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2019 LEGO Spider-Man sets review

Some of the 2019 LEGO sets that are already available are for Spider-Man fans. Below, we will take a look at all five of the new LEGO Spider-Man sets, both in the LEGO 4+ line for younger LEGO fans, and in the regular LEGO Marvel Super Heroes line for older kids and adult collectors. (LEGO 4+ sets were previously branded as LEGO Juniors and are compatible with all LEGO construction toys but are easier to put together by younger builders.) So, let’s see what Spider-Man is up to in the first wave of 2019 LEGO sets! 🙂

#76113 LEGO SPIDER-MAN CAR CHASE: This is the smallest of the new LEGO Spider-Man sets, and although it is released under the LEGO 4+ line, I think many older LEGO fans will be interested as well. The buggy looks sweet, even though it is an easy-built vehicle for the youngest LEGO fans, with a one-piece chassis and just a few additional parts. The graphics on the hood are printed. The two minifigs also look great. I especially like Green Goblin’s face. Here is the official description of the set: Give your child an exciting LEGO Marvel Spider-Man role-play experience as you help them pursue the bank-robbing Green Goblin. This LEGO 4+ set is specially designed to be fun and easy for preschoolers and youngsters. The Spider-Man car toy building set features a minifigure cockpit and spider web string with a spider web that attaches to the Green Goblin’s glider, plus a special Starter Brick base that allows even first-time builders to enjoy constructing buildings, vehicles and more, all on their own. The included simple guide to build and play will also help your budding superhero understand the purpose of the building instructions and grow their imagination and confidence to try new things in a familiar LEGO Marvel world. Includes 2 new-for-January-2019 minifigures: Spider-Man and Green Goblin. 52 pieces. Price: $9.99 – BUY HERE

#76134 LEGO SPIDER-MAN DOC OCK DIAMOND HEIST: This is the second set under the LEGO 4+ line, with easy building steps but substantially more content. You get a chubby little plane and boat (both with one-piece bases), a crane, and three minifigs. This set looks more toy-ish than the first one, but it still has good parts, and the included Doc Ock minifig is unique to this set. All decorated parts are printed. Here is the official description: Let your young superhero play out an awesome LEGO Marvel Spider-Man experience chasing Doc Ock’s getaway speedboat with Spider-Man’s flyer. This LEGO 4+ creative building toy, which is specially designed to be fun and easy to build for preschoolers and youngsters, features a special Starter Brick base that lets even first-time builders experience the pride of constructing buildings, vehicles and more, all on their own. The included simple guide to build and play will also help your youngster understand the purpose of the building instructions and grow their imagination and confidence to try new things in a familiar LEGO Marvel world. They’ll love building the dock with a functioning crane to lift a container, Doc Ock’s speedboat with mechanical arms, and the Spider-Man flyer with a disc shooter and spider web that can attach to the speedboat or container. Includes 3 minifigures: Spider-Man, Doc Ock and a dock worker. 150 pieces. Price: $29.99 – BUY HERE

#76113 LEGO SPIDER-MAN BIKE RESCUE: This set is recommended for kids 6+ with standard pieces and building techniques. The main feature is a bike that’s nicely built with good shaping, but it is way oversized for Spider-Man. A power generator is also included with an exploding feature. I think older LEGO fans will appreciate the minifigs (Carnage is especially cool), and all the interesting little pieces and accessories. In the video-review below, you can see the set in more detail, and here is the official description: Speed through New York City streets and help Spider-Man and Miles Morales thwart evil Carnage’s mission to blow up the power generator. This action-packed construction toy features a Spider-Man bike with a tech spider shooter and web gun (non-shooting), and a buildable power generator with an explode function. Includes 3 new-for-December-2018 minifigures: Spider-Man, Miles Morales and Carnage. 235 pieces. Price: $19.99 – BUY HERE

#76114 LEGO SPIDER-MAN’S SPIDER CRAWLER: This set is more fun than what meets the eye! The construction of the crawler and its movement is one of the most clever and inspired designs I have seen in an official LEGO set. Make sure you check out the video-review below to see it in action. It’s worth buying this set just for the crawler, but you also get a gorgeous version of Sandman, and some other really well-designed minifigs and lots of accessories. Here is the official description: Team up with Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 to pursue diamond thieves Sandman and Vulture. The Crawler features a lifelike spider-crawling function, 2 stud-shooters and a shooter that fires tech spider or web elements. Includes 4 new-for-December-2018 minifigures: Spider-Man, Spider-Man 2099, Vulture and Sandman. Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler buildable mech toy measures over 3” (8cm) high, 8” (22cm) long and 5” (15cm) wide. 418 pieces. Price: $39.99 – BUY HERE

#76115 LEGO SPIDER MECH VS. VENOM: This set basically comes with two mechs. I’m not a big fan of Spider Mech. It seems too skinny, unfinished, and awkward. However, the Venom Mech looks very impressive, and a great example of a solid mech with good shaping and articulation. You can see both of them in action in the video-review below, and here is the official description of the set: Join Spider-Man and Ghost Spider on a mission to release Aunt May from Venom’s clutches. Match the posable Spider Mech, featuring an opening minifigure cockpit, tech spider/web shooter and gripping claw, against the huge posable Venom Mech, with minifigure-grabbing claws. Includes 4 minifigures: Spider-Man, Ghost Spider, Venom and Aunt May. Spider Mech measures over 5” (14 cm) high, 4” (11cm) long and 1” (4cm) wide. Venom Mech measures over 8” (22cm) high, 7” (18cm) long and 3” (8cm) wide. 604 pieces. Price: $49.99 – BUY HERE

And that wraps up the new LEGO Spider-Man sets. As you can see, none of them are too big or expensive, the prices are reasonable for what you get, and there is a good variety of minifigs and vehicles. For kids, all of the sets have good play-value, and adult collectors will appreciate some of the unique minifigs. My absolute favorite is the #76114 LEGO Spider-Man’s Spider Crawler. The mechanism is genius, and the minifigs are very nice, especially Sandman. You can find all five sets at the LEGO Marvel Super Heroes section of the Online LEGO Shop.

What do you think? How do you like the new LEGO Spider-Man sets? Do you have any of them already? Or are you planning to get them? Feel free to share your thoughts and own reviews in the comment section below! 😉

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  • ToyGalaxy December 21, 2018, 10:19 AM

    I really like these spider man lego sets but my favorite is the 76115 LEGO SPIDER MECH VS. VENOM. I think this set will do very well as an investment once it retires in a few years. I think there will be many sales on these new sets next year, especially during next year’s holiday season.

  • jabber-baby-wocky December 21, 2018, 12:39 PM

    Love the spider crawler! I will probably pick that up next time I order. I want to check out that mechanism.

    • ToyGalaxy December 21, 2018, 12:41 PM

      Try to wait until it goes on sale, that is if you can wait… 🙂
      If i see anything next year i will leave a comment

  • Hayato December 21, 2018, 1:08 PM

    We will definitely get the spider crawler for our boys! It looks like a very interesting and fun set, and we can talk mechanics! They don’t appreciate Technic yet, so this set is a good introduction.

    • admin December 21, 2018, 3:34 PM

      That’s a good idea! I hope your boys enjoy the set! 🙂

  • Sith015 December 21, 2018, 1:16 PM

    The Venom mech is badass!!!! And I like dock ock’s arms! Very cool. I don’t care for the juniors sets though. They are too chunky.

  • TomTom December 21, 2018, 1:37 PM

    The Spider Crawler also has Sandman. The bottom portion of that minifig is a work of art! I think the same piece was used in Nexo Knights, but in purple, I think?

    • admin December 21, 2018, 3:33 PM

      yes, the same piece was in the Nexo Knights sets. It’s a really nice element.

  • waverider December 21, 2018, 2:42 PM

    Venom and the crawler are the best. They should have put those two together instead of that puny spider mech. 😀

    • admin December 21, 2018, 3:32 PM

      Yeah, I have heard others say that also. 🙂

      • Håkan December 21, 2018, 5:24 PM

        Would have increased the price rate, though…

  • hushpuppy December 21, 2018, 3:21 PM

    Just release the Overwatch sets already! That’s what I’m waiting for the most, and the LEGO Movie 2 sets.

    • admin December 21, 2018, 3:32 PM

      They are available already, so you can order them. But they will ship after Christmas. 🙂

  • Will December 21, 2018, 8:17 PM

    I was contemplating doing a Brick Breakdown where I combine the Spider Crawler and the Venom set together.

    The sets have some fantastic techniques. Unfortunately that Spider Mech in the Venom set is a bit sad and not that great for techniques which is why I was thinking of combining the sets together.

    And I got tricked into buying the $30 Juniors set since it didn’t say Juniors on the box.

    • admin December 21, 2018, 9:52 PM

      Yeah, I’m not sure why they retired the Juniors name. It is going to make it much harder for parents to find sets that are for younger kids. And it is also making it difficult for collectors to recognize the sets. Juniors was a much more distinct name.

  • Legostuff14 December 21, 2018, 8:55 PM

    I definitely want spider mech vs venom. Partly because you can use the big venom as just as the size venom should be. In fact it would have been nice if Lego did that in the first place.

    • admin December 21, 2018, 9:54 PM

      I think LEGO just gave fans options. By having both a minifig Venom and a large Venom, there is something for minifig collectors and something for large displays or play. 🙂

  • Legostuff14 December 22, 2018, 8:15 PM

    That’s true and Lego is very good at keeping the balance between the two type of collectors out there.

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