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Update on Revised & Recolored LEGO Sets

You might remember that back in August we discussed that LEGO was going to release some older sets in new colors (see: Revised & Recolored LEGO Sets Coming!). It turns out that this is actually a test LEGO is running in the UK. Below is the announcement with more details via the LEGO Ambassador Network.

The LEGO Group is running a pilot with a small number of products to gain a deeper understanding of what our fans want from our portfolio and where they prefer to shop for new or unique products. The pilot includes variations of some of our existing products, so we can find out more about the colors and sizes of sets that fans of all ages want to see more of in our portfolio. Below is information about the LEGO sets including where you can purchase them.

The #77943 LEGO City Fire Station (£24.99 version) is available at Tesco (UK/I), official LEGO stores, and LEGO.com (UK). The #77944 LEGO City Fire Station (£89.99 version) is available at Smyths (UK/I), LEGO stores, and LEGO.com (UK). Other related fire rescue related sets are available at the LEGO City section of the Online LEGO Shop.

The #77942 LEGO Creator Fiat 500 (light-blue version) is available from the Hut Group retailers (Zavvi.com and IwantOneofThose.com) and LEGO stores and LEGO.com (UK). The standard light-yellow #77942 LEGO Creator Expert Fiat 500 is available for everyone at the LEGO Creator Expert section of the Online LEGO Shop.

The #77940 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Dinosaur (dark-orange version) is available from Smyths (UK/I) and LEGO stores and LEGO.com (UK), and the #77941 LEGO Creator 3-in-1 Dinosaur (blue version) is available from Tesco (UK/I) and LEGO stores and LEGO.com (UK). The standard green #31058 LEGO Creator 3-in1 Dinosaur is available for everyone at the LEGO Creator section of the Online LEGO Shop.

It was also stated that these sets will not be made again or distributed globally even in the event that the test is successful. The Regional Exclusive Policy does allow for testing such as this pilot and there were lots of discussions around why this product has to be produced as is. As this is a test, it is also treated differently in regards to planning. The future portfolio is already created and adding another set can create issues with partners, shelf space, storage, production, etc. These all add to the reasons that global production is not going to be possible for these sets after the test.

The blue version of the Fiat 500 is considered the most desirable amongst adult LEGO fans and collectors. Zavvi.com does ship internationally for only $5, so if you want to get one, you can.

What do you think? How do you like the idea of LEGO sets being available in different colors? And do you have a favorite amongst the sets in this test run? Are you planning to get any of them? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below!

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  • Grim September 8, 2021, 2:23 PM

    They don’t need to test market this. It will be a huge success! I avoid sets that feature ugly colors like the original Fiat and the typewriter. Color is everything. Giving choices will be a huge boost to sales. If they offer a few of the older sets in new colors I will easily drop my money for them. For the record the color teal is unnerving and makes me queasy. The nineties in the US was difficult for me because it was a widely used color for marketing.

    • Håkan September 9, 2021, 9:50 AM

      Although ugly colors is largely a question of subjectivity…

      Myself, I like color variation, as a general rule.

    • Håkan September 9, 2021, 10:44 PM

      Since these are highly limited releases, they’ll sell out in a Copenhagen (or London) minute as Collectors’ Items. I don’t know what this test production would tell the company, other than there being some eager collectors out there. (Which they presumably would already know…)

  • yoladiel September 8, 2021, 9:01 PM

    I love the blue fiat, in fact, now I’m tempted to get both versions. This is going to go down in history as one of the rarest sets!

  • Tanner September 9, 2021, 7:51 AM

    I hope they continue with this, and release other sets in more colors. Vehicles seem to be a great choice

  • Bob September 9, 2021, 8:13 AM

    Nothing but a cash grab.

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