jones and Lumia the eagle! This thrilling LEGO Elves set features a fully posable and buildable eagle figure with space for a mini-doll figure, cave with rotating treasure chest and upside-down bed for the bat, plus a ledge with a bat glider with disc shooter. Includes an Emily Jones mini-doll figure plus Vespe the shadow bat and spider figures. 142 pieces. Price: $14.99 – BUY HERE

#41191 LEGO ELVES NAIDA & THE WATER TURTLE AMBUSH: Seek the magic within to help Naida protect the Elemental Guardian creature! This exciting LEGO Elves building toy features a large buildable water turtle with movable head and legs, and space for a mini-doll figure, plus a small island with disc shooter and a boat with chain shooter and space for a bat. Includes a Naida mini-doll figure plus Furi the shadow bat and Calypso the baby turtle figures. 205 pieces. Price: $19.99 – BUY HERE

#41192 LEGO ELVES AZARI & THE FIRE LION CAPTURE: Seek the magic within to help Azari and the Guardian Fire Lion face the shadow bats! This thrilling LEGO Elves construction toy features a buildable magic fire lion with movable legs, wings and tail, opening jaw and space for a mini-doll figure. There’s also a bat capture vehicle with raising chain pole, catapult and detachable small glider, plus a small bat cave with opening spiderweb door, 2 bat beds and additional accessories. Includes an Azari mini-doll figure plus Vespe and Molo shadow bat figures and a spider figure. 360 pieces. Price: $29.99 – BUY HERE

#41193 LEGO ELVES AIRA & THE SONG OF THE WIND DRAGON: Seek the magic within to help Aira, Lumia and the Guardian Wind Dragon face the shadow bat! This amazing LEGO Elves toy for girls and boys features a fully posable and buildable wind dragon with transparent wings and space for 2 mini-doll figures. The set also includes a bat airship with shooting function and spinning propeller, and a ‘floating’ island music school with opening entrance door, hidden chest and rotating sign. Includes Aira and Lumia mini-doll figures, plus Sebastian the bird and Phyll the shadow bat figures. 451 pieces. Price: $39.99 – BUY HERE

#41194 LEGO ELVES NOCTURA’S TOWER & THE EARTH FOX: Seek the magic within to help Farran free the Guardian Earth Fox and then together face Noctura and her evil shadow bats! This fantastic LEGO Elves creative play set features a fully posable and buildable earth fox with opening jaw and movable legs, head and translucent tail, plus a 2-level tower with opening translucent bat wings, moving head, spiderweb trap/door, disc shooter, space for the 4 Elemental ‘diamonds’ and additional accessories. Includes Farran and Noctura mini-doll figures, plus Molo and Hippo shadow bat figures and a spider figure. 646 pieces. Price: $59.99 – BUY HERE

There is some worry amongst fans of the LEGO Elves line that the collection might be discontinued in the near future, based on the fact that no LEGO Elves sets were displayed at any of the recent toy fairs. I hope that’s not true, and there are at least a couple of other sets coming later this year, but whatever the future holds for LEGO Elves, it has been definitely one of the most beautiful LEGO collections ever released. And, the 2018 LEGO Elves collection shows that LEGO Elves still has its magic.

What do you think? How do you like the LEGO Elves line? Have you been collecting the sets and characters? Which one is your favorite amongst the 2018 LEGO Elves sets? Feel free to share your thoughts and own review in the comment section below! 😉

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  • Legostuff71 February 26, 2018, 2:10 PM

    Ok , now you’ve done it. I want this sets too. I love the animals. Maybe I can make an enchanted zoo .

    • admin February 26, 2018, 9:18 PM

      He-he… and yes, and enchanted zoo would be lovely! 😀

  • brickmaster February 26, 2018, 2:10 PM

    This whole series is a winner. The magical animals are beautiful! I like the fox and the lion the most. Those heads will make it easy to build our own custom animals. The Song of the Wing Dragon set is one of the most beautiful sets I have seen. The dragon, the little tree house, the colors, the accessories. It reminds me of the previously released boat, and the large treehouse. Both of which were very beautiful sets.

    • admin February 26, 2018, 9:19 PM

      Yes, that little building is very pretty. That’s why I put that picture there. 😀

  • hushpuppy February 26, 2018, 2:21 PM

    If the rumors are true that the end of Elves is near, these sets are a perfect finale. I would still like a REALLY BIG Elves set. I don’t care what it is; landscape, castle, giant dragon, or boat. Just something that’s advanced builder stuff in this beautiful style. They have done it for Ninjago, why not for Elves?

    • admin February 26, 2018, 9:20 PM

      Gosh, I would love that too! Maybe like an enchanted forest scene with a magical castle and all the elves, and dragons… and a boat… one can only dream! 🙂

  • LEGOJeff February 26, 2018, 2:38 PM

    These should be easy to collect as they are not so big. I like the animals, but not so much the darkness of the dark side. The black just feels like a bit too much and out of place, but I assume that’s what they were going for. I hope that they will continue with this theme, or something similar. We haven’t had mermaids added to the mix yet! 😀

    • admin February 26, 2018, 9:20 PM

      I vote for mermaids too! 😀

  • kingcobra February 26, 2018, 4:19 PM

    Sorry for being off topic, but are the marvel sets going to be available soon?

    • admin February 26, 2018, 9:21 PM

      From the LEGO Store Calendar it seems that they will be released on the 3rd of March, so yes, soon. 🙂

      • Håkan February 27, 2018, 7:48 AM

        The Black Panther or Avengers sets?

        • admin February 27, 2018, 3:11 PM

          Everything that was scheduled for March. 🙂

  • Jessica March 2, 2019, 11:39 AM

    I’m a bit late to this topic but my daughter and I are wondering if Elves is indeed being phased out now?! There don’t seem to be any new sets online… but maybe they’re released later in the year?
    Such a shame because she’s completely obsessed and the older sets (because rarer now, I guess) are so expensive too (there’s a limit to what Father Christmas and birthday gifts and meagre allowance can cover)

    • admin March 2, 2019, 12:19 PM

      Jessica, although LEGO does not officially announce when a theme is discontinued, everything indicates that LEGO Elves is now over. LEGO stopped releasing any new sets a year ago, and none of the previously released sets are available at the Online LEGO Shop. In addition, the TV show is also over.

      However, LEGO currently does not have their own fantasy-based theme using mini-dolls, so it is possible that they will release something similar in the future. Or, it is also possible that they will just release more Disney sets. That would be sad though, as LEGO’s own sets and themes are almost always better and more creative.

      I would add that it is unlikely we will see anything new this year, as they would have been announced at the Toy Fairs. So, if you are thinking about getting some LEGO Elves sets for Christmas, I would focus on searching for them on the secondary market and hope that you find some good deals. (Yes, I know they are expensive, as I have been looking for them too.)

  • Nikita Allison March 23, 2019, 10:48 AM

    I sincerely hope if the plan is to discontinue lego elves that they reconsider. It is the one line that my daughter and I both love because of the amazing fantasy sets.

    • admin March 24, 2019, 10:03 PM

      Nikita, a lot of LEGO fans feel the same way. I do hope the will bring back Elves, or something equally magical.

  • John Herrmann May 21, 2019, 2:00 PM

    I also hope they are just on hiatus, I have almost finished the set for my daughter and She loved every set piece.. They should have promoted it more, the Netflix move seemed promising.

    • admin May 21, 2019, 4:25 PM

      They do need to bring in another fantasy based mini-doll line, so hopefully we will see something soon. 🙂

  • Nightwing July 8, 2021, 12:39 PM

    I already have the majesric queen elandra i like how big the wings are and im afriad that the lovable lego elves has come to an end, collect them all

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