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Contributor Page: Sarah Reed

NICHE: AFOL social & personal development
GALLERIES: Brickshelf, flickr

It wasn’t until Sarah was about 10 when she became interested in LEGO, although it took her a couple of years to get really into it. Sarah adored the Paradisa line, even though she only managed to wrangle three sets out of her parents. Other LEGO themes she collected included Basic, Town, Castle, Pirates, and – oddly enough – Technic.

Through playing with LEGO Sarah learned how to follow directions and to organize – habits that proved to be useful in other areas of her life as well. Though Sarah stopped playing with LEGO around age 16, she didn’t let her collection go far; it was boxed up and put away in the guest-bedroom.

Sarah was 25 when she moved away from home to marry Will. (See William’s profile here.) Her box of LEGO was misplaced for a few years, but finally rediscovered in their own garage! Now she is happily re-building her childhood LEGO sets.

It was with her husband, Will, that Sarah rediscovered LEGO as an adult. It was a wonderful moment; standing in the toy aisle of K-Mart, looking at several Fantasy Era Castle sets.

They bought two sets that day; the Drawbridge Defense and King’s Battle Chariot. The rest – as they always say – is history. The two had become AFOLs.

While Will is the main builder of MOCs, Sarah enjoys the job of detailing his creations, adding final touches and choosing minifigures. Her main job, though, is keeping their ever expanding LEGO collection organized so that when Will is ready to build, she can find him what he needs.

Sarah loves the social aspect of building with LEGO. She enjoys the time she spends with her husband; whether it’s building an official LEGO set, building a MOC or working with him on his LEGO articles and blog entries. After a few months of seeing Will blog, Sarah realized that she had things she wanted to say too!

Sarah is currently the admin for the Sacramento Brick Builder’s Facebook Fan Page and invites anyone in the Sacramento area to “Like” the page to be informed of the groups’ activities and exciting LEGO news.

In the more mundane part of her life, Sarah works at the California Department of Health Care Services. She enjoys it, for the most part, as it gives her the opportunity to do research and write.

Sarah loves to write, though her passion is creative writing, such as short stories. While she’s attempted a novel, she has since abandoned the idea and is currently on a mental hiatus, waiting for her muse to come back. In the mean time, Sarah will keep her writing skills sharpened through blogging about LEGO social and personal development topics.


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  • i love knight lego! love that castle set!

  • Ninja girl (ninja of power) January 4, 2013, 6:08 PM

    Wow very empty and wow lost legos for a few years bummur

  • Alayne August 20, 2014, 11:17 PM


    I’m contacting you out of the blue today as I found your name listed as a contributor, and would greatly appreciate the opportunity to harness your knowledge and passion for Lego for a project I am working on for my MBA in Canada.

    My team and I have been tasked with developing a strategy plan for a corporation of our choice – we chose Lego as we found it’s incredible turnaround over the past decade to be of considerable note, plus we thought it’d be fun!

    You seem to have a true understanding and appreciation for the product and I would greatly appreciate it if you would be open to me sending you 2-3 questions for your consideration and input. Might you have the time and interest in participating? Our project is due Monday, August 25th, so we would be looking to collect your input prior to Monday Noon.

    Please let me know if you might be open to helping out.

    Thank you in advance for your time and consideration!

    Kind regards,


    • admin August 21, 2014, 9:38 AM

      I have forwarded your email to Sarah as she has been quite busy and haven’t been checking her page. 🙂

    • Sarah August 21, 2014, 3:07 PM

      Hi Alayne,

      I just sent you an email. I hope you receive it and I look forward to talking with you.


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