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Exclusive LEGO House Tree of Creativity set

In the midst of the recently opened LEGO House in Billund, Denmark stands one of the world’s most iconic LEGO models; the Tree of Creativity. This incredible model is almost 16 meters tall, includes over six million LEGO bricks, weights (including metal frame) 20 tons, and took over 24,000 hours to assemble. If you ever make it to the LEGO House, definitely take the time to check it out in detail. Below are a few pictures to give you an idea of how beautiful and massive the tree is. 🙂

LEGO developed a small version of the tree as a surprise gift for those who participated in the 2017 LEGO Inside Tour. Only 175 individually numbered copies of the #4000024 LEGO House Tree of Creativity were made, and the set is highly sought after by collectors. (The very few of them that make it to the secondary market run for thousands of dollars.)

The LEGO Inside Tour model was designed by LEGO Senior Designer Steen Sig Andersen, and he was asked to also design a retail version of the set. He said: “The former Tree of Creativity box has proven to be an iconic model for the LEGO House and it makes a lot of sense to also offer a Tree of Creativity to the guests of LEGO House. But it was very important that the two models were not identical, as we would not take away the originality from the Inside Tour guests in 2017.”

Steen Sig Andersen’s efforts resulted in a very nice retail version of the Tree of Creativity. It is slightly smaller than the LEGO Inside Tour model, but still includes the most iconic features of the giant tree. The new #4000026 LEGO House Tree of Creativity is now available exclusively at the LEGO House in Billund, for the retail price of 599 DKK (about $100 US dollars). While this set is not as exclusive as the LEGO Inside Tour model, production was limited to 10,000 copies, so it is still going to be pretty rare (especially since it is only sold at the LEGO House). Here is a detailed comparison between the LEGO Inside Tour and the retail version of the set:

Besides the #4000026 LEGO House Tree of Creativity, there are a couple of other exclusive sets related to the LEGO House that are only sold in Billund. The 2014 special edition #4000010 LEGO House features the prototype of the building, and the #21037 LEGO Architecture LEGO House from 2017 showcases the final structure. They are both available on eBay: LEGO HOUSE SETS ON EBAY

If you ever make it to Denmark, definitely visit the LEGO House! Not just for the special sets, but because it’s like a pilgrimage site for LEGO fans. You can read more about the LEGO House, the things to do and see, where to stay and how to get there, at the  LEGO House website.

What do you think? Have you considered visiting the LEGO House? And do you own any of the exclusive sets related to the building? Feel free to share in the comment section below! And, if you have been to the LEGO House already, you are welcome to share your experiences as well! 😉

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  • jabber-baby-wocky March 6, 2018, 12:30 PM

    Nice sets! I hope the instructions will be released, as these should be easy to build. Do instructions for the LEGO Tour become available?

    • admin March 6, 2018, 1:05 PM

      As far as I know instructions for the Inside Tour sets are not available directly from LEGO. However LEGO fans who participate in the tours are usually kind enough to share the instructions either on Brickset, Eurobricks, or some other forum.

  • FrenchToast March 6, 2018, 1:30 PM

    Gosh, that tree is massive! I don’t think I will ever make it to the lego house, but it would be nice to see it in person at least once.

  • TomTom March 6, 2018, 2:09 PM

    I’m the same way. I don’t think I will ever make it to Billund, so I will have to be satisfied with just pictures and videos of the place. But I love the tree! And also the dinos. Maybe if Lego sets become cheaper I can save up some money to visit the place. But right now, I just can’t afford it. Also, I heard that Denmark is a very expensive country.

  • DavidH March 6, 2018, 3:47 PM

    I was just reading lego’s financial report from last year. They are not doing as well as they hoped. Maybe building such an expensive monument wasn’t such a good idea after all?

    • admin March 6, 2018, 4:35 PM

      David, the money to build the LEGO House wasn’t coming from the LEGO Group itself, but from the family’s foundation. It was basically a labor of love, not a profit-making venture (although I’m sure they will make profit too).

      And, yes, the yearly report is definitely interesting. However, LEGO is still doing excellent and made over a billion in profits. It is also doing significantly better than its two competitors, Mattel and Hasbro. Mattel is particularly struggling with some very scary drops in sales. Compared to that, LEGO is doing great! It’s just that they are not doing as great as they did when The LEGO Movie came out. I think they are handling the situation thoughtfully and carefully.

  • Master Builder March 6, 2018, 5:51 PM

    I would love to go to check this tree out myself! Maybe one day! I like the sets too, but they are very expensive even at the original price. Not to speak of on ebay. For collectors, it may be worth it, but I think I will just build them myself.

  • Legostuff71 March 6, 2018, 7:08 PM

    I just love that tree. The fact that the bark of the tree looks like bark. It’s amazing. Lego and other companies, will always have there ups and downs in the Business world . That’s just business . I think the reason why Lego is doing better than other businesses. 1) the product is solid. They put thought into it. 2) Lego listens to there customers and honor there customers. for instance, if a piece is missing Lego replace it for you ( with out question). 3) if there not satisfied with what is made , Lego will take the time to fix it or scrap the idea and try something new. That’s probably why Lego doesn’t what leaks of sets that are coming out , because they want to be definite that it’s ready to sell. The only time Hasbro or Mattel did anything for a customer is when my cousin wrote them a letter and ask for more stuff for his action figure. That was very long time ago.

    • admin March 7, 2018, 12:44 PM

      Good points. I would just like to add that Mega Construx also has excellent customer service, listen to their fans, and send replacement parts with no questions asked. Unfortunately, they are now owned by Mattel, and Mattel is not doing very good right now. This is the pitfall of a large company gobbling up a smaller one. Things get out of their hand and if the big company gets in trouble, the small one will go down with the ship as well. But yeah, Mega Construx provides the same customer experience as LEGO, and because they are smaller, it even feels more personal. Just thought to add that there for another perspective. 🙂

    • Håkan March 8, 2018, 6:34 AM

      I don’t get the story about your cousin? Was he actually sent more stuff through mail? Or was it so that more stuff got produced?

      (I fail to see how your cousin’s actions would have been responsible for the latter, though…)

  • Julien March 7, 2018, 1:12 AM

    I’ve got the Inside Tour tree and that’s a nice set. I didn’t build it yet but i saw it in Billund when it has been revealed by the designers…
    I’ll open it one day when i’ll find the perfect place in my LEGO room…but i have no more space at the moment 🙁

    • admin March 7, 2018, 12:39 PM

      Julien, hang on to that tree! It’s an extremely rare set for sure! 😀

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