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LEGO Valentine’s Day Gifts & Building Projects

Happy Valentine’s Day! If you would like to make this day a little more special, you might consider a cute LEGO gift. Below are some ideas.

The LEGO Botanical Collection features some pretty flowers, like the #40460 LEGO Roses, the #40461 LEGO Tulips, the #40524 LEGO Sunflowers, and the #10280 LEGO Flower Bouquet. They are available at the Valentine’s Day Gifts section of the Online LEGO Shop.

LEGO is also offering a couple of downloadable instructions to build a rose and a heart with pieces from your own collection. You can download these fun little projects here:

The cute LEGO BrickHeadz Pets sets would also make nice gifts. Like the #40440 LEGO BrickHeadz German Shepherd, the #40441 LEGO BrickHeadz Kittens, the #40442 LEGO BrickHeadz Goldfish, the #40443 LEGO BrickHeadz Budgie, the #40543 LEGO BrickHeadz St. Bernard Puppies, the #40544 LEGO BrickHeadz French Bulldog, and more. There are also a couple of sets to build a customizable bride and groom with a variety of skin colors and dresses. You can find them all at the LEGO BrickHeadz section of the Online LEGO Shop.

Another nice collection is the LEGO Art mosaic series. These are larger sets to build various mosaics of real people, movie and comic characters, etc., and they could provide a nice shared activity as well as attractive wall decor. You can find them at the LEGO Art section of the Online LEGO Shop.

The LEGO DOTS sets and bracelets also make great gifts for Valentine’s Day as well as for other occasions. They are inexpensive and fun to build and customize according to your own liking. You can find them at the LEGO DOTS section of the Online LEGO Shop.

What do you think? Are you planning to include some LEGO activity on Valentine’s Day? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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  • walrusmaster February 14, 2022, 10:19 PM

    Happy valentines day everyone! I didn’t build anything but my family went on a mini vacation, so that counts too. 😀

  • Danielle February 15, 2022, 8:04 AM

    Thanks For the instructions. We built the heart in different colors. They are very cute. 💕

    • Håkan February 15, 2022, 9:37 AM

      Yeah, I thought about doing a lavender one first, but then I had a change of heart…

      *Dad joke*

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