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LEGO Mini-Dolls Sets

LEGO themes with mini-dolls were developed by the LEGO Group for girls. Here you will find news, reviews, and discussions on LEGO Friends, LEGO Elves, and more. 🙂

LEGO Friends Beach House – Pretty Set, Rare Parts!

LEGO Friends Beach House – Pretty Set, Rare Parts! thumbnail

One of the new LEGO Friends summer sets that I have been eyeing for some time and it finally became available in North America is the #41428 LEGO Friends Beach House. It’s a medium-size set with 444 pieces, retailing for $49.99, and features a lovely two-story beach house with beautiful colors, nice accessories, and even […] Read more


LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Sets Now Available

LEGO Friends Jungle Rescue Sets Now Available thumbnail

The five LEGO Friends Jungle sets created in collaboration with National Geographic are now available in North America. As we discussed last month (see: LEGO Collaborates with National Geographic), LEGO teamed up with National Geographic to release a series of sets in the LEGO City and LEGO Friends lines. The LEGO City collection focuses on […] Read more


2020 LEGO Friends Sets Reviews – Small Sets

2020 LEGO Friends Sets Reviews – Small Sets thumbnail

I thought to continue discussing the first wave of LEGO Friends sets for 2020 that were released at the beginning of the year. We already talked about the new LEGO Friends Play Cubes, which turned out to be excellent little sets and a functional storage, sorting, and even display solution (see: LEGO Friends Play Cubes […] Read more


2020 LEGO Friends Play Cubes Review

2020 LEGO Friends Play Cubes Review thumbnail

There are several January 2020 LEGO sets that come in some type of plastic encasing. This includes the five LEGO Friends Play Cubes, the four LEGO Disney Storybook Adventures, and the three LEGO Ninjago Arcade Pods. I’m very fond of small LEGO sets in durable plastic boxes, so as soon I can get my hands […] Read more


LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue Sets & More!

LEGO Friends Sea Life Rescue Sets & More! thumbnail

As we discussed at the beginning of the month, four new LEGO Friends sets are centered on sea life rescue. The sets themselves are fun and educational with beautiful new marine creature pieces, but these sets are actually part of a larger initiative to raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation. Back in May […] Read more


2019 LEGO Friends Sets Review & Thoughts

With all the exciting new releases since the beginning of the year, we haven’t yet had the time to discuss the new LEGO Friends sets in detail. However, there are some great sets in the collection worth checking out. So, let’s take a closer look. :) Last year, the LEGO Friends design team rebooted the […] Read more


2018 LEGO Friends go-kart sets overview

Most of the LEGO Friends go-kart sets became available at the beginning of the month, so I thought it would be a good idea to take a look at the whole collection. It’s always exciting when a new sub-theme of LEGO Friends gets released with unique locations, accessories, and mini-dolls that are outside of what […] Read more


Two more LEGO Elves sets released for 2018

Earlier this year, LEGO released a series of five LEGO Elves sets (see: 2018 LEGO Elves Sets Are Still Full of Magic!), and this month two more sets were added to the collection. As usual with LEGO Elves, the sets are beautifully detailed with lots of interesting little accessories and lovely colors (with some dark […] Read more


2018 LEGO Elves sets are still full of magic!

At the beginning of the year, LEGO released a series of new sets under the LEGO Elves collection that we haven’t talked about yet. LEGO Elves is well known for its beautiful color-scheme, interesting accessories, and magical creatures. Even though the 2018 LEGO Elves wave is small with only five sets, it does not disappoint; […] Read more


Brick Breakdown: LEGO Elves Queen Dragon

(Written by William) The LEGO Elves sets are known for their beautiful and magical color-scheme and fantasy elements, but they also provide some interesting building techniques that are worth discussing. When the first LEGO sets with mini-dolls were released back in 2012, they were built quite simply, and there was not much to talk about […] Read more