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LEGO Building Techniques

Learn basic & advanced building-techniques with LEGO elements! Would you like to publish your own tutorials? Submit your entry here! 🙂

Working with the LEGO Color Palette

Working with the LEGO Color Palette thumbnail

While watching the American version of the LEGO Masters competition TV series, one thing that stood out for me the most is how often Amie Corbett and Jamie Berald – LEGO Senior Designers and judges of the show – emphasized the importance of color. They encouraged contestants to use more colors, use colors to tell […] Read more


Knolling with LEGO – The Art of Organizing

Knolling with LEGO – The Art of Organizing thumbnail

If you have been building with LEGO mostly by yourself, you may have not realized that there are many different ways to get ready to build a LEGO set. Older LEGO fans who grew up before parts were sorted into numbered bags may still prefer to dump all the parts together before beginning to build. […] Read more


Tips for reversing the Direction of LEGO Studs

Tips for reversing the Direction of LEGO Studs thumbnail

(Written by Geneva – gid617) Have you ever wished that you had a LEGO brick with studs on both sides? Or a brick with anti-studs on both sides? That happens to me a lot, and I thought I’d share with you some of the techniques I use most frequently to connect studs to studs or […] Read more


Exploring LEGO Roller Coaster Elements

Exploring LEGO Roller Coaster Elements thumbnail

(Written by Geneva – gid617) If you read my previous articles you know that I have been working on a series of LEGO amusement park mash-up projects by combining sets from different themes (see links at the end of this post). So far, we discussed mixing sets from LEGO Friends and LEGO Ninjago, LEGO Creator […] Read more


Working LEGO Vending Machines & More!

Working LEGO Vending Machines & More! thumbnail

I recently came across the YouTube channel of LEGOParadise, run by a LEGO fan from the UK named Liam. He has been building some excellent minifig-scale working LEGO vending machines, arcade games, and other interactive machines. Not only that, but he also shares instructions for most of his projects, so you can follow along and […] Read more


Custom LEGO cars with instruction videos

There are a number of ways LEGO fans can share building instructions and tutorials for their custom models. Taking pictures of the building steps is a pretty straightforward process, but it’s quite tedious. Generating building instructions with LEGO Digital Designer (or other design software) is another common method. Although instructions created this way will look […] Read more


Building tutorials: LEGO walls & landscapes

About a year ago, we discussed a series of advanced building techniques for constructing realistic brick walls out of LEGO elements (see: LEGO Building Technique: LEGO Brick Walls). These techniques yield amazing results, but they are also quite complex and time consuming to build as well as parts-intensive. This doesn’t have to deter you from […] Read more


LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty facelift

When we talked about the #21042 LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty(see: LEGO Architecture Statue of Liberty Review), we discussed that while both the pedestal and the statue itself had beautiful and impressive designs, the flat face and unusually long neck appeared somewhat odd. I was hoping that someone will come up with a good alternate […] Read more


Building curved roads with LEGO bricks

If you like building LEGO cities, you know that roads have great importance. They provide a solid surface for your buildings and vehicles, and they also make your city feel more tied together and realistic. LEGO offers a selection of thin baseplate road-plates with straight sections, 90-degree curved sections, T-intersections, and crossroads. These are quite […] Read more


LEGO Creator fun holiday DIY projects

LEGO Creator fun holiday DIY projects thumbnail

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! Hope you have a wonderful and peaceful time with your family this holiday season, and that you might even have some time to build and play! Below are a few small holiday-themed LEGO projects by LEGO’s own designers, that you might like to build with your family. You can follow […] Read more