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LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser Coming!

An interesting set that was recently added to the Online LEGO Shop is the #71411 LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser. The set won’t be available until October, but we already have all the specs and designer-video for the set, so I thought to share them with you here.

First of all, here is the official description of the set: Appreciate the king of the Koopas when you build, display, and play with the #71441 LEGO Super Mario The Mighty Bowser. This buildable figure uses new-for-October-2022 LEGO elements to recreate the look of Bowser’s spikes and has many features, including a fireball launcher and a button to control Bowser’s head and neck movements. His arms and fingers move too!

Display The Mighty Bowser on the brick-built battle platform, which has two towers for him to knock over, a hidden POW Block, and an Action Tag. Combine The Mighty Bowser and the platform with a LEGO Super Mario Starter Course (#71360, #71387, or #71403 – sold separately) for battles with LEGO Mario, LEGO Luigi, or LEGO Peach. A great gift for any Super Mario fan and fun for all the family, this set includes step-by-step instructions to guide the complex build.

The set comes with remarkable play-features that really make this model stand out. You can control Bowser’s head and neck with a button under the shell, open and close the mouth, pose the arms, hands, legs, and tail and activate the fireball launcher. Watch the video below, where set designer Carl Merriam and interactive play designer Didier Agani demonstrate the features of the set.

The overall size of the model is over 12.5 in. (32 cm) high, 16 in. (41 cm) wide, and 11 in. (28 cm) deep. The set comes with 2,807 pieces and retail prices are as follows: £229.99 / $269.99 / €269.99. For more information, and to add the set to your wanted list, visit the LEGO Super Mario section of the Online LEGO Shop.

The LEGO Super Mario collection features some remarkable sets like the #71374 LEGO Nintendo Entertainment System, the #71395 LEGO Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block, the starter courses, expansion sets, power-up packs, and character packs. The sets can be combined for larger layouts and are also fully customizable. It’s worth checking them out if you’re looking for interactive play.

What do you think? How do you like the LEGO Super Mario Bowser model? Do you have any of the other LEGO Super Mario sets? How do you like the building and play-experience? Feel free to share in the comment section below!

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  • Legostuff14 July 14, 2022, 10:51 AM

    That’s a great looking set, but with all theses prices going up (All over the world) and everyone is taking a financial hit ( including businesses). I wonder how Lego is going to do. Priorities right. The good thing is when Lego shows us what’s coming out in the next few months. It gives Lego fans a chance to put money aside to possibly afford the next wave of sets. Or worse cut back on set buying. I know I have to cut back or at least stop for awhile. Time will tell. ⏰.

  • Mr :) July 14, 2022, 11:51 AM

    All this Mario is cool but I really want there to be lego legend of Zelda sets .

    • Håkan July 14, 2022, 4:49 PM

      Yeah, it’s a very popular franchise. I wonder if Nintendo would be against a theme devoid of gamification, or what the matter is, but there’s been so many Ideas sets rejected by now, for unknown reasons…

  • gid617 July 14, 2022, 1:04 PM

    Without being into Mario at all, I’ve really enjoyed seeing the larger sets, and this one is no exception, it’s super cool! 😀 So much expression. I do wonder how poseable it is.

  • lifelibertylego July 14, 2022, 4:44 PM

    What a cool set! I love how they did the shell!

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