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LEGO Compatible Brands

LEGO-Like Beautiful Wooden Building Bricks

LEGO-Like Beautiful Wooden Building Bricks thumbnail

The #853967 LEGO Originals Wooden Minifigure we discussed previously (see links at the end of this post) is an interesting novelty item that LEGO released shortly before the 2019 holiday season in limited quantities. It is a 5:1 upscaled version of the classic minifig carved out of oak. Although the wooden parts have no articulation, […] Read more


Custom LEGO Accessories for the Holidays!

Custom LEGO Accessories for the Holidays! thumbnail

If you are looking for something special for the holidays, either for yourself or someone else on your Christmas shopping list, you might consider some of the unique items from LEGO customers. Just like LEGO and LEGO retailers, LEGO customizers are also running holiday specials, so this is a good time to visit their webshops. […] Read more


Custom LEGO Halloween & Christmas Windows

Custom LEGO Halloween & Christmas Windows thumbnail

If you have a LEGO Modular Buildings or regular LEGO City buildings setup, it’s a fun pastime to decorate them during the holiday season. For Halloween, you can decorate the houses with pumpkins, spooky ghosts and spider webs, and dress up your minifigs as trick-or-treaters going door to door. Fall colors like yellows, oranges, and […] Read more


New Products from LEGO Customizers

New Products from LEGO Customizers thumbnail

Several of the most popular LEGO customizers came out with new products for the summer, so I thought it was a good time to do a round-up. LEGO customizers are usually busy during the summer months as they travel to LEGO shows and conventions, but you can still make purchases through their websites. So, let’s take a look […] Read more


Custom LEGO Printing New Products & Updates

Custom LEGO Printing New Products & Updates thumbnail

Several of my favorite LEGO customizers who specialize in custom printing on official LEGO elements have some really sweet new custom printed parts and accessories. So, I thought to write up an update on what’s available. :arrow: CUSTOM LEGO PRINTS BY ECLIPSEGRAFX: LEGO customizer EclipseGRAFX continues their line of custom printed movie posters and stained […] Read more


Mbriks – magnetic bricks at Kickstarter

I was recently introduced to an interesting LEGO compatible product that is currently on the last days of its Kickstarter campaign. Creator, Evan Grove, contacted me and asked if he could share a bit about the project with our readers. Evan also sent me a sample of his product, so I could test it out […] Read more


LEGO Friends & the return of Polly Pocket

The LEGO hobby is so satisfying and absorbing that LEGO fans can sometimes get a bit isolated from what’s happening in the rest of the toy world. This is especially true for adult LEGO fans who mostly consider LEGO as a creative medium rather than a toy. However, in my experience, it’s a good idea […] Read more


Custom LEGO prints by Brick Builders Pro

When we discussed The LEGO Neighborhood Book by Brian and Jason Lyles, I mentioned that there are a couple of websites that offer high-quality instructions for custom LEGO Modular Buildings. The authors themselves run BrickCityDepot.com, and BrickBuildersPro.com is another great resource. Besides custom LEGO instructions, Brick Builders Pro also started offering custom stickers and printed […] Read more


EclipseGRAFX LEGO posters, comics & more!

LEGO customizer EclipseGRAFX released over sixty new printed LEGO elements just a few days ago. Below, I will show you some of the new products I especially like. You can check them out, along with other new items at EclipseGRAFX.com. :) As I mentioned in my previous review (see: LEGO Movie Posters & Stained Glass […] Read more


i-Brix Wireless Lights for LEGO Coming Soon!

i-Brix Wireless Lights for LEGO Coming Soon! thumbnail

If you are a regular reader here, you might remember the exciting wireless technology for lighting up LEGO creations developed by i-Brix (see: Update on i-Brix Wireless Lighting for LEGO). After a successful Kickstarter campaign, the i-Brix team has been hard at work to wrap up the design and manufacture of the first i-Brix kits. […] Read more