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Last day for LEGO Christmas orders!

Happy Holidays! Just a reminder that tomorrow (December 20th) is the last day to place an order at the Online LEGO Shop for your package to arrive by Christmas with standard free shipping. Please note that this applies to in-stock items only. Christmas delivery is not guaranteed for orders placed after December 20th at noon EST. So, basically you have today and half a day tomorrow to get in those last holiday orders. 🙂

We talked about the current holiday specials already (see: More LEGO Freebies for the Holidays!), but to summarize, you get a free LEGO Holiday Reindeer Ornament with purchases over $50, a free LEGO Jurassic World Minifigure Pack with with purchases over $99, and LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader Pod with the purchase of the #75251 LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle. And yes, the three offers are stackable. So, if you get the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle, you will get all three freebies, and if you order is over $99, but it doesn’t include the LEGO Star Wars Darth Vader’s Castle, you will get the first two freebies. You can find the full selection of sets at the Online LEGO Shop.

Besides mentioning the deadline to order before Christmas and the freebies, another thing I wanted to bring to your attention is that LEGO just put a whole new wave of small to medium sets on sale. They may not be the most amazing or newest sets, but they still make nice gifts, or they could be used for parts. This includes several LEGO Holiday BrickHeadz characters, a number of LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Super Heroes, LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Nexo Knights, LEGO City, LEGO Friends, LEGO Elves and other sets on sale. So, take a look at the Sales & Deals section of the Online LEGO Shop.

Also, check the accessories section, as lots of gift items like key-chains, watches, clocks, notebooks, holiday costumes, lunchboxes, minifigure plushes, and more are also on sale. These make nice small stocking stuffers, and gift items for friends, family, and co-workers. Also it will be worth to keep an eye on the Sales & Deals section of the Online LEGO Shop after Christmas to see what else goes on year-end clearance sale.

What do you think? Is there anything left on your Christmas LEGO shopping list that you still want to get? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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  • Hayato December 19, 2018, 11:25 AM

    So what happens if we place an order after the cutoff date? We will still get it, right? And we can still choose free shipping? It just won’t be guaranteed to arrive by Christmas?

    • LEGOJeff December 19, 2018, 11:34 AM

      Yes, it’s just that your order is not guaranteed to arrive by Christmas. That’s all. But you can still order. I’m thinking of ordering some of the Overwatch sets, hoping that they may ship out a little earlier than the 1st of January.

      • LEGOJeff December 19, 2018, 11:35 AM

        Admin, forgot to ask, do we know if there are any special promotions in January? Should I wait with the Overwatch order, or is it better to order now because of the freebies?

        • admin December 19, 2018, 1:13 PM

          The announcements in the LEGO Store Calendars have been really wacky in the past couple of months. Meaning, they don’t include all the promotions for the whole month. The only thing the January LEGO Store Calendar mentions is that there will be Double VIP Points on select sets. This is probably going to be similar to what we have seen in the last two or three months; a couple of sets with Double VIP Points. My guess is that they will offer this on some of the older sets and not the brand new ones. No mention of any freebies. So yeah, you are probably better off ordering now.

    • admin December 19, 2018, 1:09 PM

      Yes, of course, you will still get your order, but it may be after Christmas. BTW, I just got an email from LEGO that the deadline is extended until noon tomorrow. I have updated the first paragraph accordingly.

  • Legostuff14 December 19, 2018, 11:46 AM

    I’m pretty much taken care of( for now). At least I think I am, I don’t know what I’m getting for Christmas. The little kid inside of me can’t wait to open presents ( as always). I think I’m going to wait and see what I get before I make my next purchasing move. That and I need time to replenish the funds.

    • admin December 19, 2018, 1:13 PM

      Those pesky funds always need to be replenished. Where do they go? 😀

  • TomTom December 19, 2018, 12:38 PM

    Off topic, but the 2019 catalog is posted on youtube by some East European guy. I don’t think there is anything we haven’t seen, except for the Lego Movie 2 minifigs. They are at about 19 minutes in the video: https://youtu.be/z8e1on2CP0I

    • admin December 19, 2018, 1:15 PM

      Yeah, it seems like all of those sets have been revealed already, except for the TLM2 minifigs. They look pretty cool! 😀

      • Håkan December 19, 2018, 4:17 PM

        “Styczeń” means “January”, apparently. I might possibly snag a few of them pre-opened online, depending on price…

        • admin December 19, 2018, 4:46 PM

          Yes, those are the January sets, so they will be here soon. 🙂

    • Håkan December 19, 2018, 6:04 PM

      The guy and his language should be Polish, if I’m not mistaken. (Apparently one of the hardest Slavic languages to learn, by the way…)

      I’m not sure on why he’s crossing out so many sets, however. If he already has them in his collection, or if there is some other reason…

      • admin December 19, 2018, 7:01 PM

        Yeah, I was wondering about that too. First I thought he was crossing out sets that are already released, but then I saw him skipping some.

  • brickmaster December 19, 2018, 1:02 PM

    Wasn’t there also some kind of special Star Wars box with polybags as a freebie? I can’t find it anywhere now, but I’m fairly certain I read about it like yesterday.

    • admin December 19, 2018, 1:21 PM

      I saw that too, but I think it was a mistake. I have never actually seen that promotion live at the Online LEGO Shop. People were just sharing pictures of the promotion.

  • admin December 19, 2018, 1:23 PM

    UPDATE: It looks like LEGO extended the deadline to the 20th at noon based on the most recent email I got. So, I updated the first paragraph accordingly. Happy shoppin’! 😀

  • Legostuff14 December 19, 2018, 2:31 PM

    I get tired of people showing new sets and we’re not sure if it actually is coming out as a set. If it is I don’t understand why Lego can’t beat them to the punch and show a set that is coming out. To snuff out the liars and false images. Lego doesn’t have to say when a set is coming out. Just something that is planning to come out very soon( like in a few weeks).

    • admin December 19, 2018, 4:39 PM

      Hm… if you are referring to the Star Wars box with polybags Brickmaster was asking about, that was actually just a bundle of five minifigs we already got previously (still, it would have been a nice freebie). Images for the promotion were actually directly from LEGO, but it either got pulled and never happened, or it come and was gone so fast nobody had time to react. If you are referring to the 2019 sets in the video TomTom is talking about, those have already been revealed by LEGO and/or a retailer. The only new image the catalog has is TLM2 Collectible Minifigs.

      LEGO does do damage control when something gets leaked. A number of sets were revealed early this year because it was originally leaked by a retailer, or someone who got insider information. It’s not easy to deal with this as LEGO could also be under embargo from their partners. Damage control is also done through the Ambassador Forum, and through LEGO’s legal department. It’s a tough situation as leaks can come from a myriad of places. In general, recognized LEGO communities are reliable, as they are not allowed to leak unsubstantiated information, or stuff that can damage the company’s relationship with their partners.

      LEGO is still doing a lot better than some other toy companies that actually release images of their upcoming sets, then completely cancel them before release. With LEGO, usually if images of a new set are leaked, we can be pretty certain it is coming… at some point… in some form… 🙄

      • Håkan December 19, 2018, 5:29 PM

        Considering how much money is invested in each new produced set, a cancellation generally seems like a rather poor business decision.

        • admin December 19, 2018, 6:58 PM

          Yeah, it seems that way. But some companies do it regularly. I’m not sure what are the factors for a company to make such decisions.

          • Håkan December 19, 2018, 9:29 PM

            Some factors might be more about the brand than the products, I guess.
            I remember one method called “Artificial scarcity”, where the factories produce a few hundred copies of one product, even if they could about as easy produce several thousands, just to keep the price tag up on the produced stock.
            Also, I recall reading something about a high-profile European clothing brand that rather burnt their surplus than putting it up for sale or donating it to charity, just to keep up the perceived exclusivity.
            Things like that, techniques which seem rather sneaky to me.

            • admin December 19, 2018, 9:55 PM

              Hm… yes. I have heard of such tactics as well. In the world of toys (at least the ones I’m aware of), I think it more has to do with licensing agreements running out, or some manufacturing difficulties. So, while toys are designed, and even announced, they never make it to the market. This is particularly true for smaller toy companies that are owned by a larger company.

              • Håkan December 20, 2018, 8:24 AM

                Yeah. A design of a prototype is something else than an actual production run.

  • Legostuff14 December 19, 2018, 4:57 PM

    I’m referring to The Lego Movie 2 welcome to the apocalypseberg that was leaked a couple days ago and Lego doesn’t have it on his website yet ( or so I’ve Been tolded). I guess it was on eBay and was sold to someone that lives in Texas . It was posted on YouTube and talked about on a couple of websites. Maybe it’s on the Lego site now.

    • admin December 19, 2018, 5:09 PM

      Oh, that one! Yes, that set is coming. It was likely lifted from the factory in Mexico or perhaps from a retailer’s warehouse. It’s not clear when it will be officially released though. I have heard anywhere between the end of this year all the way to the summer of next year. It’s an amazing set in my opinion. 🙂

      • Håkan December 19, 2018, 5:55 PM

        It doesn’t make sense to keep the set in storage until the next year, I think. Then the film would have left the theaters, and the theme wouldn’t feel as fresh, anymore.

        • admin December 19, 2018, 7:00 PM

          The film is not coming out until February. This supposed to be one of the summer sets, just like they have released three of the largest sets of TLM1 in the summer after the movie came out at the beginning of the year. It was meant to be the same type of schedule.

  • Legostuff14 December 19, 2018, 6:27 PM

    Until you get it on DVD and it’s fresh all over again. Besides, a new set is a new set no matter what theme it’s in. What we need to worry about is whether or not the movies good or bad. I’m not going to care because , I’d like it no matter what . It’s Lego based and the characters look cool.

  • Legostuff14 December 19, 2018, 6:31 PM

    The ” welcome to apocalypseberg set” reminds me of the original Planet of the Apes movie. Lol!🙉

    • admin December 19, 2018, 7:02 PM

      LOL! Yeah, exactly! 😀

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