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More LEGO Ideas Projects Coming via BrickLink!

As you know, LEGO Ideas is a platform where LEGO fans can share their projects, and if they get 10,000 votes, LEGO will consider releasing them as official LEGO sets. However, since only a few projects get selected from each batch of submission, many fans and creators were left disappointed. This has been a pain point for the LEGO Ideas team for a long time and something they wanted to address.

As a first step, they are going to test a new pilot program where the LEGO Ideas team and the BrickLink team will collaborate to realize more of the 10K projects that weren’t selected to become official LEGO sets. This is super exciting news for both creators and those who voted for their projects. Below is the full announcement with more details.

Dear LEGO Ideas members,

As you know, LEGO Ideas has historically produced 4-5 new LEGO sets each year based on creative fan concepts that have reached the 10,000-supporter milestone. We love the fact that we are able to offer this opportunity to passionate LEGO fans around the world. However, we must acknowledge that many fan creators and the supporters of these projects have been left hoping their favorite contenders would be available to purchase.

Today we are excited to announce a pilot project in collaboration with the BrickLink Designer Program, through which we aim to realize more of these fan projects that have reached 10,000 supporters.


Back in 2018, BrickLink launched a pilot program with the LEGO Group to celebrate 60 years of the LEGO brick and help realize unique fan designs with original themes. Thirteen fan designs were successfully crowdfunded through the pilot, and we have received many questions about its potential its return since then. Would there be a second iteration? If so, when? You will not have to wait much longer because we can happily reveal that the Designer Program will make its return in 2021.


For a long time, we have read feedback and experienced the disappointment from both fan creators and their project’s supporters. While we can only produce so many official LEGO Ideas, we longed to find an alternative way see more of these amazing fan designs come to life.

BrickLink’s successful AFOL Designer Program pilot indicated that there was an interest among fans to help bring fan creations to life in a different way; making them the perfect partner to test the desire for this among LEGO Ideas 10K Club creations and their supporters.

A recent survey of the BrickLink community also indicated their strong approval in seeing these 10K Club creations come to life through the Designer Program. See chart below with percentage of approval or disapproval of realizing LEGO Ideas projects not produced.


Select designers whose project(s) acquired 10,000 votes on LEGO Ideas, but were not approved for production, will be invited to participate in this Designer Program. That’s right, we’ll be digging into the LEGO Ideas archives for this pilot. Unfortunately, IP-based designs will not be eligible for the Designer Program, in addition to a few other projects that we know we unfortunately can’t realize. The LEGO Ideas team will first contact the designers from January, and then the BrickLink team will proceed with the onboarding process for participating designers.


The BrickLink team understands that there are some AFOL designers and fans who anticipated a new intake of original projects. The team’s intention is to host annual Designer Programs that best reflect voices of the AFOL communities. Depending on preferences, BrickLink may return to the original format of the open contest in 2022. But rest assured, that no matter how designs are submitted to the program, the goal is to continue to celebrate fan creativity by realizing your dream sets through crowdfunding.


The official program title and detailed timeline have yet to be confirmed, but you can expect to get more information in early 2021. At the same time, we will also unveil all participating designers and their projects. We’re greatly looking forward to going on this (long-awaited) journey with you all. Stay tuned for more info.

I’m really looking forward to this program. What about you? Do you have any thoughts, questions, concerns, wishes, etc. about it? Which projects would you like to see offered via the BrickLink Designer Program? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below. And for the currently available sets originally submitted by LEGO fans,  visit the LEGO Ideas section of the Online LEGO Shop.

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  • Håkan December 23, 2020, 11:02 AM

    Hmm, I believe I’m a member on both BrickLink and Lego Ideas. I don’t understand how the selection of the sets to put in limited production is made, though.

    • Håkan December 23, 2020, 11:08 AM

      And as such, I guess there’s little chance on this venture producing new prints and stickers. Might be something to take into consideration when picking sets.

      • Håkan December 23, 2020, 11:23 AM

        Ah, there’s an official team picking the sets, not the members of the platforms that vote. Now I’ve read the text more carefully, so I get it…

        • Thita (admin) December 23, 2020, 11:06 PM

          Yes, that’s the system they are going to try out now, although they may go back to the voting system again in the future. 🙂

  • Martin December 23, 2020, 11:34 AM

    I’m looking forward to this. There are several ideas projects I would love to get as sets but they were not approved. Remember the fishing store extensions? I would love to get those buildings!

    • Thita (admin) December 23, 2020, 11:06 PM

      Yes, I really liked the Fishing Village series as well. 🙂

  • T.T.T. December 23, 2020, 2:51 PM

    Will Lego’s designers clean up the projects that will sell under this program? I heard that some of the Afol designer program sets had issues with the designs and the instructions.

    • Thita (admin) December 23, 2020, 11:07 PM

      My understanding is that they will build the projects, but will leave them as intact as possible. As far as I remember, that’s what they did with the previously released sets as well.

  • yoladiel December 23, 2020, 3:26 PM

    I wonder how far back they will go. Will they invite people from review batches years ago? Or will they only stick with projects from the past couple of years?

    • Thita (admin) December 23, 2020, 11:07 PM

      Not sure about that. My guess is that they will stay with some of the more recently rejected projects as they are fresh in people’s minds.

  • Garmadon the Great December 23, 2020, 7:35 PM

    Does IP also mean Lego’s IPs? Like Ninjago and Classic Space? Would those projects have a chance?

    • Thita (admin) December 23, 2020, 11:08 PM

      Hm… I could ask this via the Ambassador Network. Keep in mind that most of the team is on vacation right now, so we probably won’t hear from them until next year.

  • Nofakebricks December 23, 2020, 8:16 PM

    I’m very happy that they are continuing with this program. I didn’t get anything in the first round, but I definitely would if the project speaks to me.

  • brickmaster December 23, 2020, 8:53 PM

    You know what I want? Those industrial projects built by a female builder. I forgot her name, but they are fantastic!

  • Henry III December 24, 2020, 8:10 AM

    This is wonderful news! I could handle more creator type sets. Bring it on!

    • j.j. December 25, 2020, 8:55 AM

      Did you mean ideas type of sets? Anyway, I’m happy with the news too.

  • Pepper December 25, 2020, 9:34 AM

    I suppose they could add all rejected projects to this program. I mean, there are at least 10k people who are willing to buy it.

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