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LEGO BIONICLE – The Journey Begins…

The first wave of the highly anticipated LEGO BIONICLE sets were just released a few days ago. So what is LEGO BIONICLE all about? An entire generation grew up on the original LEGO BIONICLE story, and now the saga is back! We have talked about the re-launch of LEGO BIONICLE before (see links at the end of this post), and today we will delve into it a bit deeper, thanks to the January-February issue of the LEGO Club Magazine that I received just a few days ago. If you know little about BIONICLE and would like to get yourself immersed in the saga, the LEGO Club Magazine will let you do just that. So let’s take a look! 🙂

LEGO Bionicle 2015

Before we start talking about BIONICLE I would like to mention that this issue of the LEGO Club Magazine is different than previous releases. First of all the magazine came with three inserts (yeah, so much goodness!), but instead of them being glued into the main magazine like previously, now they come separately, all packed neatly into a clear plastic pouch. There is an article on the re-launch of BIONICLE in the main magazine, then there is an insert – which is the same size as the main magazine – all about BIONICLE. Then there is a smaller insert focusing on LEGO Star Wars, and if you are getting the girls subscription you also get another insert just for girls. (In my opinion the girls subscription is actually better because you get everything the boys get, plus something special for girls too.)


In the main LEGO Club Magazine there is an article titledBringing LEGO BIONICLE to Life!” This is a very interesting article that starts out: “When six Toa arrive on a mysterious island to battle a great evil, an epic story begins. The launch of BIONICLE is one of the biggest LEGO stories of the year, and this amazing tale comes with some of the most exciting sets, ever. We caught up with Senior Design Manager Cerim Manovi to ask him how these models came to be.” Cerim answers some very interesting questions in the article like, “How does a set concept begin? Does it spring from the story, or does the story come from the sets?” and “What are some of the challenges you face in building an action figure?” Some of Cerim’s responses are quite surprising and revealing about the design process.

LEGO Club Magazine BIONICLE Interview

Then there is the second magazine, which is an insert to the main magazine, titled, LEGO BIONICLE – The Journey Begins”. It has several articles to give you all the information to participate in this epic journey. The first article gets you familiar with the setting: “Many thousands of years ago the island of Okoto was a place of peace, where villagers lived in harmony with each other and their world. Two brothers, Ekimu and Makuta, used the natural elemental forces of the island to forge masks for the Protectors. The villagers used their masks to shape the island to suit their needs. Ekimu wore the Mask of Creation and Makuta the mask of Control. But when the villagers came to value Ekimu’s masks more, Makuta grew jealous. Defying all wisdom, he attempted to make the most powerful mask ever. When this experiment threatened the entire island, Ekimu managed to knock the mask off his brother’s face, resulting in a huge explosion. Both brothers were knocked unconscious for thousands of years and their masks scattered all over the island…”

“Now, six brightly colored comets have crashed on Okoto. From their midst come six mighty heroes, the Toa. These are beings foretold in Protector legend, who are destined to free the island from darkness. Okoto has been overrun by skull spiders, dangerous beasts that only the Toa can hope to defeat. Accompanied by the Protectors, the Toa go on a quest to find Masks of Power. These masks are the key to unlocking the Toa’s fighting potential. Even with the masks, can the Toa hope to stop not only a horde of terrible foes but their leader, the monstrous Lord of The Skull Spiders? And if they fall, what hope can be left for Okoto and its people? The first mission of this Toa team may well be its last…”

LEGO Bionicle Website

After you learn all of that, in the next article we enter the world of BIONICLE: “Join six heroes on an epic quest to collect Masks of Power and defeat the forces of darkness. Six mysterious heroes, the Toa, have crashed on the island of Okoto. Their mission: collect ancient Masks of Power and use their elemental powers to stop a great evil that threatens the island. Ultimately, they must seek out the legendary Mask of Creation before it falls into evil hands. Aided by brave and resourceful villagers called Protectors, the Toa will need all of their battle skill and elemental powers to fight and win.” There is a big map on this page showing the different regions of the island of Okoto: The Region of Stone, the Region of Earth, The Region of Fire, the Region of Ice, the Region of Water and the Region of Jungle. Each region is has very different characteristics, and is protected by a different group of villagers, as well as a Toa. All of that is explained around the map.

LEGO Club Magazine BIONICLE Island

The next article is in the middle of the magazine is in a fold-out style and is titled, “Meet the Heroes of Okoto!” It gives detailed description on each of the six Toa; Kopaka (Master of Ice), Gali (Master of Water), Onua (Master of Earth), Tahu (Master of Fire), Pohatu (Master of Stone), and Lewa (Master of Jungle). The article talks about the Toa’s nature, their elements, their masks, their powers and their weapons. “These six Toa must use their masks, their powers, their strength and skill to conquer the forces that threaten the Protectors and the entire island”. There is also a call-to-action to visit the LEGO Club website and get instructions for an awesome Special Tahu build using pieces from Tahu Master of Fire and Protector of Fire sets. I should add here that there is actually a combo model for all six Masters and Protectors that you can get at the LEGO BIONICLE website.

LEGO Club Magazine LEGO BIONICLE Combos

And in the following article we learn about the Golden Masks. The article is titled, “Discover the Power of the Golden Masks” and it explains what is so special about these masks: “Can the Toa use their power to save Okoto? The island of Okoto and its inhabitants are threatened by an ancient evil. Inspired b a prophecy, the Protectors us the Mask of Time to summon help. Six heroes land on the island from the sky… the Toa have arrived! Each of these heroes is a master of one of the six elements: Fire, Water, Earth, Jungle, Ice and Stone. The heart of their elemental control is their mask. But legend tells of the Golden Masks, sources of even greater power, which were scattered over the island and now lie hidden. The Toa must find them if they are to save the island!” Then there is a description of each of the six masks.

LEGO Club Magazine BIONICLE Golden Masks

On the following page there is just a picture of the six Protectors. One of their main feature being that they each have one of those new rotating stud-shooters that are incredibly fun. Even if you are not into BIONICLE, I highly recommend getting one of these just because they are so entertaining. And the other weapons and accessories are cool too. You can find all the new sets at the BIONICLE section of the Online LEGO Shop.

LEGO Club Magazine LEGO BIONICLE Protectors

On one of the last pages we get introduced to the Guardian of Ancient Secrets: “The path to the ancient city isn’t an easy one, especially with this incredible beast standing guard. Lurking at the gates is the Lord of the Skull Spiders, watching for intruders with its eerie red eyes. Standing tall on six powerful legs, it can move with incredible speed and grip and crush its enemies with its claws. The biggest and baddest of the creatures on Okoto, the Lord of the Skull Spiders will stop at nothing to protect the city and keep its secrets hidden.” Then there is a notice to visit the official LEGO BIONICLE website for exclusive news, trailers, animation and much more, designed to take you deeper into the BIONICLE universe. And at the back of the magazine there is a note: “The Journey continues and new enemies will emerge in August 2015” – so yeah, BIONICLE is going to have a strong year with several waves of sets, webisodes and animations. You can check out all of the newly released LEGO BIONICLE sets at the Online LEGO Shop.

Shop LEGO Bionicle

So what do you think? Are you excited about the re-launch of LEGO BIONICLE? What do you think of the story and characters so far? Are you an original BIONICLE fan? Do you like the new release? And do you get the LEGO Club Magazine? Did you notice any other interesting details I may have missed? Feel free to share and discuss in the comment section below! 😉

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  • Meneldur January 10, 2015, 10:15 AM

    Oh yeah! I saw these in Target the other day! I’m totally going to purchase several of these. So glad LEGO Bionicle returned!
    And Admin, when are you going to post about the new Avengers sets?

  • admin January 10, 2015, 10:19 AM

    Not sure. There is so much stuff to write about. If you like you can write about them. 😉

  • Meneldur January 10, 2015, 10:41 AM

    Sure. By what date would you like to have the article? Any specific one?

  • admin January 10, 2015, 10:47 AM

    Just whenever you are ready. Right now scheduling is about a week ahead, so for example if you submit an article this weekend, I should be able to publish it by next weekend.

  • Meneldur January 10, 2015, 11:00 AM

    Gotcha. Sounds good. I’m still hoping that LEGO doesn’t end the LOTR line.

  • admin January 10, 2015, 11:09 AM

    Yeah, I was just thinking “Meneldur is changing themes!” as all of your articles so far were about the LOTR line. Very sad if LEGO stops making them. I really wanted some more large and impressive sets. 😕

  • BLProductions January 10, 2015, 1:02 PM

    Agreed. But I think it’s over. The LotR sets on LEGO Shop are almost all gone, only Orthanc is still readily available, although currently it’s out of stock in the US. But who knows, it could go like Bionicle: discontinued and then brought back a year or so later. They could be pausing it in light of all the other licensed themes this year (Jurassic World, Speed Champs., etc.). 😕

  • BLProductions January 10, 2015, 1:27 PM

    Bionicle looked interesting at first, but I think I’ll skip over this theme. But I may get a Protector set just for the Rapid Shooter (I so want to try one of those out!). However, the storyline seems okay, there are videos on the Bionicle site showing it, there’s about four of them now. I note that it’s the same animation style as [Elves?], but I’m not concerned about that. I like the way the Toa and Protectors can combine, that’s clever, and a nice ability to give the sets. 🙂 Unfortunately, I heard that these sets come with over 30 new pieces…great. 😐

  • LegoUniverse Bob January 10, 2015, 4:20 PM

    Meh, LEGO sets made mostly of CCBS I don’t really like, HF wasn’t really my interest. Though it’s good to see everyone in such a good mood. 🙂

  • BLProductions January 10, 2015, 7:10 PM

    Off-topic, but I have some Lego.com updates to share:
    1.The Products page has now been remodeled, and the theme images have been changed, rearranged, and a few (GS, Dino, etc.) have been entirely deleted. 😕 Shame, I really liked the GS games. 🙁
    2. The Star Wars Advent Game has been un-holiday-ized and made into Empire vs. Rebels; and the two locked levels are now playable (I’ve already finished both). 🙂
    Also, I found this video on Ninjago 2015: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kKNqgf7UVkg There are also character videos for the Ninja, some are listed in the suggestions. 😉

  • Legozebra January 11, 2015, 1:50 AM

    CCBS is actually a really great alternative to gen1 Bionicle parts… But I know, it isn’t everyone’s cup of tea…

  • admin January 11, 2015, 11:31 AM

    I also think it’s over, because the movies are over. Unless new movies come out (which I doubt, as they made movies on all the books now), there is no reason to continue, and the license may not even allow it. It is not like BIONICLE or Ninjago, which are LEGO’s own IPs and they can start and stop at anytime. Movie licenses comes and go – the only exception is Star Wars, but that’s because the movies and TV shows are continuing.

  • admin January 11, 2015, 11:34 AM

    Nice find! 😀

  • Ray January 12, 2015, 3:06 PM

    Those rapid shooters aren’t just in Bioncle sets, IIRC.

    I bet the die hard Bionicle fans are now ripping themselves apart between those treating this as a total reboot and those trying to fit the 2015 storyline into the previous storyline (which as I understand it, was such a mess in the end that the fit might not be too hard after all).

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