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Interesting Video on LEGO’s Recent History

There is a really interesting video about LEGO’s history on CNBS’s YouTube channel, titled “LEGO’s Comeback: From Nearly Bankrupt to $6 Billion”. The 12-minute video briefly summarizes LEGO’s past up to almost declaring bankruptcy, which we have heard before, but then it also goes into detail about LEGO’s recent past, including the involvement of the adult LEGO fan community, the impact of the coronavirus, and more.

Besides discussing what is making LEGO so successful right now, the video also features some popular YouTube channels run by LEGO fans like Solid Brix Studios, EvenTubeHD, and PotterMinifigPals. Check it out. I think you will like it.

What do you think? Did you learn any interesting new information? How do you think LEGO is doing, and what will the future bring in your opinion? Feel free to share your thoughts and discuss in the comment section below! Also, you may want to take a peek at LEGO’s new Adults Welcome section we talked about a few days ago (see links at the end of this post).

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  • Rob February 10, 2021, 10:45 AM

    I kinda want to call LEGO out on this one: “Fun Fact: 100% of LEGO sets purchased online are bought by adults.” Well… yeah, because you have to be an ‘adult’ to buy LEGO sets on line. In the terms of service, LEGO states anyone under the age of 16 they consider a child, so I assume they consider anyone older than that are an adult. Now if LEGO were to say that 100% of LEGO sets were purchased by adults for themselves… yeah, no one is going to believe that. So yes, the above statement is true, but It’s true, but based on a technicality. Incidentally, not to mention the few rogue 10 year-olds who got out their parents credit card from a wallet/purse and made the purchase without adult consent.

  • Daniel February 10, 2021, 11:09 AM

    Interesting video. It’s crazy that some of the youtube reviewers have been working since they were kids. What a generation!

    • brickmaster February 10, 2021, 11:20 AM

      Yeah, these kids have been working their whole life. Evan started his channel when he was six!

  • yoladiel February 10, 2021, 11:21 AM

    I never heard of potterminifigpals. Is she like popular or something?

    • supermario February 10, 2021, 11:33 AM

      She has 22k subscribers, so not a huge channel, but still a decent following. She is Australian, so it’s possible that most of her followers are from there. She is not really a builder or even a reviewer, but more like a social media person with Lego as her main topic. She likes to gossip about other YouTubers, drama in the community, Lego’s problems, etc. Not my thing, but I watched her video where she compares Lego YouTubers to makeup artist channels or something. Let’s just say that it was interesting. 😀

      • Undercover Afol February 10, 2021, 12:04 PM

        The whole of youtube is going this direction. Mindless chatter, drama and gossip with little substance. And of course cat videos. 😀

      • T.T.T. February 10, 2021, 12:14 PM

        She talks a lot to the point of being annoying, so I don’t watch her channel, but to be fair, she does build. Maybe not the best builder, but she even has a project on ideas. https://ideas.lego.com/projects/87c87a53-1d36-412d-b7ba-e9210f60718d

  • Okosh February 10, 2021, 2:28 PM

    I noticed that the fan community changed. Teens no longer go into their dark ages and Lego is now cool for all ages. These are all positive changes. But I also noticed that there there is more drama and more people who only collect sets and never build anything on their own. And I despise those youtube channels that smash Lego sets. Rich, spoiled kids who don’t appreciate what it takes for an ordinary person to buy just a few Lego sets. It makes me so angry.

  • Legostuff14 February 10, 2021, 2:51 PM

    I’ve been collecting Lego sets for about twenty years and loved every bit of it. ( still do). It’s a tightrope of a line that Lego is trying to balance between adult fans and younger fans. I understand why Lego is focused on adult fans. I mean they do have the money after all. But, what i find amazing is the balance of both worlds young and older fans. Lego has been very successful on both. Building is a form of play and we are all big kids. I just pulled out my old kingdom sets and put together my troll army and my dwarf army. I remembered how much I loved and still love the kingdom/ castle themes. So, why should there be a question on weather or not Lego should bring back old themes. This is one of reasons why the Lego fans got so interested in Lego in the first place. Look at how fast things are going out of stock on Lego website. That in it self should give them an idea on what is still high on the list to purchase. Pirates of Barracuda Bay sold out immediately and the medieval blacksmith shop sold almost as fast. So if Lego has to wonder weather Castle themes are still a Hot Topic. I think the evidence is already there. As well as old space themes and others. Just an opinion . I’m just saying.

  • Oldtimer February 11, 2021, 10:27 AM

    I like Jangbricks’ videos the most. He is an adult, talk like an adult, doesn’t get into controversies, and focuses on the set by pointing out all the plusses and minuses. That’s all I need.

  • Legostuff14 February 11, 2021, 4:01 PM

    I’m with you on that Oldtimer, it’s always been for me to read what the brickblogger has to say and to watch jangbricks review videos daily. Jang is very detailed in his reviews. Sometimes a little critical on some sets, but, at least jang is honest about it. I’ve watch him for years. I still do.

  • Håkan February 11, 2021, 9:19 PM

    I hear you. JangBricks’ an institution! Maintaining a high standard, constantly.

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