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Your Favorite LEGO Books – Publishing Survey

Despite the huge increase of the popularity of interactive digital media, many people still enjoy reading printed books, including books related to the LEGO hobby. LEGO books have been with us since pretty much the very beginning of the company. Kids have been leafing through books with inspirational models and comics for decades, and there has been a great increase of LEGO books for teen and adult LEGO fans as well, featuring custom models with building instructions, tutorials, tips and tricks, LEGO’s history, philosophical musings, LEGO investing, and more.

Currently, the LEGO Publishing Department is doing research on the type of books adult LEGO fans like to read, and they asked LEGO fan communities for some help. They would like us to fill out a questionnaire about our LEGO book reading habits and our favorite LEGO books. The deadline to fill out the survey is July 31s. Below are the details.

Dear LEGO community! The reason we are reaching out to you today is that we’re really interested to learn if there is anything LEGO Publishing can do to support our adult fans. The following questionnaire will ask you a series of questions to help us understand what AFOL (Adult-Fan-Of-LEGO) books you currently own, what role they play in the hobby, and what you think we could publish that would really help the adult community. We hope to build up a picture of the role that books play for the AFOL community, and to assess if there is anything that LEGO Publishing can do to support the hobby with official LEGO branded books. Want to participate? Then kindly complete the survey by July 31, 2019. Your answers will be treated with confidentiality and you will remain anonymous. Thanks for your time – we really appreciate your input. Best wishes, Robin Pearson, Director Specialist, Licensing – Publishing

The survey includes 17 questions. The first few questions are about the demographics you belong to; age, gender, country, how long you have been a LEGO fan, etc. The next questions ask about what kind of books related to the LEGO hobby do you currently own, how you’re using them, and if you can name some of your favorite LEGO books. The last questions are about where you usually learn about new LEGO related publications, where you get them, etc. And there is also a question about what kind of books you are most interested in buying in the future.

Please note that some of the boxes in the survey are very small, but you can just keep typing and they will accept your answer. I found it easier to type up some of my longer answers (I have lots of favorite books!) in a word processor, and just copy and paste them to the survey boxes. Here is the link to the survey: LEGO PUBLISHING SURVEY

I thought the survey is good, with relevant questions, and plenty of space to provide additional comments. So, if you like LEGO books and would like to help the LEGO Publishing Department with their research, I encourage you to take a few minutes and fill it out. It’s best to be close to your books when answering the questions, so you can provide titles of your favorite books accurately.

As I mentioned, I have a lot of favorite LEGO books myself, so I will take the opportunity to list at least some of them here. In general, I prefer interactive books that provide both inspiration and tutorials. My number one favorite book is LEGO Space: Building The Future by Peter Reid and Tim Goddard, published by No Starch Press. I can sit down with this book at any time and get totally absorbed in both the story and the builds. In second place, I would put the two volumes of The LEGO Build-It Book: Amazing Vehicles by Nathanael Kuipers and Mattia Zamboni, also published by No Starch Press. The authors take a single medium size LEGO Creator 3-in-1 vehicle (#5867 LEGO Creator Super Speedster, released in 2010) and rebuild it in 20 different ways! I wish more books were published like this. I also really like all volumes of the LEGO Ideas Books and the LEGO Adventure Books. They are great for kids and adults for getting building ideas in a wide variety of themes. Some other books I find very useful are the two volumes of The LEGO Neighborhood Book by Briand and Jason Lyles (great for building custom LEGO Modular Buildings), The LEGO Animation Book by David Pagano and David Pickett (fantastic for brickfilmers!), and the Minifigure Customization book (two volumes – some of the information is the same) by Jared Burks (published by BrickJournal).

And now it’s your turn! Which are your favorite LEGO books? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! But first, please fill out the survey to help the LEGO Publishing Department so they can continue releasing awesome LEGO books!

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  • FrenchToast July 19, 2019, 10:37 AM

    U just filled out the survey. Thanks for letting us know about the opportunity to give feedback. We love lego books!

  • Master Builder July 19, 2019, 11:25 AM

    Thanks. Good survey. I liked the questions.

  • Hayato July 19, 2019, 11:42 AM

    My kids like the Ninjago comics books and the various themed books like the Star Wars book, LEGO Movie book, etc. And there are the Brickmaster books (I forgot what they are called now) which include bricks for building. They are good for travel.

  • LegoMom July 19, 2019, 11:55 AM

    Thanks for letting us know about the survey. We like the Lego ideas and Lego adventure books. The kids love getting ideas from those, and even I flip through them at times. I haven’t seen some of the books you mentioned, but I will check them out. The neighborhood book sounds intriguing.

  • brickmaster July 19, 2019, 1:46 PM

    I think they adjusted the size of the boxes because it wasn’t too bed when I took the survey. I still recommend gathering your answers beforehand if you want to give real valuable feedback (your favorite books, what kind of books you like, what kind of books you want to see in the future, etc.)

  • jgiese626 July 19, 2019, 2:05 PM

    I love the format used in the 2011 LEGO Ideas Book, which introduced me to so many incredibly talented AFOLs.

    • Joseph D. July 20, 2019, 8:47 AM

      Those are great books. So many great ideas and the book made me follow them on flickr too.

  • Martin July 20, 2019, 9:41 AM

    The Technic books and Boost books published by No Starch are really good. Now that I think about it, all the books by No Starch are top of the line.

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